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Made in ie
Resentful Grot With a Plan


I have been buying tons and tons of kits recently as a sort of 'reward' for started back at school as a 'mature' student (read: old !) , and though I've been busy with school work, I'm painting more than ever. I started building and painting inquisitional warbands in 6mm a while back, but whilst that is a very personal project, I wanted to improve my painting in larger scales and use up some of the mass of kits I have!

I'm not planning anything too much ahead of time, other than the ideas that are swimming around in my head, and hope to see my world building develop naturally from the outline I have, something that was started with my 6mm stuff. I dont have time to up keep a full blog (school is too important for me right now) but want to look back this time next year and see how far the story comes. I'd like to keep everything through the log as a 'draft' then have a updated post with the 'official' story line, which I will try not to retcon as more insane stuff leaks out my head!

The basic premise is that there is a system that is so difficult to travel too, and almost impossible to locate, that when the Imperium did stumble across it, and they found it to be so rich in materials that they decided to send out a huge fleet of terraformers to take over the system and to work in secret. They were to store items of great importance, items they wanted kept from their enemies, hidden away, and to use the mineral rich planets as a way to create huge stashes of weapons, and prepare for the day that man kind would need them.

Only trouble is that the imperium hid all the records of the system so well, that the system has been completely forgotten about, and as hundreds of years have gone by, the people of the system have lost the ability to escape the system- due to warp storms, and failing technology.

As the years flew by, the people of the worlds have become more and more backwards, and yet some still retain the ability to make and use some of the machinery that still functions. meaning you might stumble upon a village of peasants, armed with just sticks and stones, but the lord of the land retains use of huge war machines. Ships will travel with in the system, to huge oil rigs, to bring back fuel but after a few years away, they might return to find their once huge imperial base is now nothing more then a wooden platform and shanty box!

As wars with the other races broke out, and cities were left in ruin, and rather than rebuilding them, people would build directly on top of the old (being that they had so much raw material to hand, it was a lot faster, and less dangerous not having to clean the old city out first) meaning that the worlds are like no other- that whole settlements are living under one another, forgotten about, buried underneath both cities and rubble.

Some of my inspiration for including more fantasy elements comes from what I have seen of the outgard project (Hoping that its seen more as an imitation as flattery rather then as copyright infringement! haha!) but also so I can make use of a lot of the AoS models I'd love to paint but dont really have the time or want to collect a whole army!
Other then that my main influence comes from the judge Dredd books, The berserk anime, and from Ian millers graphic novel of James Herberts 'the city'.

The plan so far is a skaven warband- when the humans first entered the system, they brought onboard with them millions of rats, just like the sailing ships of old europe, which have evolved into mutant, human sized rat creatures through out the system. The rely heavily on warpstone- a substance of chaos, which spreads like a fungus, corrupting everything around it. They use it for everything, from powering weapons, to using it in foul flesh experiments. They out number every other race in the system by millions, but kill each other just as much as would another race. Their main goal is to find away to escape the system and spread through out the rest of the universe. I am also working on a skaven AoS army, and some of my minis have been planned with both systems in mind, two birds one stone kind of thing!

Tzeentch warband, mostly an excuse to get my hands on some of the new minis, but also a chance to paint some more blue minis for my other half. No real story planned for them yet, but have started picking up kits of them already. Will include a lot of things like dark eldar models, odds n ends, and stuff that my girlfriend picks out- just painted in bright blues! I will be abusing the burning chariot kit as much as I can!

The Imperium- There will be several warbands too cover various aspects of humanity. Still loyal to the imperium, but they have been so long removed from the governing bodies that they have morphed into something completely different to what we all know the imperium of mankind of the 40k universe to be! This allows me to do what some pretty radical things with them, with out having it go against 'official fluff!'

All sorts of weird and wonderful oddities! There will be a lot of 'one of' models, game specific models, as well as some really bizarre things cropping up. One of the strange things I am working on right now is a small band of ghost orks! There will be lots of things like this cropping up, mostly when GW make a kit I really want to use but dont want a whole force off!

Terrain- I love making terrain! There will be lots of your standard stuff, but also a lot of civilian vehicles, and a mix of both sci-fi and fantasy buildings.

Some of the images I will use have been stolen and repurposed from my epic army logs, but hopefully with the holidays coming up I will have time to work on the fiction side more and replace some of the more rushed bits.


Some of my original fluff for the main planet in the system. Commander Reinhardt will make an appearance in the future, leading his band of survivors against the rats, from his underground stronghold.

Some of my skaven done to work in both systems. I'd like to play a tower defence game some time, with the plague monks standing in for zombies. The colour scheme for all my rats will be the same so they will be interchangeable. I have quite a few of these, but I'm not keen on painting them, they are great kits but terrible models to clean up and paint! The plague monk is the main body I have been using to create my more techy/skitarii skaven, still awaiting green stuff work. Been putting it off as I'm not big on sculpting!

This chap was repainted a ton of times, so his red is a little bit brighter then everyone else, but I'm very fond of the conversion even though it is such a minor one. I tried to do some different techniques when painting him. I painted the rusty base with washes rather than my usual silver/wash/rust effect I'd normally do. The chipping on the paint work is something I've not really tried before, I didn't feel right, but I dry-brushed the edge of the whole area and it feels a lot better now. The whole model is still close to my cartoony, bold colours (which is the only style I seem to be able to paint in) but I tried to not be so neat, and to use more grim colours for the base to try and give it a little more of the feel of the more standard style of INQ28 models. I dont think I will ever be able to paint in a full blown John blanche style, but I this is step in the right direction, or so I feel.

I still need to paint that one last cable- but I wasn't sure what colour to go with. Green would look cool, but I like how the only green on the model was the warpstone and it would take away from that! Didn't just want another shade of red, because there is already about four or five different reds on there! All suggestions greatly appreciated!

This was the original test scheme using khorne red as the robes. He came out really well, but I still preferred the brighter red. his base is meant to be part of one of the fallen cities. When humans first discovered warpstone as well, and not knowing what harm it would do, they too started to use it, mixing it in to concrete making these beautiful green glowing buildings and walkways, which gives the city an eerie green glow. When the humans succumb to warpstones effects, the skaven took over what remained of the city, and began rebuilding it in their own image. Though this poor skaven, being a lowly test mini, will never see the (green) light again, he was an important part of the overall process and will sit proudly on the shelf of completion- his work is done!

Made in fr
Monstrously Massive Big Mutant


Interesting project and backstory, this promises for colorful conversions and characters !

My P&M Blog : Warp Wanderers, Chaos warbands in the Eye of Terror

Voting for my stuff pleases the Chaos Gods and brings you luck in battle !

Made in us
Damsel of the Lady

drinking tea in the snow

I am in love with the backstory and I can't wait to see more! keep it up!

realism is a lie
Made in ie
Resentful Grot With a Plan

Thanks chaps! I'm hoping to do lots more little bits of story like the first one, firstly to improve on my writing, and also to help build everything up naturally over time. I do have a lot more colourful conversions planned, and under way, but a lot of the early stuff is and will continue to be quite plain, as I try to solider my way through a lot of the 'cannon fodder' troops first.

One of the games I have planned is based of the old Gorkamorka scenario of the rolling road, where when everything gets to the edge of the board, you reset the board and set up the next section of the road. Being I only have a 4' x 4' table I can actually use, it wont be a very high speed chase, More like mad max if everyone was Sunday driving!
But I need lots of vehicles for this, and for my skaven that means a lot of walkers, and industrial machinery, pushing there way through a ruin city, while the imperials fire down on them from the rooftops.

This is my current WIP, I started working on this one a while ago, but hooked it out last night and got most of the major parts finished and pinned together. The bulk of the conversion work is done, its currently held together with the ad-mech approved 'blu-tacium', just while I decide if I'm happy with its overall design. I will start adding some smaller details once I'm completely happy it no longer needs any more changes. I might try to add another bend in the tail, to move the tip off the side, to give it a little more movement. A dunk in to the kettle should be enough, rather then cutting it up. I'm thinking of having road underneath as the basing, with markings. I didnt intend to base it like that, as otherwise it would be usable in my AoS army as well, but it needs something a bit more special then just 'gravel'. I wont do anything as fancy as it climbing over a car or anything as it will take away from the other vehicles I have planned too.

Made in ie
Resentful Grot With a Plan

" Er, Boss. The boyz say da'y wont goes Krumping in dat factory.."
"Wells, Da'y say its full of ork ghostz!
"Ghostz? GHOSTZ?! Ghostz is a ooo-man thing. 'Aint no things as ooo-man things! Da'y mades them up!"
"But boss, Da boyz says they filled 'um wiv dakka, buts the bullets, da'y shot right thru dem things and da bullets cames out the other side! Its not very orky!"
"You remembers what 'appened when we met dem 'umies on da road, and one of dem shot Gitsplitta right through da noggin'? What happened to dat bullet?"
"Wellll, it, errr, itz went right throughs him, boss, cames out da over side"
"And iz Gitz a ghost now?"
"well, ummm, Nos boss, hes just fick"
"Exactly, so yous getz them Pink bellied snotz in dere, and yous brings me de scrap!!!"
"But Boss....Ghostz or nots, Da'y still not very orky, dose thingz has still gots them funny shaped heads....!"

WIP on my ghost Ork clan. They not really ghosts- after all ghost are a made up human thing! But having been born and lived around a chemical sump, everything they eat, touch and even their own skin is saturated with chemicals, which give them their glowing, spectral appearance, as well as causing mutations like stunted growth, tiny heads, and missing limbs. I still debating to paint every single part of them in spectral colours, or just most of them, and give them regular appearing weapons and odd bits of clothing. Trying to locate a certain snotling as well too add to them, with out having to tear apart my old WFB bases. The big headed one and the tiny headed on doesn't seem to show up on my screen so well, I have to zoom in to see them.

The next thing is something I started making years ago, then it got packed up to move, and I completely forgot about it, even though its been sat on the shelf since I moved to my new house, it was buried under so many unfinished models that I stopped seeing it! Its based off a design that was posted on an old blog about 40k/necormunda terrain, the blog was excellent, and it had a whole guide on how to make this. I lost the link but if I can find the blog again, I will be sure to update and add the link in, as to give props to the original creator!

Its meant to be some sort of reliquary or shine. I like to think that it would have been something someone put up as a temporary thing, while cleaning out part of a hive, but when the operation was over, or moved away from the local area, it was forgotten about, and since then, people that stumble across it, and think is some original holy shrine. It has working lights, But its not exactly an LED master piece. I think I got distracted from it half way through doing the rivets (there are bloody hundreds of them still to do!), and because I have no clue on how to disguise the back, as its pretty ugly back there, but I dont want to seal it up completely.

I'd love to finish it and add a ton of candles all around the edges, like it was still in constant use, with people coming and going.

I made a quick video that shows the lights working.

Made in ie
Resentful Grot With a Plan

Knocked together a couple of pallets of pipes from some desk scraps. Was quite pleased with the result and will make a couple more to give some more variety to the pipes.

Made in ie
Resentful Grot With a Plan

Made a start at getting some paint on to the pipes:

Made in gb
Pious Palatine

Cool cool. The reliquary I really cool and the pipe terrain looks brill.

Any progress on the converted dune crawler?

Made in us
Damsel of the Lady

drinking tea in the snow

Ha, those pipes look so great and so simple! I'm going to steal that idea myself if that's ok. They are so perfect for an industrial or factory squad game.

realism is a lie
Made in ie
Resentful Grot With a Plan

@Edc Thanks! I must get back to the reliquary, but those rivets were driving me mad! No more worthy progress on the crawler yet. I cleaned up some more pet rats to go on there, but I'm stumped on the base. I just dont know what to do with it, but feel it needs to me more interesting than just sand, but not over powering.

@amazingturtles cheers! I charge €10 per idea, so steal away but remember to send a cheque!
They are so simple and cheap to make. I could probably make ten or more for less then €5! They will fit in any setting pretty much, but they will look ace in a loading bay or a factory! I will probably make at least 4 more- two more high stacks and then 2 low almost empty ones, so I have plenty of variety to them! looking forward to seeing yours, there's plenty of room for improvement on mine!

As with everything I think looks good, I painted the second one and it came out much nicer! I might have to go back and repaint the original one, one day. Still getting the hang of using a sponge and not a brush for this effect!

Made in gb
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

Hererford, leo

Good work! The pipes look very neckomundasih.

Made in ie
Resentful Grot With a Plan

 stonned_astartes wrote:
Good work! The pipes look very neckomundasih.

Thanks! I think that's the best compliment I have ever had! Exactly the look I was trying to achieve!

I built this as I kind of test piece. I came across these weird things and thought they would work as alien plants. Paint does not stick to them very well, and the primer tends to crack as they are very flexible, but then they shouldn't get too rough housed, and will just need a little touch up with red if they do crack. Once its totally dry and if I'm still happy with it, I may make a real piece of terrain with them, and maybe add them too other bases.

WiP on a vampire creature. I think the idea of a winged vampire swooping down to snatch up unsuspecting guardsmen is terrifying! I kept the mini smaller/human sized as I think the larger you go, the less human a monster becomes, and wanted to keep that human sort of feel/shape to him, which is why I went with the human skull for a head- I was toying with the idea of using a genestealer skull instead, but trying to keep it as human as possible, I went back to the human skull. He will have a 2nd set of arms but I left them off until the wings are secured in. they are very thin and too small to pin, so will need to bury the sockets in the the body.

Made in gb
Pious Palatine

Nice. That vampire thing certainly is creepy, so mission accomplished on that front!

I like the alien plants too, they seem to fit the concept well.

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