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I don't think so.

The main issue in Shadow War is that a model must be equipped exclusively with CC weapons and/or pistols to get the bonus attack dice in H2H. The Kroot Rifle could therefore be an exception and have a weapon profile - it wouldn't need to be fancy so long as it allowed a parry, hence my suggestion of Sword. I suggested Bolter because IIRC Kroot Rifles and Bolters are pretty similar in 40k.

So maybe use the Bolter profile except -1 range mod at short (0-4", per shotgun) range? This would be less about simulating the long barrel of the Kroot Rifle than (a) balancing the built-in CC profile and (b) reflecting the Kroot preference for fisticuffs within a certain range.

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Veteran Inquisitor with Xenos Alliances

As great as it would be to have parry, it isn't something that every basic troop should be getting. I think it makes sense enough to say that if every Kroot gets a knife standard like every one else that just being able to count the rifle as a second close combat weapon.... having two attack dice isn't as good as the invulnerable parry save but its gonna help.

Kroot Rifle in 40k is R24 S4 AP6 Rapid Fire, +1A in close combat.

The Kroot rifle should have the max range of a boltgun, the "short" range of a shotgun but with a negative modifier, same S4, D1 S-Mod -, with comparable reliability.

Kroot Rifle Short 0-4" Long 4-24" Short -1 Long - Str 4 Dam 1 Save Mod -1 Ammo Roll 5+ Special Hand-to-Hand Weapon
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I would just use the kroot rifle from Inquisimunda, almost the same but short was 0-12, +1 to hit short and counts as club in CC (I think the idea is you can combine with knife to get +1 attack).
Actually, just noticed the rules for Kroot in Inquisimunda already have evolutionary adaptation: simply pick a mutation from a list, nice and simple.
In fact you could just use the Xenos strike force rules to run Kroot; replace techno skill table with guerilla, allow Kroot leaders to take wyrd abilities, allow specialists to take ash waste large mounts (count as Krootox), everyone has 6+ armour save. You still need to add the large kroot gun or count it as an autocannon. Some of the weapon prices seem cheap on the equipment list though, might have to be adjusted.
Made in us
Veteran Inquisitor with Xenos Alliances

The "2 Attacks" I mentioned was meant to represent a base attack value of 1 and a bonus +1 from having a knife and the "count as hand to hand weapon" of the Kroot Rifle. So we're on the same page.

We're just talking through it because it's fun to wrap your head around it.

I can appreciate the efforts of the Inquisimunda community, and I'd even say someone should use their rules if they like them but I disagree with their treatment on the Kroot. First, I don't like the generic do all in one very customizable list and prefer a more custom tailored approach. Unlike Inquisimunda, Shadow War is trying to represent more uniquely tailored forces appropriate to the conflict represented in the fiction, where Inquisimunda is trying to give you the tools to do anything. For instance I'm sure Inquisimunda's marine rules have power armored marines while Shadow War presents marines that are scouting out a hive city that previously fell to Orks.

Second to use the Inquisimunda list requires a lot more game level rule additions beyond the scope of a single kill team's list, i.e. Psyker and mounts. For the Kroot Rifle I'm not sure why they count a weapon that has blades attatched to it as a club as if the blades are just for show and they're just using their rifle butt.
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Regular Dakkanaut

Sure, I just suggested it as it requires very little adaption to play, the variances would be not much different to Chaos marks (assuming you're restricting the killteam to Kroot only).
There are a lot of rules that I find strange in Inquisimunda or just a little too detailed, so I would be picking and choosing what to use.
Some of the other warbands have multple listings which would be hard to fit into Leader/Trooper/Specialist, but the Xeno strike force is pretty simple, counting most of the special troop types as specialists.
I think they listed the kroot rifle as a club simply because it's basically a sword without parry. While the rifle does have blade attachments I don't see it being used in the same way as a sword - with skillful technique and footwork to outmaneuver an opponent.
Made in us
Veteran Inquisitor with Xenos Alliances

Given the way the blades are mounted it'd have to be used like a halberd... a sorta two handed chopping motion. In 2nd Edition that sort of weapon would be Str user+1.

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

So was a club, but it's one handed, so can use base knife with it. Though clubs in shadow war are no longer Str user+1.
The way I look at it is the rifle is a club with the extra knife built in. So you're kinda attacking from both ends of the weapon.
Made in us
Veteran Inquisitor with Xenos Alliances

But both ends have knives.

Needless to say I think the desired consequence is a Str User+1 and an overall 2 attack dice before any other bonuses... how we get to that point isn't really that important.
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