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A steady stream of nice plastics is what I want from ToW. We already have all the rules we'd possibly need for that game anyway.
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 Just Tony wrote:
If I wanted to play LOTR I would actually play LOTR. If I wanted to play Warmaster I'd ask my brother to euthanize me. Just kidding, but I don't want to play Warmaster. I want to play WFB, and having WFB suddenly become a reskin of some system I quite frankly have no interest in even ACCIDENTALLY playing would make TOW a non-starter.

This is a point I understand, for all its (many) faults when played with the right people Warhammer, pretty much any edition, was an entertaining way to spend a day, its never been very good as a game, but its been good enough to put up with the faults because the gameplay could be good and the background could get you hooked.

the result is any attempt to improve it is either limited to slight tinkering or just redrafting so its easier to read without changing the mechanics, as anything else changes what the game is to the point its something new entirely, now that may or may not be a good thing, but to then call it "warhammer" is at least slightly deceptive and will likely miss its target.

for me all they really need to do is dial the clock back a few editions to when you needed few enough models to get a half decent game it wasn't bank breaking to do it and when what was in the starter box actually let you properly play the game

if it had Bretonnians in a starter I'm in, even if I never play it, but I'd like the starter to provide, out of the box, two legal forces that actually work, the rest is gravy

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Blood Bowl was updated well. They changed the starlings into target numbers (like GW recent games) but kept the gameplay with minimal changes (just a tweak here abd there).

They rewrote the whole rulebook while keeping the rules the same- which I think makes looking up rules a little harder for old grognards like me.

I expect that an update to the Old World like that would be well received

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