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Strohkopf's miniatures: BULLGRYNS SEAL squad  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in ru
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman


Here will bemy blog with other stuff, because I already have one espessially for Argus desert gate table project

I am playing Imperial Guard so the many stuff will be about them.

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The first thing here will be my 6th Leman Russ tank, it was presented to me on my b-day this winter, and only now I started glue it.
I was too bored to glue it in default mode, but had no idea what to unvite on it. And the idea come when I got details from GW's ruins...

So the idea is to construct chapel on the turret of tank (it is easy to praise the Emperor when killing His enemies)

And now you can see what I did:

I use the bell from zoomarket (parrot's toy)

Now Pask drives it, but in future I replase on ,iniature of confessor.
Servoskulls from tempestus kits fits tank very vell

on top of sponsons added self-made Ministorum sign

servo skull mount is temporary

tank rear is also a bit converted

Traks not added because i prefer paint it apart of whole model.

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Made in fr
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman


Here re some terreain stuff. In this holydays big team championship will be conducted in Moscow, but the club has not terrain to cover all tables. So I was aksed to fastly create something:
a) cheap & many
b) functonal in game purpose
c) easy to build
d) a bit diferent

So I thought that ruins are the best what can be done and make some SketchUp design.

It is modular and has very big numbers of same parts, so a bit mylty kit.

And now people in clud constructing it (we cut about 1,500 meters of plywood)...

Many of them are built not as i designed, but theirs modularity allos to to this easyly

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Made in ru
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman


So we made a lot of such ruins

And after tornament it is new deal to paint them and make more attractive (not just woody lol)

Well, it looks not really like a RUIN it is more the evacuated office of small company. Just empty unharmed building,

In a process the next really ruin, with fire position of imperial guardsmen.

Made in gb
Furious Fire Dragon

The grim darkness of far Fenland

That's a lot of ruins!

Is that laser cut or something, or is somebody cutting all that wood by hand?

And your chapel-Leman Russ is crazy (in a very good way!)

Eldar - Biel Tan 2000pts
Space Wolves 1500pts
Space Marines - Stark Crusaders 4500pts/PL244 (2700pts painted)

Stark Crusaders P&M Blog 
Made in gb
Pious Palatine

That Leman Russ is possibly one of the coolest I've seen.

And yes, you made a helluva lot of ruins.


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Made in ru
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman


I was needed some OP Blood Angels Captains to ally my Imperial Guardsmen, so I wanna to model them. In my imagine they must be strong heros devastating enemies at one glaze, so i dont want typical spacemarines models.

Then I remembered about procsecutors from AoS, and bought them and some upgrades for my caps, what I got you can see here:

Made in ru
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman


Also maked a Mephiston... well, I didn't recognize at first, that miniature of mage has boobs... okay, why spacemarine cant be female at least!

Gives him/her sword and plasma pistol, as well upgraded armour to power, by adding backpack

Made in ru
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman


And now a little bit paintetd and ready to tournament!


Made in ru
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman



This time I wanted finnaly to build a full bullgryn squad. My IG army stylized under USA Iraq forces (desert strom and so on) and Britan Africa WWII forces (tanks camo).

So I wanted to make bullgryns looks like SEAL squad with characteristic panama hats.

My green stuff skills not so big, and what i could do:

Bone head is wearing strong vox, to communicate with HQ, and 'relic' maul, cauze I lost one while building squad.

Only him wears helmet, and hat is on his belt

All have mauls, and each shild with magnet, so could be changed, also two maul hands could be changed on grenade launchers, cauz I expect two of them dead until they reach close combat, and with grenades they are cheaper in pts.

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Made in ru
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman


Finally made visual model for officer with Kurov's aquilla, which was taked from Coteaz

Made in ru
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman


Got crazy idea, why don't use The Incredibles toys from Kinder Surprise as Assasins Execution Force?

Mr. Incredible ofc should be Eversor, because he is closecombat man
Dash as Culexus, becuase he is fast and enemies fire with bs 6+ at him
Violet as Callidus, because can be invisible and infiltrate
and finaly Elasticgirl as Vindicare

All of them should be a little bit converted in terms of correct wargear, but is is easy I suppose

Pity that no role for Jack-Jack here :(

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