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New Robotech/Macross Miniatures (1/285 Scale, October 2019)  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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 judgedoug wrote:

Not at all. Macross hasn't produced a semidecent followup since Plus, which despite beautiful animation, was a stinker of a story.

Macross Frontier begs to disagree with your assessment...
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"Plus was a stinker of a story"... oh boy ^^.

Well, clearly no point in arguing, as it's plain we have utterly different tastes.

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 Kalamadea wrote:
Note: I am not involved in this project, just a Robotech fanboy that's been following it. All my info is from Dave Killingsworth's posts in various Robotech related Facebook Groups, especially the Robotech RPG Tactics FB group

This is pre-order, not a crowdfund, they're just using PledgeManager to process the pre-orders. Clicking on a pledge level takes you to the "manage addons" screen, which has much better pictures and prices and info than the main pre-order page does.

This is a board game with cardboard standees, not a miniatures game. The minis won't be available at retail, they're specifically a "pre-order bonus" for the boardgame, which again will just have cardboard standees when it hits retail. The minis are mostly a way to drum up excitement about the board game and are specifically aimed as just a cool extra for Robotech fans, there's no stretchgoals to hit or anything like that, the game is basically done and just waiting on final art before going to the printers in China.

The minis are smaller than i thought they'd be, the Cyclones are only 1/75, which is roughly 20mm wargamer scale (40K is 28mm or 32mm heroic scale). The Invid, Alphas & Betas are 1/155 scale, which is about 10mm~12mm wargaming scale, same as Heavy Gear and Dropzone Commander. He's shown off the 3D prints which look great, but I have no idea how good they'll be when cast in resin.

Personally, I'm probably going to get the "$100 in minis credit" and that's it, just to get 2 of each Cyclone. The boardgame itself looks mediocre as heck, their previous board game looked mediocre as heck, and their card game looks mediocre as heck. Good art at least, and they did release both those games to retail already so it's not just vaporware. Still a risk, but i think this is going to be my best shot at having Cyclone minis to game with.

Thanks! I've only been following them through occasional FB posts and I'm not up on what the final product will be.

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Actually, the Robotech card game is quite fun...a nice way to kill time while waiting for the rest of the group to show up.

I sincerely wish that they had either made the minis 1/285 or 32mm scale...nothing I play uses 20mm or 1/144.

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Anyone have any info on the new Robotech Role Playing Game that's not Palladium?

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