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Made in ch
Warning From Magnus? Not Listening!

Holy Terra.

A Summer Of Rebirth
Cleaning Out The Attic And Making Up Reasons To Keep My Old Stuff

Welcome everyone!!

I have been a part of this hobby for nearly 10 years now, but I have never owned a very large army. My forces are typically around 2000p max, and I can never stay on one project for long.
Now, this basically means I have a lot of armies, and most of them are sitting in storage.
So I thought to myself: "Ember, why don't you take this summer to dust off your old models and repaint them, before you inevitably purchase Dark Imperium in august?"
And so I decided to make another plog, where I'll hopefully get most of my models sitting in storage up to my current painting level and organise them for future projects. I would much rather start new armies, but this is satisfying in a way. I recently started a new Eldar army, the faction that brought me to 40k way back in the dark year of 2010, and I stripped a few of my old guardians to repaint (not my first ones, those have WAY to many layers of paint for anything but a flamethrower to strip...).

So what can you expect to be featured on this blog?

I have several "armies" I'll be reviving, and I have a rough idea of what they consist of. Everything with a * is unpainted, and everything with a # needs to be re-painted.

My (A)Elves: This is my largest and most used army, although it is a far way finished.
What it has:
Prince on Gryphon
Glade Lord*
Glade Guard#
Eternal Guard
Lothern Sea Guard*
6 Warhawks with riders*
5 Wardancers*
5 Elryian Reavers*

My Extra-Heretical Tau Marines: My first marine army, basically a mish-mash of the units I thought looked cool.
What I have:
Chapter Master in Termiantor Armour
3 Honour Guard
Librarian in Termiantor Armour
5-man Tactical Squad
Sternguard Vets
Vanguard Vets

My Orks: Waage Bigbutt: My oldest "army", some nobs, grots and burnas that surprisingly turned out to be a legal list. Everything here probably needs to be stripped.
8 Nobs
10 Grots
3 Meks
2 Burnaboys
2 Lootas (counts-as meks)

Tau: Mostly pathfinders, probably not legal. Again, everything probably has to be stripped...
10 Pathfinders
Stealth Team
Assorted drones

So that's most of the models I have in the attic (excluding a few Chaos Space Marines) plus my Aelves. That should be enough for the summer, along with the Sons and Eldar. And Chaos. And Raven Guard. And the new SAGA stuff...

One Very Tired Ember

Made in ch
Warning From Magnus? Not Listening!

Holy Terra.

Ok, I climbed the stairs to the attic this morning (the cat woke me up...) and took pics of my minis. Sorry for the bad quality...

Deh Muhreenz


Whole "army".

Vanguard vets.

Tac squad, missing its sergeant...

Chapter master with terminator honour guard (counts-as artificer armour)


Landspeeder storm, the scouts still need to be assembled.

Captain I had forgotten about...


Sternguard and libby.

I didn't manage to find the tech marine, its probably in a box somewhere.

The T'au

Entire army.


Pathfinder squad 1.

Pathfinder squad 2.

Stealth suits.



Army shot.

Boss Bigbutt, so called because his posing makes his rear end look big.

Nobs. They were supposed to be boyz, but I got carried away with the special weapons.

Grots. Several of them are missing.

Meks. Many, many meks.

I'm not so sure what this is supposed to be. Probably a mek.


So that's my mini count, excluding the Aelves. Please comment on what army I should revive first.


Made in gb
Steady Space Marine Vet Sergeant


The Tau look like a nice force to revive initially. It isn't too big a force, so you should be able to get it done quickly.

If you can't believe in yourself, believe in me! Believe in the Dakka who believes in you!  
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