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Made in au
Storm Lance

Hey everyone, I have been wanting to get back into the blogging pictures of miniature's scene for a while now. So I decided to reactivate my old DakkaDakka account that I had from way back when I used to play Warhammer fantasy and 40k, but now these days I just play Dystopian wars and Warmachine. So as the title say's this thread should be a mix of everything to do with those two games, but for now I am just going to show you my Dystopian stuff.

[Thumb - dreadnought.jpg]

[Thumb - IMG_0840.JPG]

[Thumb - frigates.jpg]

[Thumb - IMG_0843.JPG]

Games and Armies I play:
Warmachine: Cygnar.
Dystopian wars: Prussia.
Made in us
Rough Rider with Boomstick


What is this? A PLANE FOR ANTS? How can my guardsmen be expected to fly these, when they can't even fit into them! They need to be at least... three times bigger!

Other than it not being 40k Cadian Guard like I wanted, it is nicely done, I like the weathering. Though I think the blue is still a little too clean when compared to the metal.

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Made in au
Storm Lance

Warmachine time!

Hey everyone, lately Ive been working on my Warmachine stuff and I wanted to show some of my finished stuff and works in progress.
[Thumb - IMG_0851.JPG]
All of my Solo's and casters (Completed is the front row, work in progress is back.)

[Thumb - IMG_0852.JPG]
Coleman stryker.

[Thumb - IMG_0854.JPG]
Journyman warcaster.

[Thumb - IMG_0857.JPG]
Maxwell finn.

[Thumb - IMG_0861.JPG]
And work in progress General adept Nemo.

[Thumb - IMG_0865.JPG]
And finally, the defender.

Games and Armies I play:
Warmachine: Cygnar.
Dystopian wars: Prussia.
Made in au
Storm Lance

Long time no post. In my hiatus I got my hands on some new stuff, such as an Centurion/Avenger/Hammersmith kit for Warmachine, as well as Alison jakes and Arcane tempest gun mage attachment.

Any way here are the pics, they should be painted soon. Any way, enjoy. (Edit: The last photos where rubbish so I uploaded some better ones.)

[Thumb - IMG_1093.JPG]
The Hammersmith/Centurion/Avenger kit, all pinned so it can become either one.

[Thumb - IMG_1102.JPG]
Allison Jakes.

[Thumb - IMG_1104.JPG]
Arcane tempest gun mage attachment.

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Games and Armies I play:
Warmachine: Cygnar.
Dystopian wars: Prussia.
Made in us
Hardened Veteran Guardsman

As the second comment stated (which had me lol'ing) I figured it would be mostly Cadian stuff. Regardless, very cool schemes as well as the models themselves. I had hoped they would be 28mm scale but good job all the same!
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