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First go at painting an active power sword advice needed.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in au
Sinister Chaos Marine

Queensland, Australia

Howdie Dakkapeeps

I finally decided to give painting an active power sword a go and tried two different things here.

The first image has a lighter base coat and the blade was given a yellowed edge.
The second image has a silver edge with a darker base coat.

Which of the two looks better to you, are there other methods you guys n gals prefer to the approach I've taken here and if you think I should stick to this method, how in your view could I Improve what I've done here?


[Thumb - 20170106_144420.jpg]

[Thumb - 20170106_144523.jpg]

Made in ca
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

London, Ontario

What does the rest of the model look like? Some colours won't work well with Silver... rare, but possible. Others will look odd with a yellow highlight. If you're already rocking red and green... yellow could hit like a punch in the eye.

It looks nice, the colour has me thinking Chaos Marines, though.

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Made in us
Powerful Phoenix Lord

I think they both look okay, but I'm more partial to simple fades...particularly when viewed from the tabletop height. I find most small details simply get lost at any distance.

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut


I like them both, but like someone above said it would help to know the color scheme of the model. Looks really awesome though either way, if I had to choose though I like the yellow trim one the best.

Made in au
Sinister Chaos Marine

Queensland, Australia

Spot on with the CSM call
Here's a pick of one of my models, the warband is "Warriors of Mayhem".
(purple with a silver trim)
[Thumb - 645372_md.jpg]

Made in au
Sinister Chaos Marine

Queensland, Australia

Thanks for the input guys.
I ended up putting this method aside in the hopes of using it for something else down the line, instead I went with a different method with much more chaos-e looking results -
[Thumb - 1.jpg]

[Thumb - 2.jpg]

[Thumb - 3.jpg]

[Thumb - 4.jpg]

Made in us
Mutated Chosen Chaos Marine

I really like that new version. Care to share the recipe?

Help me, Rhonda. HA! 
Made in au
Sinister Chaos Marine

Queensland, Australia

 Gordon Shumway wrote:
I really like that new version. Care to share the recipe?

Sure thing, It's pretty easy.

Base coated with Vallejo Heavy Charcoal
Lightly Dry brushed all areas to have lightning arcs running over with GW Khorne Red
Lightly squiggled on lightning arc pattern with GW Mephiston Red
Wash with Secret Weapon Black Red
Layer over select spots of the lightning arcs with GW Evil Sunz Scarlet
Wash again with Secret weapon Red black
Reapply GW Evil Sunz Scarlet as an extreme highlight over the first layer

At this point I'd assess it and make a call on whether a third pass with the wash and layer is necessary.

Dry brush edges with GW troll Slayer Orange
Dry brush blade tip edge with GW Yriel Yellow
Clean up any messy Dry brushing with spot washes of Secret Weapon Black Red

Last I did the bead on the power sword with a base of GW Khorne Red, layer Evil Sunz Scarlet, highlight with Troll Slayer Orange, extreme highlight with Yriel Yellow.

Then spot wash the bead with Secret weapon yellow sun, once dried wash again with Secrect weapon sunshine, then painted highlight to the lightning acrs where they meet the bead with GW Yriel yellow and finally spot wash both the bead and the yellow highlights I just painted with Secret Weapon Orange.

Then a gloss varnish on the blade.

I use a few different brands and you could likely achieve similar results with just the citadel line but I think the Base coat of Vallejo Heavy Charcoal is a must use.... and I probably wouldn't use anything other than the Secret Weapon black red wash too but there may be something comparable to that in Citadel's wash line.

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