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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

A quick a dirty review on shadespire after getting to play it a few times.

Ive bought and played every GW board game (even calth and prospero!) except lost patrol and hammerhall

Minis - Pretty much snap fit, with 3-4 pieces at most for each. Very little to clean up. I glued mine just because they hold up better with more use. Good chance I wont paint them, as like most of us, the backlog on painting is huge. They are nice though over all

Components - Thick and easily punchable tokens and the board have a nice matt finish. Card stock is pretty standard. If heavy use, would recommend sleeves. Gives you extra baggies to store all the tokens in. Something a lot of board games usually don't do, so that was a plus. Dice are nice. Im always a fan of enough for both players, but most of the time they give you bare min, which is standard.

Gameplay - There is a quick play sheet on moving and attacking. I skipped this as I got to play it at gencon so I had a basic idea how it worked. A useful sheet though for first timers to understand the basic concepts. Rulebook is well laid out, with a reference on the back. Didn't have to much trouble finding rules. Though the critical rule did confuse me. Im not sure if I roll 2 crits if you need to roll just one, or if you need to roll 2 also.

The game is 3 rounds after set up. You can "do over" your hands as they call it. You take the whole hand and dump it of either objectives, power card, or both. It would be better to discard, draw new ones, then shuffle them back in but oh well.

4 Activations a around makes it so there is 12 activations in total for each player in a game. I played Khorne twice. So far not to impressed. They get 1 shotted by every stormcast pretty much, which I understand, its just not great that chances are youll only flip when 3 of your dudes are dead. The game is heavy on objectives, as that's how you win. Games do seem to last 30 min most, to which when both players know the rules well I can see a game taking 20 min maybe.

To me, its kind of Gorechosen has a baby with a little bit of bloodbowl. Over all, I liked it better then a lot of their games. I may get the orruks and undead if I can find them at a discount. It will have at least have 6 expansions before it dies off. No to sound bleak but bloodbowl is the only thing I know that's still going and supported. Maybe this will catch on, and I hope it does.

So a pretty descent game to play, but its future like most GW board games is not great
Made in jp
Longtime Dakkanaut

Thanks for the review. I think you are being overly negative about the game's future especially given your own positive review. There are already 3 announced competitive events. Blood and glory sold 32 tickets on the first day, which is impressive since most people don't have the game yet.
I have been told that skaven and fyreslayers are coming this year. That's 6 warbands in 3 months. Bloodbowl had 5 teams in its first 11 months.
Given the way GW operates and the way they have been talking about shadespire, I strongly suspect that the season 2 warbands have already been made.
Most importantly, the game plays well and reviewers who have played a dozen or more games feel like they are just scratching the surface of the card mechanics. I have yet to see a reviewer who actively dislikes the game.
Silver tower was pretty successful but there were quite a few negative reviews early on.

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Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

I kinda agree with you, I can see this as another cash grab quick play then forget by GW.

Oh well...... Maybe soon they will creat a board game for legendary aka whfb that will be a instant buy.

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Made in us
Bloodthirsty Chaos Knight

Louisville KY

We'll see. In my area it has not registered as even a blip but... who knows. It is designed specifically for the minmax crowd and I think that it has great potential.


Home of Grand Crusade and Azyr Empires
Made in gb
Furious Fire Dragon

 auticus wrote:
We'll see. In my area it has not registered as even a blip but... who knows. It is designed specifically for the minmax crowd and I think that it has great potential.

I agree, it looks interesting but given GW's way of doing things, ie the Apple way of locking their game to their product, I doubt we will see separate cards and wotnot to enable players to go figure agnostic, which is their choice and equally my choice not to buy it

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I assume if this game is successful with its 6 expansions already in the pipeline, then we will get a new core Underworld game that is not in "Shadespire," plus expansions for that region.
Made in us
Hard-Wired Sentinel Pilot

Oakland, CA

The game seems to be the answer to FFG-style competitive minature games.

As it's GW's first foray into that market, it's difficult to foresee the long term, especially without taking sales figures into account.
Made in se
Executing Exarch

Really looking forward to this. Based on the competitive focus, fast play time, X-Wing like release model, pre-release hype, GWs strong IP, aesthetic and model quality, I expect it to do very well commercially and stick around for many years to come. But we'll see.

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Made in gb
Most Glorious Grey Seer

I think the 'best of three' will appeal to most tournament goers.

It's a good way to offset dice based betrayals, which lets face it can wreck even the greatest player's outcome in any tournament. And with the cards being random drawn, that's another factor that might conspire to defeat you mitigated (I mean, surely we've all played MtG when you cannot draw Land for love nor money, yeah?)

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