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Some of the points pages included some command squad style upgrades. Interesting names with no context as to what they might do.
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BillyN831 wrote:
Rumors of Grey Knights and Thousand Sons codex?

It is coming?

But, looking at the new poi to from chapter approved, I think we are going to kick butt. We know from codex space marines of quite a few buffs that are coming our way already. the extra wounds, power weapons, dreadnoughts... as well as some nerfs (core units)

But looking at the new points, the cost of our units is not really changing. ALSO, our troops (in particular our PAGK) are not going to pay for Falchions, incinerators, psilencers (which I've been advocating for for years, if we are giving up a storm bolter and a force Weapon, then make some up the other equipment setups free)... and the PAGK only went up 1-2 points per model, depending on the unit, making those PAGK so much more survivable. And the fact that psycannons are going to cost points to upgrade makes me think they are getting a boost in their profile... maybe.

Most of the hq are about the same price, or went up or down a few points. But the GMNDK is going down quote a bit. Elites characters (apoc and ancient) are reciveing some adjustment in points, which makes me wonder if the Apothecary is going to work more like a space marine one. Paladins are coming down in price, which makes me think that they are not getting much love in the new edition. Dreadnoughts will likely gain the damage reduction the space marine version has.

Hoping crowe doesn't suck....

"Glory in our suffering, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint"
-Paul of Tarsus

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Here's my feedback from a 5-rounds tournament I played at over the last week-end in Italy.

I brought GK because they're my best painted army and the tournament had some anal painting/WYSIWYG rules (due to using the official GW guidelines which are insane for my ork and guard collections ). I realize that doing so one-ish month before the new codex is crazy but I was there for the glory anyway and because I hadn't played in real life for almost an year.

i've broguth a list with draigo, a librarian, banner, apothecary, paladin+terminator bomb plus a spare 5x termies squad, a naked pagk squad and an interceptor squad with falchions to fill in the last points.

I've lost a couple of games due to dumb mistakes (forgetting to cast Astral Aim BEFORE casting Edict Imperator on a terminator squad primed to erase some Hive Guards felt really bad) and some bad luck (first opponent dropped his Bladeguard veterans way too close to my Interceptors to pop a banner but then after my easy charge he passed 8 invuln saves out of 9 and proceeded to erase them with the totally balanced amount of attacks that his 3 guys had)

Despite that I quite enjoyed dusting off the silver boys and I'm quite hopeful for a nice codex since the "core" of the army fits 9th quite well and therefore we just need those bloody additional wounds without many nerfs to our chore mechanics to really shine.
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