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Made in fi
Steadfast Grey Hunter


It's been a while since I visited Dakka, but good to share these here as well.

My first X-Wing minis finished. I chose for my first squadron non other than a classical TIE-swarm

Squadron, 4 Black Squadron pilots (one posing as Howlrunner for the pics), Wampa ja Omega Leader

Omega Leader, Howlrunner, Wampa

Black squadrons

Idea was to keep color scheme as classical, with some touch of the weathering. To add my personal twist, the side panels have been decorated by imperial iconography to reflect the veteran status of the pilots. They are Black squadron after all

Happy to hear feedback.

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Made in fi
Steadfast Grey Hunter


First of the series, the Lambda shuttle painted, again classical scheme with bit of grim and dirt added.

Secodn, managed to Finish the Firespray.

Followed the Kath Scarlet scheme for this one. I did not want to make totally symmetrical red patterns as this gave me bit more freedom to balance with the amount of red and white.

Green hue and black base on the cockpit glass is there to give bit contrast for the white/red panels. Backside engine glows follow the movies yellow/orange colors of Boba's Firespray. And I painted some extra detailing on the small components (I wonder if the SW universe has warning stripes?)

Next up painted two TIE Defenders, Ryad and Vessery (surprise!)

Everybody's favorite trio, now with some new coating

Also continuing my Imperial fleet, painted up the Decimator with some Chiraneau markings.

Always happy to hear comments.

Made in fi
Steadfast Grey Hunter


Latest update is two Arc-170s. Changed the color scheme a bit from the originals. Base color is quite close to the FFG ones, but went for blue and contrasting orange for the patterns/markings. For the pattern designs I tried all sorts of Rebelionish things, and I also wanted them to look kind like veteran markings/custom painting.

Some process pictures as well

First one, base colors with shades painted, on the right started sketching the patterns

Continued with sketching, and added some liquid mask for future chippings

Patterns painted and liquid mask removed.

Gloss varnish was painted and then on the left we can see oil wash applied. On the right excessive wash has wiped off leaving it only in panel seams and similar places. Some thinned down wash was left on flat surfaces o give them bit of shading and texture.

Metal parts coming along

Details, details and more weathering/markings.

Finished models

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Made in ca

Canada,Prince Edward Island

This is a really awesome blog Northern! I love all the tiny details you have added to every ship, the battle damage, insignias and decorations. They look like the pilots are hardcore veterans and have seen plenty of fights.

I'm not sure if you watch SW Rebels but Grand Admiral Thrawn has an awesome looking Star destroyer with a Chimera on the undercarriage. Granted X-Wing doesn't have star destroyers but you could put a similar design on a Raider if you felt like getting one?

Keep up the good work! Subbed

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Love these, really nice take on the ARC-170s especially.
Made in fi
Steadfast Grey Hunter


Thank you very much gents.

Commander Cain: Have not noticed that feature on Thrawn's ship, but would definitely make a good detail on my Raider when I get to painting that.

Small brake on painting, but here is some new stuff.

Bandit Squadron:

And some classic Gold Squadron members,

C&C always welcome

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