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Torture Victim in the Bowels of the Rock

The title says it all. I am thinking about picking a trio up for when I don't want to use mortarion and as such was wondering how people use them? I currently have them loaded up with entropy cannons with the intention to sit them at the front and soak fire whilst laying down a wall of fire, albeit on 4+. However, option 2 with the spewers and being aggressive is tempting.....

How do you guys equip them? How do you employ them? Very interested.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

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The DG list generally lacks effective ranged AT options, so most builds seem to favor the Entropy Cannons. That said, magnets are you friends.

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Slippery Scout Biker


Entropy canons are a solid choice, extra high strength high damage shots at range will rarely be regretted.

If you are into silly combos, the PBC is a daemon unit so epidemius or a herald can buff the plaguespitters up to strength 8 (not sure if they stack so maybe strength 9 if you take both?) for epic overwatch.
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Grisly Ghost Ark Driver

The Eternity Gate

Entropy cannons. They are the closest thing to anti-tank that DG have even if they are a bit unreliable.

I usually stick to the heavy slugger due to points and the complimentary range.

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Been Around the Block

Entropy cannons if I expect to sit back and mortar the field all game long.

Spitters if I expect deep strikers or horde armies like orks. That way I can shell for a few turns and then proactively roll up and start flaming.

Always give them an arch contaminator chaos lord as a baby sitter so they get reroll 1's to hit and reroll all failed wounds.

I usually try to get a good amount of command points when I use them since I almost always end up rerolling the d6 for the amount of shots for one of the tanks. Usually my goto extra batallion is 2 nurgle demonic heralds (they have a spell that heals demons/demon engines) + 3 nurgling units to deter deep strikers. Alternatively Epidemus and a generic herald work too.

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Plaguelord Titan Princeps of Nurgle

Jacksonville, NC

Use magnets. I magnetized the sponsons, the guns were really easy to magnetize if your green stuff afterward to hide them; I'm waiting on my second tank to do the same!

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