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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I just pulled the trigger on a load of death guard. Working on putting together a list with it to see what else i need. I am not wanting to run Mortarion, i know he's amazing and the model is beautiful but i think it's awkward to have primarchs in the game. I accept that that makes my list less powerful overall. My personal proclivities aside (to each his own), i'm trying to decide what other HQs to take. I noticed oddly that the lord of contaigen doesn't have a reroll hits aura like all the other commanders we've seen. His rule seems pretty fluffy and cool, but my army list so far is shaping out to be a big ball of footslogging plague spewing goodness which would benefit more from a reroll on hits i feel. Being pretty inexperienced I was wondering if I'm on the right track.

Is the chaos lord a better choice for the footslogging style army?
He doesn't seem to have access to any plague weapons but the sword so what are people finding works well on him?
Am i nuts and the lord of contaigen is better than i'm thinking? (i think he'd be cool deepstriking in with a blightlord terminator squad in the enemies back lines maybe?)
What HQs are you experienced players using?

Thanks for any advice.
Made in us
Contagious Dreadnought of Nurgle

i think the LoC fits a role as secondary/ third HQ choice for running multiple battalions.

My army is cultist/pox walker heavy, so I use Typhus, a Daemon Prince, and for the second detachment, a Plague Caster and the Lord of Contagion. Ive considered using the LoC as warlord, and just hiding him in reserve til turn 3, pretty much preventing a Warlord kill as long as possible.

Chaos Lord with a balesword can fit a cheap HQ slot for 80 pts. I just find its lack of t5 or DR insulting.

Daemon prince is better source for rerolls.
Made in nl
Been Around the Block

Typhys is pretty much always worth it. Even if you don't use poxwalkers.

Other than that, my lists are usually just typhus plus chaos lords for anyone who needs one.
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

A DP is a good choice he can be fast enough to redploy where needed to benifit from those rerolls most. Plus he can shred most things in combat
Made in pl
Regular Dakkanaut

DP is always good choice, let's be honest. That thing is fast even without wings , insanely resilient , hits like a truck , provides very good aura and can even cast some spells when need to.

However Typhus is always clean winner and should be taken without hesitation - best caster if not counting Mortarion. Good at everything and where Lord of Contagion sucks he excells (buffs and ranged via spells/pistol).

That being said new point cost for Lord of Contagion makes him really okay choice. 117 vs 175 you pay for typhus - i would still play typhus, but he ain't pushover and there is yet one massive advantage over typhus.
Namely - Lord can choose warlord trait and take something useful not what Typhus got. And that can be critical for your gameplan - like Archcontaminator.

My personal ranking (you may disagree) :

1. Typhus
2. Demon Prince
3. Malignant Plaguecaster/ Lord of Contagion
4. Normal Lord/ Normal Sorcerer.

This is correct order (for me) - if sorcerer cannot take warp time - better take MP . LoC over normal Lord is personal taste. After points drop i see him as powerhouse in CC with reasonable aura (archcontaminator can even outperform rerolling 1's depending on your setup).
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Thank you everyone for your feedback, I think I will use my lord of contagion as a typhus stand in, having those psychic powers would be really nice. Though since he's going to drop in with a unit of deathshroud the contamination warlord trait would have been nice.

I'm looking at typhus to teleport in with termies.
A malignant plague caster and a cheap chaos lord to roll with my main blob and buff them.

I'd take a DP instead of the lord, but don't have the points if I take typhus.

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Made in us
Plaguelord Titan Princeps of Nurgle

Jacksonville, NC

My army will be utilizing Typhus and a normal Terminator Sorcerer; I'd take a Jump sorcerer, but for death guard its not an option, to support my Blightlord terminators. May choose a DP over a Terminator Sorc because of survivability and the reroll ability, so hes solid too.

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Made in nz
Dakka Veteran

LoC + 3 Deathshroud makes for a decent `Distraction Carnifex` of sorts.
Made in nl
Been Around the Block

Typhus always. The rest are just chaos lords and princes for me. Those reroll auras trump everything.
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