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New Robotech/Macross Miniatures (1/285 Scale, October 2019)  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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 Vulcan wrote:
If they scale properly with BattleTech minis they'd sell well as proxies for the Unseen....

Or not, since we're getting plastic versions of the Stinger, Wasp and Valkyrie thanks to the Clan Invasion Kickstarter (which also covers several other Unseen 'mechs).

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Or it will because there are plenty of people who'd rather use the classic imagery of the "Unseen" mechs. Plenty of people are using the Robotech Tactics minis for Battletech, etc.

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Riverside, CA USA

I certainly am, but FFS there's a lot of room for the new pieces even amongst us that love the Unseens! The Warhammer, Longbow, Rifleman, Archer are spot fuggin on perfect matches, but the Wasp and Stinger are WAY too big, in Macross theyr'e a lot taller than the Destroids. So for all of the models mPalladioum released, 4 are perfect and no other model will ever be more perfect.

That leaves a WHOLE lot of models to be fulfilled...

Personally, I don't care much about Macross, I want some Invid and Alphas and Betas and VHT Hovertanks and Bioroids. Macross is popular, but the sub-robotech stuff really needs some avenging angels to bring it to life

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~Kalamadea (aka ember)
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If this had come first, I'd probably be all over it.

But, instead feth Palladium, Harmony Gold and anyone that would associate themselves with those thieves.

It never ends well 
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 Smokestack wrote:
Was the Palladium games game good enough to use for the rules?

No. That one went over like the Hindenburg...

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everyone I know who backed the kickstarter just wanted unseens for battletech

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BrianDavion wrote:
everyone I know who backed the kickstarter just wanted unseens for battletech

Guilty as charged.

Turns out that only a handful of the models were suitable. I overdid it and have about 8 Rifleman, Warhammer, Longbow and Archer minis (only built one of each, to date!) and 64,000 other things.

The Valks and Glaug are the wrong size for their BT equivalents, whilst the Super and Armoured Valks would have been fine for size...

I would have been glued to these releases for Phoenix Hawk and Crusader minis, but being as the new Battletech KS is running, I'm very happy with the BT redesigns so feel very little drive to get these new Robotech minis.

Maybe, I'll eventually get some to fill in the Wave 2 missing minis - I have a toddler that loves robots (I've been setting the foundations ) so maybe by the time he's older RRPGT games might be on the cards.
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 Grot 6 wrote:
 Smokestack wrote:
Was the Palladium games game good enough to use for the rules?
No. That one went over like the Hindenburg...
Again, having actually played it, it’s a fun game.

Kevin Siembieda fethed up badly when it came to handling the RRT KS. But that obviously doesn’t make the rules for RRT bad.

Siembieda and Palladium deserve a gak reputation. But if you’re going to talk about RRT as a rule set, that’s a separate topic.

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Shelby Twp. Michigan

Well I found the right place now . Thanks warboss. Yes I order some of the Valk V-J to me Rick ver of the mini we didn't get from RTT KS. I stated this on facebook that I have feeling that they going do all minis that didn't get done by RTT KS like the WAVE 2 minis. The next preorder is the Female Power Armor . So we 'll see what come of it.

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