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Recently I've been wanting to add to my BTs army so I've been thinking about allying with another C:SM army as Battle Brothers.

I wanted to pick a chapter that I could personally do a little of custom conversions and alterations to make my army completely unique. My idea was to take lizardmen heads and put them on space marine bodies. They use Dark Elf's Corsair cloaks that were attached underneath their backpacks as well.

My question for you guys would Lizardmen heads look proportionate to Space Marines in Power Armor?

I've googled it and I've seen maybe 1 example and I was just wondering what you guys think of the idea. Would it be a unique army that you'd like to play against on a table top?

I was also thinking some sergeants could be further mutated with lizardmen hands or arms. They have space marine shoulder pads, but the entire arm would be a lizardmen one.
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Oop North

Sounds like a great idea , I think the heads would fit but the arms may look weedy in comparison .




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I have a lizardman head lying around. Gimme a bit and i'll see if i can find it and a spare marine body to scale it against.

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Right-o sorry it took so long.

Here is what i think is a standard Saurus warrior head perched atop a chaos space marines body.
Looks good. But would be much better with a closed mouth.

Hope this helps.
[Thumb - IMG_3885.JPG]
Click the picture for a bigger version.

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My Blogs -
Hobby Blog - Currently lots of stuff
Terrain - Currently Middle Earth ruins.
My Instagram - I don't post much. 
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