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Rampaging Carnifex

Chapter 14
Asriel blinked, he hadn’t realised it was now day time. He rubbed his eyes and looked up to the skies, they were now clear. Such a fact saddened and angered him, he wanted to listen further to the wisdom the great scar provided. Melancholy ripped through him, the need to cry enveloped his heart, yet he couldn’t allow himself to. He had a mission, Alexandrel was...counting on him. He sat up from the window sill, he thought to go to bed but he didn’t feel tired, instead the need to fulfil his objective was his only concern.

Asriel decided to walk over to the mirror, seeing his reflection his eyes went wide. They were now blue like the Soulless’ but instead of slits his iris were black and shaped into mini versions of the great scar. He should be worried but he wasn’t, he realised this was a gift. Asriel stared deeply at his reflection, watching his new eyes he could faintly hear the anguished words of the cicatrix maledictum. “Pain and suffering is truth…” He said to his reflection. He contemplated that lesson, staring at the great scar for too long normally should induce madness, but in return all he received was a small measure of wisdom. He wondered if perhaps this was one lesson among the many? “I have to see it again to understand…”

As those words parted his lips, his eyes steadily returned to normal. He blinked several times, he even stretched open his eye. “It’s mark is gone, there must be a reason for this. I will make sure to look up to the scar again tonight.” He removed his hand from his eye, as he did so that was when someone began knocking on his door. Asriel briskly walked to the door and unlocked it, opening the door up he could see that it was the scribe that lead the others away. “Antonius, right?” The scribe nodded “that’s me! I was wondering if you would like a tour of the church.” Asriel smiled at Antonius, it would be good to make friends if he wanted to complete his mission. “Sure, my name is Asriel by the way.” He stepped out of his room and locked the door, as he faced the scribe he decided to ask a question. “Do you give tours to all new members?” Asriel asked.

The young man scratched his cheek at the question. “Well yes...but most reject it. You were the first one to accept in a long time.” Antonius fidgeted slightly, Asriel gave him a warm smile. “You suffered…” The words just came out of his mouth. This caused the scribe to look at him in surprise, it then shifted to confusion. “W-What are you talking about? Let’s get on with that tour then.” Asriel rubbed his neck, he wondered why he said such a thing? Questions like that make him suspicious. “Sorry if I said something strange, it just came out.” He bowed slightly for emphasis. Antonius chuckled slightly “It’s alright, let’s get going.”

When Asriel stood upright again, he smiled and nodded. The scribe lead him through the hallway back to the elevators. He pointed down the middle path “the second elevator is down that corridor along with a flight of stairs, we fitted another lift in due to how busy the church gets. Now the one here…” He faced the elevator Asriel took yesterday “only this one leads to the Pontifex’s room, but you never go to the fourth floor unless he takes you there personally. If you arrive alone the crusaders will kill you.” At the mention of crusaders he knew they would be a problem, so that means he would have to get on Samson’s good side to talk to him in private. “I see, I also assume those who are given to the church live in the church as well?” Antinous smirked “you are correct, they live on the second floor. Let’s head there now.” He pressed the button to call the lift, as they waited strangely the scribe pulled up the back of his robe.

Asriel could see that wasn’t due to the size of his robe, it fitted him perfectly. He made sure to keep his eye on the back of his neck. Antonius was most likely hiding something. The elevator now chimed, the doors came apart and then they stepped in. When they both faced the door that was when the young man’s robe slid back slightly while he pressed the button for the second floor. Asriel caught small hints of dried blood around the back of his neck. That caused a host of questions to explode in his mind, he wondered what this young man was doing, maybe he was in trouble?. Yet he always arrives at one fact, despite those questions. It was clear that he was suffering and strangely the need to help him clutched his heart.

He felt a tear building in his right eye, but he quickly rubbed it away before it fell down his cheek. Antonius picked up on this even thought he tried to cover it up. “Are you okay?” he asked. “I am fine.” said Asriel. “I am just happy that I am now here.” The scribe accepted his answer, he guessed that the young man must of seen people literally breaking down at being able to train here. He was about to apologize again for being strange but the sound the elevator reaching the second floor stopped him.

When the doors came apart they walked out, to his surprise this floor looked exactly the same as the last tone. Antonious gestured around “this is where those who are given to the church live. As you can see the corridors here are exactly the same.” The young man seemed excited telling him this information, he paid no mind to it. He was still trying to unravel why dry blood marks the back of his neck. “I see, how about we move on? What’s on the next floor?” asked Asriel. Antonious grinned at him. “The third floor is the training hall, that’s where the people on this floor train. Also the third floor holds the showers as well. Come on, I will show you.”

They entered the lift again, he pressed the button for the third floor. As the door closed and the lift began moving upwards Asriel found his eyes moving to the dried blood again. “Why is there dried blood on your neck?” Like before the words just came out, he didn’t know why he asked such a thing. The young scribe looked down slightly “It flagellate myself, when I sin I do it as a punishment during my down time.” he gave the answer slowly, but Asriel could see there was more to it. “That’s impressive.” His response to the young man’s answer was something he wouldn’t normally say. But Antonius looked at him in surprise. “You..really think so?” “I do, pain and suffering allow us to become closer to the one we all worship.”

Asriel wanted to keep himself from speaking, but he wanted to say those words to Antonius. He barely grasps the truth, with a few slight pushes he could reach it. The young man smiled at him. “I have been trying so hard to capture the Pontifex’s attention. You see we scribes volunteer for jobs around the church from copying texts to other smaller roles. I think the head of our church is watching how we conduct ourselves, he wants to see our dedication to the master of mankind.” Antonius spoke jubilantly, he honestly believed what he was saying.

This caused Asriel to move to another question. “Does the Pontifex know of your flagellation?” The scribe nodded to his question. “I see..so tell me Antonius how many scribes actually become priests?” The young man cocked his head and became lost in thought. “Very few, many end up spending their whole lives here but I don’t think that’s exactly a bad thing.” The answers to the two questions caused Asriel’s hearts to twist, he could only see one answer. The Pontifex was using the scribes to make his life easier, he had no interest training them. He thought it was sad that they followed a god that would show them no love nor loyalty, he could show them the right way. This was now more than just a simple mission. “Is something wrong?” Antonius asked. Asriel shook his head, he smiled at the young man. “It’s nothing, I assume we are almost on the third floor?”

The chime from the lift confirmed it, when the doors came about the scribe hurried out. Asriel did not understand what his excitement was, he followed after the young man. He could see that the training hall was huge, it has firing ranges, small practice rings where your men and women were engaging in close combat with blunted blades. All of this was being overseen by PDF troopers, sisters of battle and crusaders.

He also spotted scribes watching the training, he could see coins exchanging hands. When Antonius stopped running he turned to him. He was smiling ear to ear “this is where future warriors of the emperor train. I enjoy coming here since I can sense the utter focus that those given to the church display here. This place teaches me that I also have to work hard to one day become a priest...or even a missionary!” Asriel looked around he thought he would sense the dedication, the fanatical belief from the young nobles. Instead all he could feel was depression and sadness. Desperation lined the faces of those training as well, he didn’t see what Antonius saw in this place.

The sadness gripping him grew worse, he rubbed his eyes again. He couldn’t help but cry. The young scribe walked over and placed his hand on his shoulder. “You can feel it too can’t you? I understand I cried as well.” He wish he could explain what he was feeling, his heart now feels trapped in this place. Asriel desired to right this wrong, he cleared the tears away from his eyes. He took a deep breath, he tried to steady himself but he picked up the sounds of shouting.

He looked over to a training area, someone was on the ground on their face and out of breath. He could see it was Stella, another woman was standing over her holding a blunted sword. She had short white hair and the aquila was tattooed on her cheek. Antonius shook his head “she must be taking his death hard.” He knew what Antonius was referring to. “I talked with her during the burning.” he looked into the eyes of the young man. “She suffers as well. They all do.” The scribe looked at him in confusion, he was about to ask a question but their eyes were drawn to a shouting battle sister. She was now standing over Stella. “Get up!” the battle sister shouted. Stella’s body was lined with sweat, Asriel could see she was spent.

The battle sister glared at her opponent. “You know what happens to those that fail!” Her eyes then shot to the young woman Stella was training with. “Keep attacking, show no mercy neophyte Adria!” Adria looked surprised for moment, she then grimly nodded. The battle sister then left the area and went back to her original position at the railing.

Asriel knew what was going to happen next, Adria walked over to Stella and raised her blade and bought it down upon Stella again and again. The young woman twisted on the ground screaming agony, the wave of depression increased yet everyone was ignoring what was happening. “Poor girl…” Antonius whispered under his breath. Asriel frownd and strode up to the arena, he didn’t care for his cover at the moment. His sadness turned to anger.

As his shoulder left Antonius’ hand his eyes went wide “w-what are you doing?” He ignored the scribe, he could also see that people were glancing at him. Now that he was in front of the sister he narrowed his eyes at her. “Stop this.” he said firmly. The sister of battle ignored him, but he kept up his protest. “What is this teaching her? Aren’t you aware she is broken up about her friend?” His words were not reaching the battle sister, he reached out and as soon as he touched her pauldron she twisted to him and threw a punch.

Her fist crashed into her face, causing him to fall to the ground. He looked up to the bride of the emperor, he thought to insult her but instead he cut right to the matter. “You think heaping this sort of suffering will make them stronger...but it won’t. How can one apply suffering to another if you don’t understand it yourself?” The battle sister drew her bolt pistol and pointed it at him. Asriel looked around to see everyone has stopped training, he had an audience observing this spectacle. “Right so you are going to execute me for speaking the truth? Our god wouldn’t want this.” The sister of battle’s gaze turned icy. “You think to speak for the master of mankind? Hmph...you look like a scribe most likely have grown fat on the teat of your parents.” Asriel chuckled “look at you assuming things about me, you don’t know what I have been through.”

His words caused the sister of battle to raise her eyebrow, she returned her bolt pistol to her holster. “Fine then, enter the arena. Fight in Stella’s place but I know you won’t since you only like to speak words.” Asriel staggered up to his feet he wiped his nose with his robe. “I will.” He walked into the ring, Adria was already standing back from Stella, she was staring at him. “Don’t you want a blunted blade?” she asked. “Don’t need one.” Asriel responded firmly.

Before getting into a battle stance he knelt and turned Stella over, he could tell she was barely conscious. Asriel then hefted her up and placed her down near the railing. She was now squinting her eyes. “A-Asriel?” “Aye, it’s me just hang on a moment.” She slowly nodded, Asriel faced Adria and approached her again. “Now I am ready.” He readied his cane, the young woman raised his eyebrow to his weapon of choice. She also fell into a battle stance.

Asriel could see everyone was watching intently, Adria gritted her teeth and charged. Her strikes had some measure of skill but they were frantic, Asriel dodged each blow with ease. When her blade came down again to strike, he used his cane to parry the blow sending her swing awry. Asriel then twirled his cane and smacked Adria across the face sending her to the ground.

He then turned and faced the battle sister “I am not just a soft scribe, everyone has a past. I will state again that you are wrong.” The battle sister looked around, even her own fellow sisters were giving her disapproving looks. She then glanced at Stella “you are done for the day.” Asriel looked back to see the young woman was staggering up to her feet, she was using the railing to aid her.

Asriel then nodded and left the area, while walking past the battle sister she had a few words to say. “The Pontifex will hear of this.” The threat meant nothing, she was clamouring to make herself bigger than she was. He suspected she was just a low ranking battle sister. Asriel returned to Antonius who was starting at him in awe. “Y-You stood up to them.” he stammered. “I did and many more should do.” Asriel declared. “They are brides of the emperor, but they do not understand suffering. I actually think you grasp the subject better than they do Antonius.” The praise caused him to rubbed his neck. “I-I am not all that special.” he stammered out again.

Asriel laughed slightly at the scribe “now, how about I help you out with a few odd jobs? I assume I am not all that welcomed here anymore.” Antonius looked around and nodded in agreement. “Yeah..let’s leave.” As they returned to the elevator he found himself smiling, it felt good disgracing the sisters of battle but at the same time he would normally not take such a rash action.

“Have I changed?” he said under breath. “Or am I returning to the way I was?”

Dilon stepped out of the tent, even though it was day he was scared to look up to the skies. The purple lights shining through their tent during the night was too much. In the end Ashi kept them focused, she ordered those outside to guard the entrance inside. The ways of corruption were insidious, that was what she told him during the night. Thinking of his advice, his eyes fell upon her. She was standing a few paces away from the tent, she was staring at new arrivals marching down the road.

He approached his unit leader. “What’s wrong?” he asked. Ashi shook her head. “Their lives will be shattered in the coming days. They will see how wrong their faith is...and how ugly the galaxy actually is.” Dilon sighed “you want them to suffer don’t you?” His thorn leader closed her eyes, when she opened them she nodded. “I would be a liar if I denied it. Don’t get me wrong Dilon I hate the monsters on the ship as well, but the people here are just as evil.” “I don’t see what’s evil about the emperor, why would Aamon allow us to worship him?”

Ashi faced him, she gave him a sad look. “It’s to placate you, eventually you will see things as I do. That’s if we survive this. Now that you are with us...you will see everything wrong in the imperium. But I will never give my soul up to monsters.” He still couldn't understand her hatred but he agreed with her there. “We must keep our souls for if we don’t we stop being human.” Dilon said firmly. Ashi nodded in agreement “you are correct, keep your soul no matter the cost. Deny anyone who will try and make you sell it.” She pointed at his chest. “That flicker of light belongs to you alone, no one else.” Ashi lowered her hand and returned to the tent. Once she was gone Dilon stared at the pilgrims marching. He hoped that some of them will join Aamon, at least then they can keep their faith.

Asriel stood before the desk of Samson, he was most likely here because the battle sister reported him. Just a few minutes ago he was helping Antonius collecting the tithe at the front of the church.

Strangely the Pontifex didn’t look angry, the head priest seemed jubilant as he poured himself a glass of wine. “So I heard that you dishonored a battle sister.” Samson said flatly. “In her perspective I did sir, she wasn’t training the young nobles but abusing them.” Asriel declared. The head priest nodded “I see, I have to say you did a good job putting them in their place. You see Asriel they keep damaging my merchandise, your stunt made everyone act more carefully. Still...you caused a headache and there was only one way this can go away.”

He knew what the Pontifex was insinuating, he reached into his robe and pulled out the sack of coins. He removed one from the pouch and placed it on the table and pushed it towards the priest. When his finger removed itself from the coin Samson snatched it up, his eyes were now glazed. He kissed the coin and even licked it, he then dropped it into his glass of wine. Asriel thought it was honestly a shame that Samson had to hide his greed in this room, hopefully that will change in time. “May I go Pontifex?” Just like before the priest gestured him out of the room, he said nothing this time. He was focused on the coin that was suspended in his glass.

Asriel turned and left him to enjoy his beverage, he made his way to the the first floor he desired to rest after this hectic day. When he reached the first floor he found Antonius standing in the hall, he seemed worried. Asriel approached the young scribe with a smile on his face. “I am fine.” “G-Good, I hope the Pontifex didn’t shout at you too much.” Asriel shook his head to Antonius’ words. “He was quite happy that I put the sisters of battle in their place. He dislikes how they harm the young nobles during training.” “Oh really?” the young man sounded surprised. Asriel felt he needed that information so he understood not all priests support the brides of the emperor. “Anyway I will see you tomorrow, I am eager to go to bed.” he yawned for emphasis. Antonius smiled “alright then, but...before you go. Stella handed me this at the entrance.” The scribe reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper, Asriel took it and opened it up. It had the words thank you written upon it, the interesting thing about this note was these words were written multiple times and the handwriting for each was different. Asriel folded the note and placed it in his pocket. “All of them are saying thank you...” he voiced out loud. “Who was saying thank you?” Antonius asked. Asriel shook his head “don’t worry about it. Now I am heading to my room. Thank you for the tour Antonius.”

The young scribe seemed surprised by his words, he then scratched his head. “Hey Asriel...are we friends?” He didn’t need to even think of the answer, he gave a curt nod to his question. “We are.” He then left the young man who seemed extremely happy with his confirmation. He briskly walked to his room and upon entering he locked the door.

His gaze went right to the window a purple light was shining through it like before, he slowly walked to it and sat down on the window sill. He stared up to the great scar, his eyes falling upon it again his body shuddered as throes of ecstasy hit his system.

As he was getting lost in that sensation he thought about the people here. He then stared intently at the cicatrix maledictum “I have a new friend. He is most likely whipping himself due to the events of today, he thinks that I might be hurt or in trouble due to him showing me the third floor...But that’s wrong! I want him and everyone in this church to feel as I do now! What do I do!?” He waited for answer, he breathed harshly readying himself for it’s voice to grace him. +We are truth.+ It was his own voice again, hearing the great scar speak to him caused him to shudder with pleasure. +Through out this day you were slowly grasping what we were showing you. Yet you are afraid.+ “Afraid? What do you mean?” +That your suffering and pain was for nought. You are scared of giving your loyalty, you are afraid of the possibility that your chief excess was wrong.+ At the mention of loyalty he was about to look away from the warp scar, but he held his eyes upon it. “Explain.” he said firmly. +We were wrought by mortal desire, desire is the purest virtue of the galaxy. All you endured was pure and unrequited love.+ “Unrequited? He...she...he does-” +He loves you, as does he love all his servants. He responds to your pain, suffering and torment and in return he gives you pleasure. Only certain individuals can understand this and spread the message of his love.+

Asriel started crying, he never gave it much thought. Perhaps that the dark prince put him through all those hardships so that he might meet Alexandrel? When many would cast him aside he helped him. He still didn’t know what to make of the astartes, but he imagined he would always be there strangely despite his personality. “Teach me, show me...how can I make others understand Slaanesh’s love?” +It is simple, we always had the answer. Drop the subtly, there is no need to tip toe around the brides of the anathema. Invoke the burning passions of the church. Use them to spread his word. Desire and pleasure is the soul’s true nature, it is the only truth.+ His voice came apart just like yesterday, the delight the voices provided increased. He glutted himself upon them, sweat started to pour down his body he spent the rest of the night reveling in the pleasure the great scar provided.

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I dont know if you like my comments on your story or if i shouldnt comment as much but i have to say i really like this new turn for asriel. Looks like hes finally putting his faith in slaanesh! I wonder how alexandrel knew asriel wouldnt go crazy, or maybe he is? So many questions! You got me over here, a former khornate, about to put up a poster of slaanesh in my room lol.
Made in gb
Rampaging Carnifex

 Dayknight wrote:

I dont know if you like my comments on your story or if i shouldnt comment as much but i have to say i really like this new turn for asriel. Looks like hes finally putting his faith in slaanesh! I wonder how alexandrel knew asriel wouldnt go crazy, or maybe he is? So many questions! You got me over here, a former khornate, about to put up a poster of slaanesh in my room lol.

I like when you comment, also with you commenting sometimes I pick up on things I could improve on. Also on Alexandrel? Who knows.

Anyway I am glad that you are enjoying the story.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

How could i not, this is quality authorship and you need to work for gw like yesterday. A few of my other 40k friends are reading your story and one of them desperately wants you to involve the tau lol. Ive got them hooked now
Made in gb
Rampaging Carnifex

 Dayknight wrote:

How could i not, this is quality authorship and you need to work for gw like yesterday. A few of my other 40k friends are reading your story and one of them desperately wants you to involve the tau lol. Ive got them hooked now

Wow, glad that they are enjoying it. On the Tau I had no plans to include them in the story and I don't want to just shove them in there. But....I am in the planning stages of a GSC story in light of their update coming out.(GSC are like my second favourite army) I was actually thinking about making the Tau have a presence within it. A major presence actually, so I have to do some research on them.

I hope that might satisfy your friend. Overall I do feel that GW underplays the xeno presence in the sitting.

I am putting the AOS story on the back burner again I thought about it and realised that I would prefer to have the battletome.

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Made in gb
Rampaging Carnifex

Hope people like this chapter.

Chapter 15
Asriel blinked it was day again, but this time it was early in the morning. He sat up from the window sill and walked over to the mirror again. His eyes were now blue, his iris were shaped like the great scar, just like yesterday. Yet there was another change his ears were pointed, almost like an imp or daemon from ancient terran mythology. He pulled his ear slightly and smiled. “I like them...but I have to be serious for a moment. Violo, show yourself.” His cane shuddered, his familiar shifted to her actual form she slithered around his arm so she could look him in the eyes. “Now Violo, I have an important job for you.” He petted her head. “Can you you turn invisible?” he asked.

The snake shuddered again, her body bled away from his sight but he could still feel her wrapped around his arm. After a moment she reappeared, Asriel smiled at the familiar. “Good girl, now I am going to project part of myself into your mind. We will be talking to a few people in this church, but at the same time I will nudge them in the right direction.” The familiar nodded, Asriel then placed his hand on her head. The snake’s eyes changed to match his own, that was when the snake vanished again and he could feel her slithering down his arm.

He sensed Violo phasing through the door of his room, Asriel chuckled and walked over to his bed. He sat down and closed his eyes. He focused and and strengthened his connection with his familiar, it took only a moment for him to be able to see through her eyes. He then guided Violo through each of the rooms, searching for Antonius, it did not take long for him to find his destination.

What he saw caused him to frown, the young man was on his knees whipping his back with a cat-of-nine-tails. He was kneeling in front of a boarded up window. “Please forgive me from hurting my friend…” he lashed his back once. “He is most likely in trouble…I did not have the strength nor the courage to stop him...” the whip came down on his back again. +You did nothing wrong.+ He made sure Antonius heard his own voice, it would be easier that way. The young scribe froze, he was shaking and began whipping himself vehemently. “Ill thoughts be at ease!” he shouted. “I...wish to give into weakness, I can’t...I won’t…” Asriel watched his blood running down his back, that was when he posed a question to his friend. +Who are you suffering for?+ Antonius froze, he started to shake his head. “I suffer as a punishment for these sinful thoughts…this helps me to become closer to the emperor.” At the mention of the master of mankind, a frown tucked at his lips. +You know he doesn’t care, at the moment you are despairing because you are not getting anywhere. You can see that deep down the Pontifex is merely using you as a gopher.+ He watched his head sag, Antonius was sobbing. “I have been trying so hard...he must be watching me, the emperor will provide the opportunity...I-I just have to take it.” +No opportunity will come, you have seen some die of old age here. You know the stories, Samson must have enough money for rejuvenation treatments. He grows fat on your labours.+

The young man bit his lip, he knew he was listening. +You lash yourself for someone who will not carry away your sins. You should know sin and desire is the truth of the soul. You have to accept what you are.+ Antonius’ whip slipped from his grip, he wiped his hands down his face, staining his face with blood. “I don’t want to admit it….Asriel.”

As he heard his name his heart jumped. The young man turned in his direction, he was still crying. “You’re here aren’t you?” Asriel cursed, he left the order for Violo to withdraw, he then broke the link. He was now in his room again, he sat up from the bed and walked around, panic frayed at his heart. “Maybe I pushed too much? My position is in jeopardy…” he thought ways to recover his plans, but he couldn’t see it. Antonius will report him, he has to escape the church. He raced to the door, he was about to grasp the handle until he heard a knock.

Asriel’s eyes darted to the mirror, the changes wrought upon him by the cicatrix maledictum was still there. His hands started to shake, he knew who it was. Asriel bought his hand back to his body, he trembled with fear. There was no way out.

A hiss then erupted at his feet, he looked down to see Violo has came back. Her eyes were back to normal, but he could sense that she was looking at him with expectation. “Should..I kill him?” Having his familiar devour Antonius completely could solve the problem, no one likes him, no one will miss him. “It’s so...simple.” He was about to give the order but stopped, he shook his head. “No...I can’t.” As he made his decision Violo turned back into a cane. He then unlocked the door and before opening it he closed his eyes. When the door came open he could feel that someone was there. “Asriel may I come in?”

He could hear his voice, he stood aside allowing Antonius in. He then closed the door, but he didn’t look at him. Asriel kept his eyes closed, he knew it wouldn’t help. Antonius could see his ears. It was too late to go back on this decision, he slowly opened his eyes. Antonius was before him, his face looked wet like he just threw water on himself. His robe looked a mess as well. The young man’s eye twitched he took a step back. “Y-You’re….” His voice trailed off. “A heretic.” Asriel finished.

He smiled at the scribe “but you knew that when you figured out it was me...didn’t you?” Antonius was trying hard not to look him in the eye, he could understand why. Despite being unnerved he slowly nodded. Asriel chuckled at the confirmation, he was most likely terrified yet he still came here. “So now that you are here Antonius, what do you think of me now?” Asriel said warmly. The young man gulped, it seemed he was trying to form words but it wouldn’t come out of his mouth. He gave him the time to gather his thoughts, it only took a few minutes. “S-So...have you been l-lying to me the whole time?” His voice was breaking up, luckily that question was easy to answer. “No I haven’t lied to you. I have come...to deliver truth.” “Truth?” “Yes, truth. Lies have been ingrained into your mind, but I know you see things as I do. The issue is you don’t follow the right god.” Mentioning another god, Antonius screwed his eyes shut. “Being friends was a lie right?” Asriel didn’t expect that question or for the conversation to take this turn. “No it wasn’t. I meant it, I know what it’s like...being alone. I can relate to being unwanted, hated and cast aside.” His voice turned bitter. “I told myself it wasn’t fair...I admit now that perhaps if I acted different things might of turned out differently...but it’s too late now. In the end I met someone new, I won’t make the same mistakes again.” He pushed aside the bitterness and spoke normally. “So I say again I wasn’t lying. I have come here to deliver a message that there is a god that will love you for what you are. He will respond to your suffering, he is such a being that once you give yourself to him he will never let you go.” He saw a spark of interest in the young man’s eyes as he slowly opened them again.

Asriel then took the time to pick up his cane, he opened his palm, the cane gently floated to his hand which caused the scribe to shake his head “I-I am afraid of you right now…” The statement from him would normally made him explode with fear, but instead confidence gripped his heart. “I know, so I will give you a choice.” He stepped aside, allowing Antonius to leave. “You can go back to your room, forget this ever happened or perhaps you might even pray to my god...Slaanesh.” at the mention of the dark prince the scribe shuddered, he wasn’t used to hearing the names of gods who hold actual true power. “The other choice you have is that you can go and report me. Perhaps to the Pontifex if he is walking around the church or even the battle sisters on the third floor. You have plenty of options, I will not stop you.” He reached for the door and opened it wide, allowing Antonius to leave.

The scribe looked at him in shock, his eyes then fell upon the open door. Asriel watched him mumble something before hurrying out. Once he was gone Asriel closed the door and locked it. He returned to his bed and sat down, he placed his cane upon his lap and waited.

Dilon looked up to the church, he sighed as his eyes came down to the entrance. Two men were ringing a bell shouting that confession booths are available. This church was made from stone and was rather close to the Saint Jonathan wall. So that meant it was better defended and more patrols walked the roads. The PDF and along with the position of the church meant that very few of the pilgrims in the slum camp would even have the money to enter, but he was in a unique position. He had enough gold to permit him entry, it would not even dent the money he has in his sack, but to the rest of the pilgrim camp entering this church must cost a fortune.

He steeled his heart and walked up to the church, he ascended the steps and before entering he faced a man ringing a bell. “How much is it to enter?” Dilon asked. The bellringer, turned to him his eyes strangely went wide, when they relaxed he smiled. “Today is free, the nobles who have come by has already given us a great sum.” Dilon raised his eyebrow. “If that’s the case do the pilgrims in the camp know this?” The bellringer frowned “the PDF keep them away, I understand why but…” His voice trailed off. Dilon understood the reason it would be a nightmare to organise them. He was happy that they at least acknowledged the pilgrims. “I understand.” said Dilon. “I just wish this planet was a little different, the focus on money just seems...wrong.” To his surprise the bellringer nodded in agreement. “Unfortunately the top dictates what the bottom does, we receive no support from the second tier or beyond to keep these doors open. So we have to act like everyone else.” That piece of information swelled his heart. “It’s good to know that not all like the current system. By the way what is your name? It’s hard to find someone to talk to on this world.” The bellringer smirked. “Adam, what’s your name?” “Dilon. Anyway I will talk to you later.” Adam nodded and returned to ringing his bell, shouting that confessions are available.

Dilon thought about the confession when he entered the church, but he wondered if it would be the right thing to do? If he gave away any hint of the reason why he is on this world he would be reported and killed. Entering the church fully he looked around, it was fairly basic, statues of the emperor sitting upon his throne dotted the side pathways and the middle of the church was littered with benches for people to sit upon.

He also spotted two confession booths at the back of the church, they were situated at the right hand corner. He then noticed that the church was actually empty save for monks and priests walking around lighting candles and swinging censers. He readied himself and walked over to one of the statues he knelt and prayed before it. He desired to have the strength to see this through, he wished desperately to be free of the traitors. He could tell that eventually he will be corrupted, it will become harder for him to hold onto his soul. He could see the marks of corruption settling on Ashi, he could admit that now he was able to pray. When one does not have faith to guard them against corruption it will allow the great enemy in, yet even so he had to admit a part of him agreed with Ashi.

Whenever she rants or goes on about the evil’s of the imperium he could see pain in her eyes. She feels betrayed and she could see no way out of the darkness. The issue was that same darkness will eventually close around her and there would be no way for her to fight. “You’re a new face.” Dilon opened his eyes and looked up, a old man was looking down at him. “W-What?” The old man smiled, that was when Dilon noticed his eyes was a mix of grey and white, he was blind. The words he used to talk to him made no sense. “I am new here.” said Dilon. “Are you a priest?” he asked.

The old man held up the minsotrium icon that hung around his neck, saved that he wore a simple white habit that was threaded with black around the edges of his robe. “Yes I am, I sensed a disquiet in my church. I knew a man bearing great pain would enter my doors.” Dilon shook his head in disbelief his voice was gravely, yet hearing him speak he could feel his faith renewing just a tiny bit. Still there was one issue “b-but…” his voice trailed off he didn’t want to be rude. The old priest chuckled “ever since losing my eyes I now see in a different way. Visions comes and goes, I also can sense when someone is in pain as well.”

What the priest was telling him he didn’t want to believe it, he could be lying or a charlatan trying to get money out him. He thought of Ashi’s words and frowned. “Can you prove it?” he asked. The priest smiled warmly “is it because of your friend?” His eyes went wide “h-how did you know?” “I know because as I said I receive visions, I tell you now faith is not something tangible, you can’t grasp it, you can’t see it. To have faith is to trust yourself to the water, when you swim you don’t grab water because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead...You must relax and float…” Hearing that he touched his chest “I am thinking about it too much…” Dilon whispered under his breath.

The old priest nodded “many do think about it too much, but come with me let us sit on the bench and talk more.” Dilon rose, he smiled at the priest. “I would like that.” They walked to a bench near the altar and sat down, the old priest was stroking his chin. “So...what is your name? Mine is William.” Dilon nodded “Dilon.” William smiled at him and tapped his hand on his thigh. “Your heart is in turmoil isn’t it?” “it is, I...assume you know the reason why?” The old man chuckled while returning to his original position. “everyone in this church does, fallen angels will come to tear this planet asunder.” The confirmation caused his mouth to turn dry, he wondered if he should divulge any information, William though strangely kept speaking. “They would send agents, to try and disrupt the world but would find no purchase in the slums. So instead they would send a snake to the second tier, it would whisper lies and the darkest heresies causing many good men and women to fall…” Dilon listened carefully, everything was on point save the part about the snake. William could sense his confusion, that was evident by the expression on his face. “I should say that your supposed masters have a contingency plan in place. But you didn’t know that did you?” He shook his head. “No...I didn’t.” answering the question is essentially confirming that he was a heretic, talking to this priest he was tired of keeping everything in. “The question is what do I do?” The old man nodded “there is a way.” There is? Please tell me!”

William sighed “do you have the strength to admit everything before one of the faithful?” Dilon was about to say yes, but he stopped. The question was which of the faithful. “What do you mean?” That was when he heard the marching of heavy boots, his heart sank completely. He was shaking with fear. “Am I going to die?” he asked. “No.” william answered warmly. The footsteps were now close and after a moment came to a stop, William looked back. “Canoness Victoria, I am happy to see you again. Please sit with us.” Dilon slowly looked back as well. He saw a woman wearing white power armour replete with icons of faith and purity seals, her hair was white and cut short. Two scars lined her face in a cross. She was backed by what he assumed to be celestians. Due to the iconography and halos attached to their armour. Dilon gulped as his gaze met the Canoness, she said nothing and sat next to William. The rest of the sisters of battle sat behind them.

Dilon shook his head “I had…” “no choice?” The voice was stern. It came from the canoness. William placed his hand on his shoulder. “Look up, you won’t be harmed.” Tears fell down his cheeks. He slowly brought up his head, his gaze met William’s blinded eyes. “I-It was hard…” Dilon stammered. “Aye I imagine it was, but speak now.” He slowly nodded, he glanced at the canoness for a moment and as his eyes came back to William he began to explain what he has been through. They both listened in silence, when he finished his story William removed his hand from his shoulder and faced Victoria. “So what do you think?” he asked. Victoria nodded “he kept his faith, that is enough. The question is what do we do when the heretics attack.” William now frowned, to Dilon it didn’t look right. “We will lose this battle...but win the war of faith. You will die canoness but our fight won’t be over.” At the mention of the canoness dying Dilon shook his head. “W-Why will she die?” he was concerned. He thought the sisters of battle would kill him, but that is not the case. That meant there was hope for the others. William grimaced “It’s too late to save the second tier, corruption has taken root. If it is removed the attack will happen early, but instead the fallen angel’s monstrous master will set forth at the start of the battle and bring our complete doom. Due to the failure of his agents. We will all die. If we allow the heretics to have a perceived advantage they will be more measured, they wish to take slaves.” At them mention of slaves he shouted. “No! You don’t want to be enslaved by them!” After realising what he did he looked around to find the church was empty save for the people who are in the know of what is to come.

When his eyes came back to William the old priest chuckled “I am aware of what they are what will happen though is that they will take their slaves from the third tier. They will find it humorous that those who seat on the highest seat must answer to them. The pilgrim camps though? We will be consigned to the lower levels to ensure the ship runs, that is when we can win.” “I won’t fall on the sword William. The second tier won’t be touched but when the time for war comes I will try to win.” Victoria said firmly. William gave his signature warm smile to the canoness, Dilon noticed she looked away slightly as he did so. “Nor do I expect you to, for you are a bride of the emperor. You understand sacrifice more than anyone else here.” As her eyes came back to the priest, she frowned. “You’re wrong, you are the one who is going to allow himself to be enslaved for the greater good.”

At the mention of the heretics winning he frowned “why can’t we win on this world?” The canoness regarded him. “William receives blessed visions by the emperor, we have verified that he is not a psyker. He predicted the mass execution, the exact date and time. Along with your presence. Have faith.” When she spoke of faith his resistance, eroded. He sighed heavily “then what should I do?” “Go back to your companions, simply wait for the appointed time to come. I must discuss a few things with Victoria.” Dilon looked at the Canoness and nodded. He stood up and left the church, the sisters of battle did not stop him.

Despite his concerns with the plan the priest set out, he left the place of worship with a renewed sense of purpose.

Victoria watched the young man leave, her eyes then fell upon William. “Do you truly believe he become what you wish?” “I do, don’t you?” “My mind says no, but my heart tells me otherwise…” “Then tell me canoness, what does your heart tell you?” She allowed herself to smile, being here in this church a sense of peace fills her. It’s why many of her sisters choose to come here to pray instead of the churches among the second or third tier. “He has slipped through the emperor’s fingers. But instead of submitting to falling he is reaching out to grasp his hand again. The question is though...what will happen when he finally grips it?” The old priest smiled, he looked up to the ceiling of the church. “That is when miracles happen Victoria.”

As he mentioned miracles that set her mind at ease, she has seen many in her lifetimes and normally things tend to swing in their favour. “I wish I could see it.” she said under her breath. William acted like he didn’t hear her but she knows he did, he didn’t voice anything due to his kind soul and it was something she was thankful for when darkness ever descended upon her life.

Dilon found himself racing back to his tent, when he arrived he hurried in to see Ashi looking over a map of the city. She looked back slightly. “You’ve been gone for awhile.” Dilon nodded “I have, I went to a church.” At the mention of church she looked back to the map while chuckling. “I bet they were greedy buggers weren’t they?” He listened to her words, now he could see something lying underneath them. She wanted to believe, but she couldn’t not after all that has happened to her. “Faith isn’t something you can grasp Ashi.” She froze as he spoke, he could see her tensing. “Life is full of happiness and also tears, It’s full of hardship and heartache.” He didn’t know where he was getting this from, but now he believes with all his heart and soul. “We create our own mountains, sometimes it’s better not to imagine what faith is. Or to wonder whether it’s real or not. We shouldn’t obsess over it, it’s better to breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best.” Ashi sighed heavily. “Is that the lie they sold you?”

Dilon smiled “sometimes a lie can bring out the best in us, maybe the emperor may not be a god. But through faith people have done the extraordinary, perhaps the saints were just normal people? But sometimes having hope, believing in a better tomorrow is not all that bad even if we get hurt along the way.” He watched her shoulders sag, her hand then brushed against her cheek. “Get out.” she said firmly. “I don’t want to hear your voice.”

He followed her order and left, now outside he walked forward and looked around, his eyes fell upon the people who were begging for money. In a way seeking money was a form of despair. “That’s not all there is….” At that moment he made a decision, he would endure and he will help others to do so in the face of what is to come.

Alexandrel watched Chershi read her book, they were sitting in the longue just like before. He smiled at the daemon. “So what do you think of the emperor?” His associate didn’t even stop to regard him. “What is there to think about? He is but a man, a corpse who foolish flesh creatures like you bow to. The sooner this galaxy recognises the true god the better.” Her answer was expected, for she couldn’t answer it any other way due to her nature. “So you don’t consider the emperor to be a god?” “No. Since he is not a god.” “I see...so what would you consider a god?” A frown tucked at her lips, she closed her book.

She lazily looked over to him “is this one of your pointless philosophical rants?” The Soulless chuckled “you know me too well, I am bringing this discussion up in light of the world we are going to attack. So I will repeat the question, how do you define a god?” The daemon nodded “that’s easy, the dark prince is all powerful, all knowing and beautiful as well. All mortals will eventually bow to his majesty.” Again her answer was expected, it was time to get under her skin. “He is all powerful? So why does he have three rivals of equal power? If his power is so grand why hasn’t he toppled the imperium by himself yet? If he is all knowing how come he makes mistakes and fails at some of the things he does? If he is beautiful why do mortals have the capacity to call him ugly? The last bit of your answer decries the fact he is all powerful for if he was he could press his will on the galaxy and make everyone bow. If he could do such a thing why would he need me or you?” “Shut up mortal, asking pointless questions.” Chershi returned to reading, but he kept speaking. “Are gods the punishers of wicked? Are they the rewarder of good deeds? They are so hard to define yet we put our faith in them.” Chershi glanced at him. “So what is slaanesh to you then?”

Alexandrel placed his hand on his chest. “As I told Asriel, to me he is freedom. He allows me to be the person I am now. He allows me to enjoy this dark galaxy to the fullest. So tell me shard of the god I follow but do not pray to. Am I wrong to think this way?” His associate said nothing, she suddenly threw the book over her shoulder. Annoyance flared across her face. “I can see why I couldn’t give you eternal joy, our prince will never allow you to be satisfied.” As expected she is redirecting the question. “I will take that as a yes, so in light of the emperor he is many things to different people. An avenger, a bringer of hope, the punisher of the wicked, the tyrant that crushes freedom so how can we not call him a god? He is now an idea, people’s minds and outlooks are centered around a corpse. This corpse has held the rotting carcass that is the imperium up for centuries. So in my mind that makes him a god, a weak one but still a god.” Chershi scoffed “a weak god can do nothing.” Alexandrel shook his head. “A weak god just needs to get lucky once.” “Get lucky? What do you mean?” Confusion was set on the daemons face, but he will give the answer. “Getting lucky for him is called a miracle. Such things are so strong, so powerful that when the hammer comes down upon our heads it will have the strength to shatter us completely. It could even crack planets or shatter the stars themselves.” Chershi raised her eyebrow “you really think that?”

Strangely her question annoyed him, but he pushed it away. He leaned forward slightly. “I do, because I don’t underestimate my enemies, the problem with daemons is that they do this all the time. It’s why slaanesh comes to us mortals for certain tasks, if you didn’t underestimate mortals you wouldn’t be my eternal slave at the moment. I could tear off your clothes here, I could split you open and do anything I wanted with you. That time you kicked me? I allowed it. Your servitude is the price of your foolishness, this is the lesson I will give you today.” He leaned back, the daemon’s eyes bled to black. Her claws dug into the sofa, anger radiated from her. How she is acting at the moment is her nature colliding with her reasoning for she knows he is right, but she will never truly admit it. “So what of mortals then?” it’s voice took an androgynous quality, this was Quiverfang’s actual voice. Alexandrel sat up from the chair. “Like you they fail, it’s why some are favoured and others are not. Arzin still leads because unlike you part of him is mortal. It’s why I personally think that the gods raise certain people up. It’s why the part of them that makes them human forever remains, our gods could crush it but they don’t. The fact that Arzin agreed with my proves this.”

Quiverfang relaxed, it’s anger faded but it’s eyes were still black. The Soulless decided to walk away to allow the creature to ponder their discussion.

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Rampaging Carnifex

Chapter 16
He sat on his bed shaking his head, Antonius stared at his hands. “I should go and report him...” as Asriel said anyone would do. The question was should he? He has been warring with himself for hours upon end, he has even lost track of time.

Yet Asriel spoke the truth, he has been alone. He gave up so much to be here yet he hasn’t got anywhere. His heart was fraying with weakness, he could feel it. He sat up from his bed and walked over to his desk, he removed his robe and placed it on the chair. He then picked up his whip from the table and went to his normal spot. He fell to his knees and raised the whip and bought it down on his back, he winced. “I shame myself…” he lashed himself again. “Asriel is a heretic...an affront to the most holy master of mankind.”

He thought he would feel a sense of righteousness, hatred or even the purity of his guidance. But all he could feel was the string of the lash and a great emptiness filling up his heart. He started to cry and lashed is back again. “Most holy emperor! Give me an answer!” He prayed for a vision, he prayed to be graced by the master of mankind. He hoped that the planks on his window would break away basking him in the light of the emperor just like the stories.

Antonius stopped his self-flagellation, he looked down to his bloodied whip. His tears landing on the drops of blood caused his heart to twist. “Please hear me…” he pleaded. +Say it.+ A sensuous voice, throbbed through his mind. It wasn’t like before when he could feel Asriel speaking to him. “I-I don’t want to.” Antonius stammered. He knew what this was, temptation has come to break his break his faith. +You don’t sound sure, just say it once...what’s the harm?+ He tensed as the voice passed through his mind again.

Whatever this voice was he feels things whenever it speaks. He shook his head “A-Are you a god?” he asked. +I can be anything you want me to be, I can be your savior, lover or even your compass. For that to be so...just say it.+ The temptation grew, he bit his lips drawing blood. “I-I don’t want to be alone...Slaanesh I don’t want to be alone…” the name passing his lips a strange burning sensation enveloped his chest. The burning then steadly subsided, he panicked and called the name again. “Slaanesh!” A jolt thrummed through him again, his eyes wide wide with realisation. “H-He was telling the truth…” He staggered up to his feet while dropping his lash. Almost in a daze he walked over to his table and picked up the bowl of water and dumped it over himself. All the while he was speaking his name under his breath, the heat even pushed away the coldness of the water.

Excitement consumed him, he rushed over to his chest of drawers and removed a towel, he wiped himself down and threw the wet and bloodied towel onto the table. He then removed a fresh robe from the drawer and placed it upon his body.

From there he didn’t waste anymore time, he left his room and rushed over to Asriel’s. Muttering the name of slaanesh along the way. When he reached the door he knocked vehemently. It took only for a moment for the locks to be undone, when his friend opened the door up he rushed past him, but he didn’t seem surprised. As he closed the door they faced each other. “Well?” Asriel asked.

Antonius smiled “you were right! B-But…” his shoulders sagged slightly it just dawned upon him that he was now a heretic as well. Doubt started to set in. “So you know know Slaanesh Antonius.” Asriel said warmly. At the mention of the deity's name again the doubt vanished, he slowly nodded. “Is this what it’s like to have a god actually love you?” Antonius asked. His friend nodded, he walked past him and sat on the window sill. “Yes, but you can be closer.” He was afraid to turn, he wondered what Asriel was going to show him.

As he shifted to the window sill he winced as he saw the the purple light. “A-Asriel what are you doing?” His friend looked at him in confusion with his abnormal eyes. “Well I am staring at the great scar Antonius, come and sit. Watch with me.” He gestured to the other end of the window sill. He stared at his hand and the empty space, he gulped and walked forward. He sat down on the window sill. He focused on Asriel but he was looking out of the window, up towards the skies. “Aren’t you scared of looking at it?” he asked. “No” Asriel said flatly. “What is to fear when our god’s love leaks through it? This is something tangible Antonius, through the scar we can connect. Take your time….look when you are ready.”

Antonius mused on the stories of those who look up to the skies at night, if you are found out you are executed. Only the most Zealous of the Axiam templars take shifts at night, the sisters of battle decree that the great scar doesn’t even exist on this world. He then wondered what was everyone afraid of? What was he afraid of? Even hearing an inkling about the scar and the tales he boarded up his window in fear. He sighed “I am not afraid…” he looked up to the skies, his eyes widened at the splendor.

The bubbling black ooze, the feminine forms tearing apart the screaming faces and the purple mixed together with the black was beautiful. Antonius clutched his chest, tears ran down his face. “I-I don’t understand why we reject this!” he cried out. Asriel nodded, he could see him from the corner of his vision. “Now you understand Antonius, we have a lot of work to do.” At the mention of work he had to actively tear his vision away to face Asriel. “Work? What do you mean?” “Don’t you want to share the love of Slaanesh with everyone?” “Yes I do” he said without hesitation.

The burning sensation was replaced by a strange warmth. “Good.” said Asriel. “We need to get Stella on board.” At the mention of the young noble he frowned. “Do you think she will listen?” “She will, she has a bone to pick with the church, the sisters of battle or even perhaps the emperor himself. We will go see her tomorrow.” “Uh huh…” Antonius was barely listening to the last part his eyes were drawn back to the great scar.

He smiled in joy as the purple light washed over him. +Submit to us.+ A force crashed down upon his body. He gasped as it happened, the voice passing through his mind was his own but it sounded like another force was behind it. +We are truth, you desire to be dominated, to be loved. We offer that all to you.+ “Yes! Yes! That’s what I want!” he didn’t care who heard him, Asriel didn’t seem to mind.

He prayed to Slaanesh, he wanted to give everything to him.

She kicked her punching bag sending it rocking through the air. CQC was like breathing to her but at the same time Stella wished this would stop. She never wanted to join the PDF or the sisters of battle, she never wanted to be stranded on this world. She never wanted to watch her friends being burnt at the stake for trying to escape. She punched the bag, when it swayed back and came in again she committed to a roundhouse kick. When she turned around again the bag was coming back, she caught it and grunted in annoyance. “She just wants to prove a point.” she said bitterly.

She thought back to the time Asriel defended her, the respite was short just today she was informed by battle sister Atilia, her trainer that if she does not perform she will be made into a servitor. That way she can truly serve the church, she understood what this meant. Her days are numbered. In the past she would laugh off friends worries at the warnings or even being burnt at the stake, back then she wouldn’t think the church would do such a thing. “I am trapped…” she hissed.

She pressed on her head on the punching bag, she would run but the PDF forces or even the sisters of battle will drag her back in chains. Just even planning such a thing could see her killed. All scenarios of escape ended with either lobotomization or death. She was about to give up until she heard a knock on her door. She frowned and walked over to it. Stella unlocked her door and opened it and to her surprise it was Asriel along with the strange scribe Antonius. “Hello there Stella.” She raised her eyebrow, she could see Asriel wanted something but what caught her off guard were his blue eyes. “Have your eyes always been blue?” she asked the question out of nowhere but Asriel took it with stride. “Not always, I can explain them. Do you mind if we come in?” She stood aside letting both of them in, Asriel’s friend strangely look haggard like someone sucked all of the energy out of him.

Stella closed the door and rested her back on it. “So what do you want?” she asked. Asriel was not facing her, but the strange scribe eyes were darting between then both of them. “I offer you freedom.” Asriel said flatly. At the mention of freedom she shook her head. “I heard this all before. Do you know what they do to those who try and run? My face is known to the guards Asriel.” He now turned, his eyes shifted and warped into the form of the horrific great scar, even his ears changed. They become pointed almost like the monsters and heretics in books who seek to lead the faithful astray. Stella winced, her hand was steadily moving to the door handle. “W-What are you?” she stammered. Asriel shrugged in return “a heretic, deceiver or maybe even a monster. Words that the foolish use to describe me. I said I come to offer you freedom and I meant it.” Stella gulped her eyes came down slightly. She weighed her decisions she was most likely going to be turned into a servitor but if she escapes and reports Asriel that might overturn the decision. “No...that wouldn’t work.” she said under her breath. “It wouldn’t” said Asriel.

Her gaze came up again in surprise, Stella wondered how he heard her.“w-what do you mean?” “It’s quite simple, if you report me they will most likely kill you for talking to a heretic or worse. I offer you freedom and the path to domination.” “Domination?” “Yes, domination. All those who have wounded you, every single person that has harmed you...I offer you the chance to strike back. When the appointed time comes you might be able to do anything you want to them.” She hated the fact that the offer sounded enticing, she bought up her hands and looked down to them. She was the weakest, the sisters of battle fawn of Adria and she had to admit she was jealous.

She trained just as hard, just as much but yet she is stronger, more faster and holds far more technique in her bladework. Also getting back at her trainer sounded good as well. She lowered her hands and frowned at Asriel. “So what kind of power are you offering? How do I know you are even telling the truth?” Stella understood the gravity of what she was about to do, but she didn’t care anymore. “I can show you. The being you are about to see is right below the god I serve. Can you please the lock the door? I suspect his form might be quite large.”

Stella now considered running, but Asriel was right there was no going back. She reached down to the key and turned it. Asriel then reached into his robe and pulled out a pink crystal. He clutched it tightly, the effect it had on the room was immediate. Black feathers was now swirling around the room, Stella slowly started to pick up the smell of a strong musk. She felt her body slacking slightly, her mind and heart wanted to give way to it.

She shook her head. “What did you do!?” she shouted. Asriel was looking up, so was Antonius but he fell to his knees right away while raising his hands in adulation. Stella raised her eyebrow in confusion, she then picked up the sound of heaving above her. She slowly looked up to see a creature looking down at them, it’s form was phasing in and out of reality.

But it’s face, it’s majesty captivated her. She slid to her bottom, the creature floated down and grunted. It stood several heads taller than Asriel. +Why did you call me mortal? Make it quick.+ At the corner of her eye she watched Asriel bow, but her focus was on the creature’s black wings. She wanted a feather, the fragrance from it caused her to tense. “My lord I wished to update you on my progress. Also I wished to show my two harbingers your glorious form.” The creature turned to Antonius and then when it’s black eyes fell upon her she shook her head. “W-W-Wh…” she couldn’t speak, words would not form.

The monster smirked like it found her squirming amusing. +Harbingers eh? Quite interesting prospects if pushed in the right direction.+ It’s-his sensuous voice filled her heart. The creature reached for his wing and plucked a feather, he offered it to her. +Take it, a gift from me. Think of me as you dominate those who hurt you...+ The monster's grin widened. Stella reached out and despite his form looking like it's fading in and out of reality. she grasped the feather, the creature then let go. Leaving the feather in her hand, she then quickly bought it to her face and sniffed it lavishly. Her eyes rolled back, the musk burned through her nose.

She gasped and fell to her side, darkness fraying at her vision.

Asriel watched Stella convulse on the floor, he expected a more heavy handed approach would work. Arzin returned his attention to Antonius, he was foaming at the mouth his eyes has rolled back just like Stella. +I think this one understands the dark prince quite well.+ He shifted back to him. +As I said interesting choices mortal.+ “Thank you my lord.” Arzin nodded in approval. +One will seek worship through submission and pain, the other will want to inflict it and be a master of desire. What forms will they take I wonder? I assume you will guide them?+ “I shall my lord.” “Such a siren aren’t you?+ “I...don’t understand.” +Don’t be coy, others would be far more careful in handling corruption. You sing right to their wants and desires, you wield them for your own satisfaction. Your faith sings to me mortal, you can’t hide it.+

Asriel frowned “am I doing something wrong my lord?” he tried to keep the annoyance from his voice. The daemon prince took his words in good mirth. +Do not worry, I can see why the Soulless likes you. Your heart is black like the void, keep pretending you care for these people. It brings out the best in you. The only one you truly love is the dark prince, you are just trying to rationalise it.+ Asriel narrowed his eyes at the daemon prince. “Antonius is my friend.” Arzin gave a low chuckle +yes keep being friends with him, I am eager to see what you make of that one. I assume you will make corruption blossom across the second tier and beyond?+ He tried to relax, he shouldn’t let the daemon get a rise out of him. “Yes my lord, I have a plan to do that. You will know when to start the assault I assure you of that.”

Arzin smiled, his astral form dissipated. The phenomena in the room went along with it. He was now left with two comatosed individuals. He was overall surprised that they handled it so well, he guessed if they saw Arzin’s full might and size their brains would’ve of been scattered literally. He turned to Stella’s boarded up window, that had to come down so she could bask in the glory of the cicatrix maledictum.

Stella’s eyes fluttered open, she shot upwards. She realised she was lying on her bed she looked around and her gaze fell upon Asriel and his strange friend. They were sitting on her window sill, the window sill she boarded up. “What are you doing!” she spat.

They were looking up to the night sky like fools, Asriel turned back to her slightly. “Come join us, I am sure your lord would want you to look. After all you have his feather.” She flinched and opened her palm, she realised she was still holding the feather. She quickly bought it to her face and breathed in his scent. She then gave a small sigh, releasing the pent up euphoria that was built from the smell. She then looked back over to Asriel, she grunted and sat in between him and the strange scribe.

She looked up to the night skies and her eyes widened, not in horror but in realisation. She realised that the emperor was weak and false. She reached up to the window and placed her hand upon it. “I have been so blind…” she said in a hushed tone. She was taken in by the purple and pink lights mixing with the bubbling black skulls she found them beautiful. +We are truth.+ She could hear her own voice in her mind. She slowly nodded. “You are truth.” she whispered. +You desire the power to dominate, to violate and cause your foes endless pain. This is your desire.+ “It is my desire.” she answered back. “Give me the ability to do it…” +Surrender to us.+ “I surrender my joyous prince. I surrender Slaanesh!” She clutched her feather tightly.

Her heart started to well up, she could feel his love. She looked back to Asriel, tears flowing down her cheeks. “Why do they keep this from us!?” she demanded. “It’s quite simple.” said Asriel. “They fear the truth, us three have been chosen to be shepards.” Antonius cocked his head. “Shepards?” She was confused as well, what does Asriel mean by that? “We are meant to guide other people then? Is that what you mean?” Asriel nodded to her question. “You see not all can look up to the great scar, but we can show people Slaanesh’s love in other ways. So I want the both of you to listen carefully....”

Stella readied herself, she could even see Antonius was ready as well. She committed herself wholly to this path.
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 shinros wrote:
 Dayknight wrote:

How could i not, this is quality authorship and you need to work for gw like yesterday. A few of my other 40k friends are reading your story and one of them desperately wants you to involve the tau lol. Ive got them hooked now

Wow, glad that they are enjoying it. On the Tau I had no plans to include them in the story and I don't want to just shove them in there. But....I am in the planning stages of a GSC story in light of their update coming out.(GSC are like my second favourite army) I was actually thinking about making the Tau have a presence within it. A major presence actually, so I have to do some research on them.

I hope that might satisfy your friend. Overall I do feel that GW underplays the xeno presence in the sitting.

I am putting the AOS story on the back burner again I thought about it and realised that I would prefer to have the battletome.

Ill definetely let my tau friend know to check it out. Cant say im upset your putting other stories on the back burner lol
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 Dayknight wrote:
 shinros wrote:
 Dayknight wrote:

How could i not, this is quality authorship and you need to work for gw like yesterday. A few of my other 40k friends are reading your story and one of them desperately wants you to involve the tau lol. Ive got them hooked now

Wow, glad that they are enjoying it. On the Tau I had no plans to include them in the story and I don't want to just shove them in there. But....I am in the planning stages of a GSC story in light of their update coming out.(GSC are like my second favourite army) I was actually thinking about making the Tau have a presence within it. A major presence actually, so I have to do some research on them.

I hope that might satisfy your friend. Overall I do feel that GW underplays the xeno presence in the sitting.

I am putting the AOS story on the back burner again I thought about it and realised that I would prefer to have the battletome.

Ill definetely let my tau friend know to check it out. Cant say im upset your putting other stories on the back burner lol

Thanks, I am doing a couple of short stories to build up an important T'au character and several others. Also I am aiming to build up the sector as well. Plus a chapter for this story will be up soonTM.

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Rampaging Carnifex

Hope people like this chapter, we are slowly heading to the invasion. I do have to say writing a certain astartes parts are a joy.

Chapter 17
Asriel stood in front of the Pontifex, he was counting the coins he gave him joyfully. “So have you done it?” he asked. Samson nodded “the sisters of battle training is inadequate, I find the crusaders and PDF far more reasonable. Canoness Victoria agreed to my request in light of the failure rate. At the same time new aspirants will not be able to join the sisters of battle.” “I see...what of those they had interest in?” “They took them, I allowed it so I could smooth over the agreement.” “You’ve done well, don’t worry I can provide a lot more gold to you Pontifex.” Asriel smiled, his greed has consumed him completely. All he had to do was increase the strength of the curse.

In the end he was now on a time limit, the sisters of battle will react at some point. “Pontifex what of my other request?” “The tour of the third tier? It shall be done don’t you worry about that.” His smile widened, Asriel couldn't help it. The Pontifex leaned in “my doors are open if you want to give me extra. Also here is the key you asked for.” He placed a key on the table, it was for the basement room on the ground floor. Asriel took it and it helped that he had another added benefit he could visit him, he bowed to the priest. “Thank you, now I have to return to my duties.” He turned and left the office, he entered the elevator and pressed the button for the ground floor.

When he reached the ground floor he walked down the pathway and turned left, there was stairs going down. It was the basement room, he smiled and walked down the steps and approached the door and unlocked it. Stepping into the room he could see right away that the basement was huge. It was the perfect size for worship.

Now he had to get to work, he returned to the door and locked it. He then began to ward the room, making it sound proof. At the same time those who are unwanted will see a simple room than the excesses that will soon take it.When he was done he left, he closed the door behind him and locked it. “Time to begin the plan, I hope Antinous is ready….”

Stella flipped her training partner over her shoulder, as she landed on the ground she grunted. Stella let go of her arm and looked down at her partner. “I win again.” Her partner grunted and got up, she left the arena. Ever since looking up to the scar, embracing the dark prince a new sense of vigour now grips her body. She can see better, smell better and everything around her was far more vibrant. She walked over to the rail and removed the towel, she wiped her face to remove the sweat. She caught the sound of the elevator opening, she found her hearing more sharp as well.

Stella bought the towel down, she saw Asriel and Antinous leaving the elevator. The strange scribe was holding a small black box. Focusing on the young man he seemed slightly taller, more built. She wondered if he has been changing as well? She walked over to them while grabbing her robe from a nearby bench. “What’s going on?” she asked. Asriel placed his finger on his lips. “Follow me.” She glanced at the strange scribe who seemed oddly excited, Asriel lead her along with Antinous back into the elevator. She watched Asriel press the button for the ground floor. When the doors closed Stella frowned. “What are we doing?” “Summoning help.” Asriel answered. “The people in this tier don’t understand desire or suffering so we are going to bring in some experts.” “Experts?” “Yes experts, beings like our lord. Antinous is going to help.” The scribe said nothing, he was mumbling to himself.

They reached the ground floor, Asriel then lead them to the basement. He unlocked the door, upon entering he locked it behind them. He lead them to the middle of the vast room, he coughed to clear his throat. “As I said Stella we are going to summon help. Now...Antinous get ready.” The young man placed the box down and opened it, he removed a host of strange tools. What had her somewhat worried was when he handed her along with Asriel a whip.

Stella looked it over “what are we going to do with this?” “We are going to help Antinous pray to our god Stella. Try to enjoy this.” She watched Antinous undress and replace his clothing with a pink silk skirt. His clothing choices didn’t bother her it was his muscles that made her raise her eyebrow and he was lean at the same time. She has never seen the scribe train before. He then picked up a metal ball gag and placed it around his mouth, he then reached for a piece of leather strip. He wrapped it around his eyes and hooked it into place.

He then mumbled something, due to the gag he couldn’t speak properly and strangely she understood him. “You want us to bind your wrists?” Stella said out loud. Antonius looked over in her direction, like he could see her. He mumbled again. “A-Alright...Asriel are you sure about this?” He was already going through the box and pulled out leather cuffs. “Huh? Oh if this is what Antonius wants who are we to deny him?” He walked over to the strange scribe and bound his wrists, Asriel then returned to his original position. “Shall we start Stella? How about you go first?” Asriel declared.

She looked down to her whip and then up to Antonius who was standing there, expectacly. Her hand grasping the whip was trembling, a small part of her mind was telling her not do this. But that voice was smothered by her years of suffering, it was torn to pieces as she saw flashes of the great creature along with the cicatrix maledictum. She raised the whip and lashed the young scribe who gave a muffled cry. Asriel lashed Antinous next, but he was chanting something as he did so.

In turns they struck the scribe, blood began to stain the pink skirt turning it red. Slowly they eventually stopped taking turns they lashed the young man vehemently and to her shock she was enjoying this. She enjoyed the power and control she had. When Asriel stopped chanting Antonius fell to his knees, his whole body was covered in lashes and blood. She raised her whip again but Asriel grasped her wrist, his cane was floating at his side. “That’s enough Stella.” he said firmly. She resisted him, but his grip was firm. “Why? I assume Antonius likes this?” She needed an excuse to continue, the power and control she felt was fading. “Look…” said Asriel.

His eyes were focused in the young scribe’s direction. Before Antonius a small pink flame manifested in front of him. The voice was smooth and genderless. +Who calls my orchestra?+ Asriel removed his hand from her wrist, he bowed before the flame. “Just a humble missionary who requires your services. You are a great muse and I feel many within the second tier needs a master musician to guide them.” The flame flared up. +You stink of Arzin…+ she hissed. +Still...he was such a being to never rely on mortals. I can sense many require inspiration on this world…+ Stella watched the flame die down slightly. +Very well, I shall help you. My orchestra will make this planet sing and writhe in torment. We will sing sweet songs while they sleep as well...+ The flame split apart into tiny pieces, each one phased through the wall.

Steadily the flame sputtered out, she cocked in her head in confusion. “What did we just do?” “The first phase to bring truth to this world.” Asriel gestured to the young man. “Now you may continue.” Her eyes darted to Antonius, his wounds have healed she would think that was strange but she was more focused on the torture. She raised her lash and whipped the strange scribe, again and again. He was mumbling, not in fury but in joyous prayer.

She didn’t care that Asriel was now merely watching, she desired to dominate to revel in this now found sensation.

General Ivor Daris sat before Cardinal Icarus, he disliked how most of the holy icons in his office was wrought in gold, it was the same for the grand cathedral itself. In the end he had to deal with it. He was here on more important business. “Have you heard about the mass execution?” Ivor let the question hang in the air. The Cardinal was too busy counting coins. He spotted that some of them had a snake iconography. It took some effort to tear his eyes away from them. “Cardinal did you hear my question?” Now he took notice, the large man grumbled. “What is there else to say? Heretics were executed, end of discussion.” “I humbly disagree, some might of slipped through. I wish to undertake an investigation with your blessing of course.” “You merely don’t want the sisters of battle impending you general.” The Cardinal was blunt, but he was right that’s what he wanted. “Yes Cardinal, that is the case.” “Then how much is this favour worth to you?” Ivor tried not to sigh.

As with all things money was always involved. He decided to be frank. “I know what you are doing Cardinal, trying to turn this city into a proper shrine world along with keeping an armed force. Do you remember the decree? The Church is not allowed men under arms. At the moment we are just PDF officially. Tithes have come and taken men and women away. I technically don’t have to do what you say. One request from me along with a detailed report of my fears the imperium will whisk every Axiam templar away. Shouting that we are just a militia won’t help you either. You will get your shrine world but your armed forces will be dismantled.” Icarus grunted. “I will be left with the sisters...” A frown then lined his face. “They can be troublesome...very well. You may investigate.” Ivor nodded “thank you, but do tell me where did you get that coin?”

The Cardinal held up one of the snake coins, he then flicked it to him. “Here take one.” Ivor caught the coin and looked down to it. The snake captivated him, the gold was shiny and it’s luster caused his heart to sing. “These coins are from the saint Alisia church, I was insulted by the meagre amount Samson sent me along his request for his scribes to take a look around the third tier. Yet these coins caused me to change my mind.” Icarus said warmly.

Ivor didn’t look up to the cardinal, it was only when he pocketed the coin that his eyes came up again. “I...think I will investigate the saint Alisia church first.” Icarus gestured him out. “You go do that.”

Ivor rose from his seat and left the room, despite the coin being in his pocket he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Scribe Ian worked his fingers on the church organ, it was his pride and joy. Samson wanted to do a service after the tour thats taking place in a few days. The Pontifex wanted everything to be perfect. He knew how he was like, he shifted to the choir who stood at the ready next to the altar. “From the top!” he called out. He started playing, the song came right after, it was steadily progressing well until one of the choir sang out of tune. He stopped playing and looked back. “We can’t make a mistake here, what’s wrong with you all?”

The choir rubbed necks, gazes were diverted. They all knew who it was they are far closer to one another, if he could pick up the mistake they all did as well. “If we mess up the service the Pontifex will remove us from the church! N-” One of the choir members came forward, it was Alba, her brown hair was tied in a bun her green eyes held a measure of annoyance. “You made a mistake as well Ian.” The accusation caused him to frown. “I didn’t make a mistake!” he barked back. Alba scoffed “you are not even in charge of the choir, you just made yourself so. I heard you make a mistake.” He could see what she was doing, he grumbled in annoyance as the rest of the choir looked to be taking her side. “Right we are done for today.” he said firmly. Alba shook her head “giving another order already.” She strode off, each choir member slowly did the same. Now alone he creased his brow.

He sat up from the chair and walked down the aisle, he turned left to the elevator and upon entering it he hit the button for the first floor. “Ingrates all of them…” he hissed. When the elevator chimed again the doors opened he stormed to his room. Now alone within his room he sat at his desk and went over the music sheets. There were many songs that he could of used, but he wanted to impress the Pontifex. Ian desired to complete a complex hymn and through that it would show his dedication to the church itself.

The issue was that others are dragging him down, the choir was not up to par. Alba was clearly trying to take his place as head of the choir. If she had her way they would be practicing a far more simple hymn like The Lord’s Light Shines or Burn Away The Sin.

The song he chose for the sermon was Malleus Lusititae, the whole hymn was in high gothic and that was where he assumed where the problem was. Yet in his mind every scribe should be fluent in high gothic, for how else will they write and transcribe the holy texts of the emperor? The mistakes prove that none of the choir are serious about this task. If they ever wish to move onto better prospects their whole soul and will must be poured into whatever they do.

Ian worked through and organised his sheets, minutes turned to hours and his eyes were fluttering due to weariness. His eyes closed once and then twice and on the third time when he opened them again he yawned and looked around. Ian realised he was now standing on the ground floor. He was standing in the middle of the aisle. “Wha..?” His brow furrowed there was no one in the church he turned to leave to look for someone but a long note from the organ held him.

A short and wonderful piece caused him to twist towards it. He saw a person sitting at the organ their pale hands were moving up and down the keys. The individual was wearing a purple gown and veil looked to be obscuring their face. He would question who this person was, why he was here or where everyone was but he was captivated by their talent.

Ian slowly walked down the aisle, he then stopped a few paces away from the organ. The player looked back to him. “Interested?” her voice captivated him, he walked over to the mysterious individual. “I...yes I am.” Ian answered. She turned back to the organ and played another piece, the sounds that erupted from the pipes caused his mind to alight with inspiration. Ian dropped to his knees. “Please...teach me…” he begged.

She said nothing to him, she continued to play and the sensations grew, but mixed in within all those sensations was the thought of rejection. That absolutely terrified him. The mysterious organ player stopped her beautiful work and turned him to again. “I am teaching you already, I am your muse and you are my student.” Ian’s eyes went wide, he prostrated himself before his new teacher. “Thank you! Thank you!”

His muse continued to play again he was about to be lost in the music but he remembered she was teaching him. He listened carefully, he sat up and watched her fingers. He thought it would be impossible to memorize them. He blinked several times and now he found himself in front of his desk.

He then began to panic, the realisation that he didn’t get to see the whole song made his heart twist. He quickly grabbed a pen and blank sheet, he tried to write down what he remembered, what he heard. When he came to a dead end he clawed at his hair in confusion and anger. “No!” he shouted.

He screwed up the piece of paper and threw it aside, he started again this time he got a little further. When his pen went awry he roared in anger and tore up the paper in front of him. Instead of abandoning his work he continued, little by little, step by step he worked his way to the piece of music he desired to create.

Asriel sat on the window sill with Stella, Antonius was sleeping on his bed. He was too tired after the ritual to look upon the great scar. “Why did you stop me?” He looked over to Stella, she was still staring up to the skies but he could see a frown tucking her lips. “We couldn’t stay there all day.” he answered. “Plus you would kill him.” His words caused her frown to grow. “He was a healing, he could’ve taken it.” “No, he couldn’t. His blessing hasn’t been completed yet.” At the mention of blessing she looked down to him. “Blessing? What do you mean?” Stella asked. “Slaanesh is changing us Stella, you’ve noticed that Antonius is slightly taller? He is becoming strong and lean despite not training for a single day in his life?” Asriel pulled at his ears. “Look at my ears as well or my eyes. These changes are gifts.”

He watched the young woman slowly nod, this was when her own eyes slowly changed to the colour blue. Her iris then came apart like a budding flower and slowly took the form of the great scar. Asriel smiled seeing this. “Your changing as well, but it has to be hidden for now...” He reached over and touched her cheek. Her eyes shifted back to their original colour, she flinched as this happened. “Asriel I still want to make this world pay for what they did to me.” He removed his hand from her cheek and nodded. “I know but you must have patience, your revenge will come.” Not soon after he spoke those words screams erupted from the rooms next to them. Stella looked around “what is going on?” “The ones we summoned are doing their work, we will have more people opening their eyes to the dark prince soon. We will be making use of that room in good time, then perhaps you may start getting your revenge?” Speaking of torture and violation caused Stella to smile, she looked back up to the skies.

Asriel touched his chest, he was happy. Everything was coming together, the last and most important part was the tour. Thinking of it his mind drifted to the pilgrim camp, he would have to weaken or even destroy that as well. The astartes desire slaves, but in his mind they are dangerous. Fanatics like them make poor slaves and there is no telling what they may do when the conflict starts. He would have to extend what he will do to the third tier to them as well. He sighed “I have so much to do…” he wanted to curse Alexandrel for making him weaken the city for the invasion or making him do this mission in general. But if he didn’t come here he wouldn’t of found himself.

Alexandrel was playing a game of Regicide with Chershi, she didn’t want to play but she didn’t have much choice in the matter. They were playing the ancient rendition of the game, his associate would kick up a far more major fuss if they played the version which had the emperor involved. She tutted at him. “You like using your pawns.” He said nothing to her annoyance. He continued playing the game, Chershi liked to use her more important pieces, the bishop, queen, rook and knight. Many times she thought she was going to win but simple maneuvers with pawns and then upgrading it to a queen landed him a checkmate.

Alexandrel then rearranged the pieces back to their original positions. His associate raised her eyebrow to him. “I assume there is a point to all of this?” He smiled at her. “Whatever do you mean?” “Out with it creature, I am ready for another one of your ramblings.” The Soulless nodded “very well...tell me do you think that I can counteract the emperor?” “Excuse me?” “We are playing a game with the master of mankind, a very long game. This is just one among the many. But I will tell you now this game he will lose.”

His words captured the daemon’s attention, she leaned forward slightly. “Do tell, how are you going to outsmart the anathema?” He placed his king, queen, rook, knight and bishop on the middle of the board. “The emperor favours these units, he picks special people to be his heralds. This is a mistake. For chaos has the one power he lacks…” He then knocked over each piece with a pawn. “The downtrodden.” Chershi chuckled to this. “but it’s the astartes who hear the voice of the true god who cause the greatest wounds. They are also the pieces you knocked down, we use them as well. Actually I consider myself a queen and slaanesh is my king. All daemons are his queens.” “But you still use pawns to get anywhere, without them you are trapped forever in the warp...always underestimating those who call upon your name, just like the emperor….” “Don’t you dare compare me to that...thing!” Chershi snapped.

Alexandrel shrugged and placed the pawn back onto the board, he smiled at it joyfully almost like a child he couldn’t help it. “Typically a pawn is looked down upon in this wicked galaxy. They are used, abused, ridiculed and thrown away….They are forgotten. They are people who are struggling through life, facing all the arrows of misfortune and pain. They brave all the battle-fronts as well...trudging along at the behests of their “masters”.” He raised the “important” pieces upright. “Everyone is fascinated with the knights, bishops queens and rooks. But they forget that it’s the small pathetic, useless and tiny slave which supports and saves them from being removed from the board. But that’s not to say the pawn’s life is not enchanting they live a life full of strife, hardship and pain. But that...that makes them worthwhile. All the pawn or slave has to do is realise it’s tremendous potential which lies within it, and keep moving forward with self-confidence.”

The Soulless picked up the king and threw it up and as it came down he caught it. He kept repeating this motion again and again. “A pawn or a slave when ignored or taken lightly can easily creep up upon the higher ranks, it’s the dark-horse a thing full of possibilities and wonder. If there was any piece more stronger than the queen in my eyes it’s the pawn. All slaves, all pawns no matter if they realise it or not are on the verge of becoming “somebody” emerging from obscurity with such fanfare that everyone will look at them. But when the world starts noticing them it’s too late for their opponents, this small pawn is in the right place at the right time. It will aim to take everything from them. The grand pieces are so focused on the end game of defeating the king they forgot about the little thing that can snatch it all away.” He caught the king and then crushed it into dust, he sprinkled it over the board.

His associate slowly nodded. She pointed to the king on her side. “The anathema is probably looking at Arzin, you or even Aamon. He is most likely planning to end one of you three permanently.” Her gaze lingered on the king for a moment, her eyes then wide with realisation. “Actually…all three of you might be the king.” Alexandrel smiled, the daemon was learning. She then scratched her head “so who is the king or queen for the anathema? Will the pawn deal with them?”

He didn’t answer that question to Chershi’s annoyance, Alexandrel felt no reason to.

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Chapter 18
He was floating downwards, where he was going he had no idea. He could tell someone or something was guiding him. Looking around all he could see was a pitch black void, Dilon shook his head in confusion. “Where am I?” His voice echoed, he hoped that whatever presence was guiding him would answer but all he received in return to his words were silence. He continued to drift, until he was suddenly turned upwards he landed on a plain of grass. Dilon looked around himself in confusion, the fields stretched as far as the eye could see and the skies were black like the void. “What is going on?” +Finally.+ His heart skipped, he knew whose voice it was. That was… the thought did not finish. His eyes came down upon himself, a copy of him stood a few paces away.

The only difference was the golden the eyes, Dilon gulped. “W-What are you?” He watched himself frown. +The duty you have forgotten.+ “Duty?” +Yes for that is what I am.+ Duty took a step forward. +You are making excuses for the traitors and heretics around you. So many of our squad have fallen.+ He saw flashes of Albrecht being violated, his face torn off by Halina, he saw her with a group of others tearing apart the commissar piece by piece, they were eating his corpse joyfully.

He dropped to his knees and vomited, when his bile hit the ground the vision vanished. He looked up to Duty who now stood over him. He gave a great frown, it tore through his soul. “I failed…If I pressed Aamon she...” He clenched his hands, tears fell down his cheeks. +It’s far too late for tears. Get up.+ Dilon staggered up to his feet, Duty turned away from him. +We must find the two other pieces.+ “Pieces?” He didn’t know what Duty was talking about. He watched his copy walk onward through the field, Dilon chased after him.

They walked for what seemed like age, he tried to ask Duty questions but he would either ignore him or frown. He wondered if a part of him was really like this? He shook his head. “What am I even doing here?” Duty then stopped and pointed. +There he is.+ Dilon raised his eyebrow in confusion. His gaze shifted to where Duty was pointing, he saw another doppelganger he was kneeling and to his eyes he seemed to be praying.

What set him on edge was the fact this copy was bald. They approached this new doppleganger, Duty shook his head. +We must find the last piece, Purpose enough praying.+ Dilon frowned, so the one before him was Purpose. The doppelganger stopped his prayers and stood up right. Like Duty his eyes were gold as well. +I prefer faith.+ Purpose said warmly.

Purpose’s gaze then fell upon him. +He has far too much hope Duty.+ Duty grimly nodded in return to the words spoken by Purpose. +It is true, Hope will make him fail. It is why we are here. Now let us go.+ Both his copies continued on, Dilon cursed “can either you tell me what is going on!?” Purpose and Duty stopped and looked back to him. +I seek to purge you of weakness.+ Duty declared. +And I seek to renew your faith and make it a blazing sun.+ Their gazes went forward again, they continued walking.

Dilon grunted and followed, through the journey neither answered any further questions. It was until they came upon a small boy who was crying. He sat in a field of flowers, Purpose and Duty seemed...detached but Dilon ran up to the child. As his tear-filled face came up he shook his head in confusion. “W-What?” he stammered. +Don’t let them send me away!+ the boy cried. He would comfort the child but this child was himself, no more than nine or even eight years old. Duty placed his hand on his shoulder. +Do not concern yourself with this one. He will get in the way of your Duty.+ Purpose nodded in agreement. +Hope is not needed when it comes to faith in the master of mankind. You need only to follow his decree and will.+ He wanted to hit the both of them, he was about to until he caught the sound of feminine giggling.

Duty and Purpose frowned. +You must decide.+ they said together. +Cast Hope away and we can turn back the tide that seeks to stop you.+ Around them huge pink flower buds sprung from the earth. +Hurry, cast Hope away.+ Duty and Purpose intoned.

The budding flowers slowly sprouted, Hope ran over to him and clutched the side of his leg. +I-I am scared.+ the little boy said meekly. Dilon looked down to Hope and then to the flowers, what came from them caused his eyes to widen. Feminine and androgynous forms danced around them, they twirled, flipped and giggled. Looking upon them, he could sense they were trying to drag him in but all he felt was revulsion. “What are they?” he narrowed his eyes at Duty and Purpose, both of them regarded the monsters for a moment. +Shards of a creature who seeks to stop what is to come, this is desperation. We can dispatch the creatures if you cast away Hope. We will be your armour and sword.+

From the circle of monsterties a horned creature strode towards them, each step was graceful but the creature glared at Duty and Purpose and stopped a few paces away. +They lie…+ she whispered. Her voice was inside his head, he instinctively clutched Hope tightly with one hand. +They both seek to turn you into a weapon of destruction, destroying all art, all suffering and all joy.+ +Do not listen to it.+ Duty and Purpose said in a flat tone.

Dilon had a feeling that Duty and Purpose was not telling him the whole truth, he could tell the creature was evil but he could not help but speak to it. “I do not care much for art...but how would they destroy joy and suffering?” The feminine creature grinned. +Suffering leads to joy and joy is your innermost desires. Without suffering and joy humans would not be humans. Conquering hardship and mastering suffering often brings joy no?+ He understood her meaning, but it was obvious she doesn’t truly understand humans. “Humans want to avoid suffering, humans wish for peaceful and joyful lives. I don’t think they will get that with you.” The creature hissed +you speak in that manner because you do not understand what we wish to give you. If you reject these two, I could give you Halina and Ashi, that’s what you want no?+ Dilon chuckled at the audacity of the offer “and if I refuse?” The creature said nothing, he knew they would all attack, but he didn’t want to give in to Duty and Purpose either.

He narrowed his eyes at both of them. “You say that you will help me drive them off if I cast away Hope?” +Yes.+ they both declared. Dilon then smiled “well I refuse.” The creature seemed jubilant but he assumed his next words will anger her. “Hope is all we have left…” he said firmly. +Hope leads to disappointment, it leads to sadness and ruin.+ said Purpose. +Hope, will hold you back from what needs to be done.+ Duty stated.

Neither them got it, but they couldn’t understand if they are truly Duty and Purpose. “Hope is what keeps humans fighting, hope allows us to wish for a better tomorrow. Hope is the thing that makes us push against creatures like her who wish to corrupt us. I refuse to give up hope, because that is what makes humans strong.” Purpose grinned +we’ve lost.+ Duty sighed +hope will lead you astray, but your heart is set…+ Both of them exploded in a wave of bright light. Hope’s form broke down into several little balls of light and began wrapping around his form.

The creatures around him screeched, their faces and bodies warped and shifted displaying grotesque forms. They charged at him but strangely, he felt certain he would win. He made the motion that was he was grasping a blade. That was when his ruddy and dirty clothes shifted into a golden plate and a sword that blazed with golden fire manifested in his hands.
He spun with the weapon unleashing a wave of golden fire, the holy energies slammed in the abominations turning them to ash. The leader of these...creatures, no they were daemons he could admit that now, he watched it fly through the air and crash upon the grass. He walked up to it, half of its body was scorched. All Dilon could feel was utter loathing and hatred for it. The daemon coughed +anathema…+ distaste drooled from her words. +Hope is a lie...mortals want to forget hope and revel in excess and suffering. They want to join together and writhe and love under the sight our great dar-+ Dilon stabbed the daemon in the chest, it shrieked in agony but it kept speaking. +o-our...snake slithers a-+ He twisted the blade causing the daemon to scream again.

It’s form crumbled to ash, now standing alone the armour and weapon bled away and took the forms of Purpose, Duty and Hope. Hope came forward and offered his hand, he gave him a warm smile. +She won’t let us down.+ Dilon took Hope’s hand but he was confused. “What do you mean?+ His young self’s smile vanished. “Dilon! Dilon!” said Hope.

His eyes went wide, the child was speaking with Ashi’s voice. “Dilon!” he said again. He blinked and suddenly he found himself on the ground and he felt tired. He rubbed his eyes and looked up to see Ashi standing over him. “It’s your turn to go out and patrol. See if you can find any threats to us.” He yawned and stood up, he strangely felt rejuvenated. “Alright.”

His thorn leader grinned “you slept like a log, I tried to shake you but you wouldn’t get up.” He rubbed his neck at that remark. “S-Sorry...I will head out right away.” Ashi nodded, Dilon then left the tent. Looking upon the camps he knew he wouldn’t find any threats, not after talking with many of them. Instead he decided to go visit William he wanted to talk about his dream.

Asriel stood before a small church, the odours that were prevalent in the first tier was disgusting. But looking upon this church caused his stomach to turn in revulsion. “Here…” he hissed. Standing within the pilgrim camps he could tell that those who dwell here will make poor slaves, they will be poor in the sense that they will plan a rebellion. He had plenty experience with such things.

He had a strange taste on his tongue, he played with his saliva in his mouth. “Hope, that’s what this is…” He strode up to the church entrance, his eyes shifted to the collectors. “Is there a toll?” he asked. The collector regraded him, he gulped strangely. “N-No, you may enter.” Asriel didn’t waste any time, walking into the church he felt a pressure upon his form, he didn’t like it. That confirmed to him that this place needed to be destroyed.

He explored the small parish and eventually stood in front of a statue of the emperor. He placed his hand upon it, he assumed of would’ve of used this mainly on the third tier but it seems that he would have no choice but to start here. It took only a moment to leave the imprint, a spark that will create an inferno. “What are you doing here?” Asriel gaze was drawn to his right, an old blind priest stood before him. He moved his hand away from the statue “am I not allowed to touch them? If that’s the case I humbly apologize.” The old man walked forward, they were almost face to face. “I know that you are a snake...but none here will take your forbidden fruit creature.” the old priest looked him in the eyes despite being blind, Asriel grinned. “If you know who I am…” he said in a hushed tone. “Why don’t you do anything?” The old man frowned, he reeked of weakness. “The Emperor has a plan, one that you cannot stop.” “A plan?” “You heretics will serve your dark natures and that will be your downfall. What you worship is false.”

As the priest called Slaanesh false Asriel chuckled “so rude, even though I consider the Emperor to be a god. Like a...friend said he is a god but a weak one. My god is far superior and this world will belong to him.” The old priest raised his eyebrow “the slave thinks he is important? You serve the dark master above you, you are but a pawn.” Asriel didn’t truly care for Arzin, Slaanesh’s will mattered more to him and at the moment he was screaming at him to push his plan further. He didn’t hesitate, he will do far worse than destroy the first tier, he was certain of that now. He no longer cared about the gathering of slaves, he wanted these people to suffer, he wanted to suck the hope from their bodies and watch them writhe in despair when they realise who was the true power in this galaxy.

The thought caused his heart to thunder, the love of his god throbbed through him, he wanted to rejoice in this. His power to hide his mutation faltered but no one in the church reacted, the old priest took a step back despite being blind.

He tried to calm himself, he summoned the wards and he felt the mutations sliding back into obscurity. He grinned at the priest, he didn’t care if he looked mad. “Think of me priest when the love of the true god washes over your world. I know it will be terrible for you while I will be exploding with joy, but at least try to enjoy it…” He turned away and made his way out of the church, as he got to the entrance he spotted someone he didn’t expect to see. “What are you doing here?” Asriel asked.

Aamon’s slave looked at him in confusion for a moment, he then narrowed his eyes. “I should've of expected something like this.” said Dilon. His eyes was full of hope, he’s changed that was evident. “So tell me Dilon what are you doing here?” Asriel asked again. Aamon’s thrall shook his head. “You wouldn’t understand, your corrupted.” “Corrupted? I am merely not lying to myself. I tell you things would be easier for Aamon and your group if you just accepted him.” “You refer to your foul deity?” “Beautiful deity.” Asriel corrected, he could see in the slave’s eyes that he was an enemy. His demeanor was similar to the priest, he knew how to perfectly use this. “I tell you Dilon...hope is a lie. In this dark galaxy hope is a trap that will only leave you disappointed. With my god you don’t need to worry about such things, or think of a better tomorrow. The present matters, days can go by in a blink as you wallow in excess...”

The young man clenched his fists, anger flashed across his face and just for a moment his eyes turned golden. “You lie, that’s all you do. You lie to make people fall, you only offer darkness and corruption. Whoever follows you...their lives will be empty and hollow. They will always be seeking the next fix to fill the empty void made in their souls by your false god. The reason why the imperium endures is because of hope, to hope for a better tomorrow and once you are your kind are destroyed that day will come.”

His spiel was essentially a confession, he was a traitor and most likely working with the priest. The golden eyes could also possibly mean he was marked by the anathema, he leaned in towards Dilon. “I will prove to you that hope is a lie.” The traitor said nothing, Asriel didn’t need him to speak further. Asriel left the traitor with those words and went to work to prove that the Emperor was weak and that hope was non-existent in this galaxy.
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Chapter 19
Dilon sat with William, he smiled at the old man. “I had a dream.” “Did you now?” the old priest was clearly happy he most likely knew the contents of it. “Do you want me to describe it?” he asked. The question caused the old man to tapped his thigh “it’s not necessary, but do tell me this...what does our Emperor want you to do?” Dilon closed his eyes, the darkness bled away and he saw himself standing over the broken form of the warband’s daemonic leader, Ashi was there so was William. Around the daemon were astartes corpses as well, his champions and even Aamon was among them, so was the master of Asriel as well. He would then lead all the slaves to freedom and then they will serve the Emperor as it was meant to be.

He felt a measure of sadness for Aamon, he wants to avoid fighting him and he will try and convince him to join them. But what surprised him was the fact Ashi was there as well. He knew she would come around eventually find faith and hope again. He opened his eyes slowly “I know what I must do, this planet will fall. Many will be enslaved but on that ship I will slay a monster and lead us all to freedom.” Saying it out loud the old priest smiled. “So we must wait…” “Yes, we have to wait William.” He hated waiting, he desired to face the daemon now but the Emperor has a plan and he will follow it.

He sat back and looked up to the ceiling, he never thought he would have to do something like this. “Much is demanded of those to whom much is given...” He thought he would be scared of the task being laid upon him, but he wasn’t worried. He had faith that things will turn out for the best.

Asriel returned to the second tier, his work in the first was done but everything had to be activated at the right moment. He closed his eyes and focused, he could pick out Dilon’s soul. It was ordinary like another, but he caught the hint of a flash of gold. He is the enemy. He thought to himself, an enemy he won’t destroy directly. Asriel desired to prove a point, that way his death will be more delicious.

He slowly opened his eyes and approached the saint Alisa’s church. He stood before it and looked up, he didn’t need to use his witch sight to tell that the gaze of his dark prince is diverting. Asriel could actually feel a strange pressure building within the second tier, he assumed the daemons were working well in the other churches. Yet there was a question as he drew all of this in. He ejected the sisters of battle from the church of saint Alisa, but what about the others? He looked around and strangely he could not spot any of them.

Asriel decided to walk around the second tier, he couldn’t find hide of hair of the brides of the Emperor. That fact made him ill at ease, this wasn’t right. He decided to check something else he approached the saint Jonathan wall. The gun emplacements were pointing towards the second tier, next he went to Wall Saint Maria, it was there same there as well. “We’re being boxed in…” he whispered to himself.
Asriel gently stroked in his in contemplation, there could only be one possibility. The sisters of battle must be working with Dilon and the priest. They were waiting for something to happen, again Alexandrel was right. These heathens cannot be underestimated.

He gave a wistful sigh to all of this. “Well it seems I need to push further on the third tier as well…” The sisters think that he just wants to make a minor cult to weaken the world. He grinned as he began staring at Wall Saint Maria. He decided it would be a good idea to push the date of the tour forward to tomorrow. One donation to the Pontifex and he will squeal like a pig.

He has to act quickly, Dilon will most likely be dead by the end of tomorrow and there is no telling how the sisters of battle or the priest will react.

He was on his knees, he was trapped in the throes of worship just like the others who are dreaming of the angels in their rooms. It was deep into the night and ever since the ritual the shouts of pain and pleasure have now become a consistency within the night. Antonius shuddered as the barbed lash graced his back. The darkness provided by his leather blindfold strangely makes all of this far more enjoyable. With each strike he feels warmth and he could see a small pink misty hand reaching out to him, it would stroke his hand and tell him. More. He wasn’t sure if it was his own voice, or the voice of his god. He was long past caring, he mumbled the gag kept him from speaking he was aiming to scream Slaanesh’s name. But in the end he had to make do with the muffled sounds that came from the other rooms.

He personally couldn’t wait for the time when everyone gladly accept Slaanesh’s grace, to embrace her bosom, then they will know how it felt to be loved and wanted by someone. He feeds the dark prince with his pain and suffering and in return she gives him his love. Antonius mind was fluid with the pronouns of his god, or even goddess he tried to imagine his form but all he could think of was love. The true form of his god was love and affection, he was greedy to be loved in return but he didn’t mind that.

He was about to lash himself again until he heard a knock on his door, he froze and listened the knocks were light, delicate even. He knew who it was. Antonius rose, blood dripped down his body. He somehow picked up the sounds of the blood drops hitting the ground. He then approached his room door and unlocked it, he opened it a crack to see a small pink light pulsing. Asriel’s light was far greater. He mumbled his visitor’s name. Stella, what does she want? He thought.

The abandoned noble seemed worried, he could detect it by her breathing. “Antonius are you sure it’s wise to answer the door looking like this?” Her voice was meek and delicate. She is afraid. He stood aside and told her she could enter, watching the light move into his room he then closed the door and locked it. He faced Stella, she was pacing his room. “It’s not working…” she hissed. “Why do I feel this way?” He cocked his head, he wondered if the question was directed at him or if she was talking to herself. He told her that gazing at the great scar is no longer enough, that they should obey their desires to worship Slaanesh.

Stella stopped pacing, her light shrunk slightly. “Then let me use your whip then. We could do the same thing from be-” He cut off, telling her no. She desires to hide what she is. That thought crawled through him, it caused a hint of sadness to brush over his heart. He suspected that she already visited Asriel, she most likely came here because he was not in his room.

Like all priests, they are not always there for guidance. He understands this lesson extremely well. He held up his whip, not to offer it to her so they can commit to act of pain and domination to worship their god, but to make a point. His words came out as a stream of mumbles, but Stella understood him perfectly. Antonius told her that she should take those who have rejected the dark prince. He calmly explained that she should torture them, violate them or even eat them after she was done with their carcass.

He even offered to give her sedative, sometimes he needed it due to the pain of flaggation, but nowadays he no longer needed them. Antonius had no desire to stifle pleasure. Stella chuckled “I didn’t expect you to say such a thing...but I will try it.” Antonious smile was awkward due to the gag, he walked over to his chest of drawers. He removed a few syringe packs and a bottle of sedative. He handed them to his fellow aspotle, for that was what she was. Her hands were shaking as she took the medical supplies, but her inner light shone with excitement.

He then walked over to the door and opened it, allowing Stella to leave. She lingered in the room for a moment before hurrying out. He then closed the door and returned to his original spot, when his knees touched the blood-stained ground he grasped his silk skirt. I could use flesh...yes flesh would be better. He could get around to flaying someone during the night and stitch himself a new and better one. Such an act would be a perfect offering to his god. The one being flayed will also know Slaanesh’s love for how else can they understand the dark prince if they don’t drink the sweet wine that was suffering? More. The voice suddenly called, the voice silenced his current thought for a new skirt.

The hand reached out and cupped his chin up. More. It repeated again. The wounds on his body sealed, the sensation was tingly but he understood what this meant. He eagerly returned to prayer, his whip rose and fall cracking upon his flesh. His howls of grunts and mumbles of pleasure rang into the night.

Stella stood in the elevator, it was in the process of rising to the next floor. She took the time to prepare a shot, just one. Her heart was pounding with fear, but there was a great thrill to his plan. Antonius was right she had desired to do those things, perhaps she wanted permission? When it comes to taboo subjects people always look to another to enable them, but Slaanesh does not care for such things. When a syringe was filled with sedative she placed a cap on top of it and hid it in her robe. She stuffed the rest of the packs into her pocket.

The elevator then chimed, telling her that she arrived on the second floor. She walked out and made her way to her room, on the way she encountered a fellow slave of the church. He stopped before her in surprise. “W-What are you doing up?” he asked. She tried to appear dejected “can’t sleep.” she answered.

The young man rubbed his neck “same here...I-I don’t like the dreams. I think we are cursed.” She frowned at the mention of curse, everyone was being blessed at the moment. The muffled screams are proof of that. “So if you think it’s a curse what are you going to do?” she asked. The young man shook his head “to pray downstairs, if you would excuse me.” He walked past her, she found herself turning and eventually she was looking at his back.

Her breathing slowed, the dark prince must be providing an opportunity. She removed the syringe from her robe and removed the cap. She charged at the young man, she stabbed the young man in the neck and injected the sedative. He barely struggled, she assumed it was the sleep deprivation, in a few seconds he slumped to the ground. She was surprised how fast it worked, she assumed Antonius must of been abusing himself greatly in the past.

She looked around, no one was leaving their rooms to investigate the scuffle. Everyone must be trapped by the entities who whisper to them in the night. She grinned and dragged the young man to her room. When she arrived she placed his body in the middle of room, she then knelt and made sure to administer another dose of sedative, a lesser amount than before but just enough so he can’t resist.

As she finished her work she caught the sound of heaving her head slowly turned back and a strange beast was looming over her. Her mouth dropped, it’s chest was a mixed of both male and female, it had a long tongue and leather was hooked into it’s skin. It’s tongue slithered in and out of it’s thin snout. Stella slowly stood up and faced the creature, it took her a moment to realise she was shaking in fear.

The creature cocked it’s head releasing a keening sound that caused her eyes to widen. It almost sounded like a sweet song, she reached out with her hand and touched the chest of the creature. She shuddered as her hand moved across it’s muscles, her eyes moved to the pincers that could easily shear a man or woman in two.

Stella smiled at the strange creature “you’re strong aren’t you?” she whispered to it. She imagined none could control it, it was a beast of instinct. She wished, deeply wished that she was strong as this being. It was a beautiful, graceful and strong The desire to dominate began to burn within her chest, she looked back to the young man was slurring. “He will be the first...I want everyone to bow to me, to worship me. I want to be on top…” She thought she would never say such a narcissistic thing in her life, but it felt right. She had the right to make others suffer, their misery will be her pleasure. She began undressing, she imagined herself being a queen, men and women would answer her very beck and call, her every desire.

People will live and die by her word and her word alone, her slaves would be meat she could use as she wished. She wanted that dream, she craved it greedily.

As she finished undressing she looked down to the young man, she had a good feeling Asriel would give that dream to her.


Ian’s stomach rumbled but he didn’t care, he was parched as well but the thought of slaking his thirst wasn’t important. What was important to him was finishing this piece, making even a tiny progress would throw him into a sense of euphoria. He shifted his feet under the desk, he could feel the mound of paper, but that was also something he didn’t care about either. He could not even remember the last time he bathed.

His muse wanted him to finish that was his main concern, his mind strangely drifted to choir practice. That was when his eyes went wide. “Choir practice!” he rose slightly but he felt a hand pushing him back down to his desk. +Don’t stop.+ His muse said warmly. An arm then wrapped around his neck, the brushing of her silk gown caused him to shudder. It was only today she now appeared, he frowned. “B-But I need to put this into practice.” His muse learned forward slightly her face was next to his. +Practice is not needed, you have me. Forget about the choir.+ For some reason he couldn’t, it was his pride and joy. The thought of them the other basic necessities he was missing began pounding in his mind. I haven’t eaten, drank or washed ever since that dream. I-I must look terrible. That thought scared him. He was about to open his mouth to reject his muse but before he could speak her slender pale fingers entered his mouth silencing him. He was gagging but her grip around his body was firm, he couldn’t move.

Her fingers reached in deeper, he coughed causing spittle and phlegm to erupt from his mouth. This didn’t bother his teacher, yet for some reason he was enjoying this. +As I said you don’t need them, all you need is me.+ Vigour slowly returned to his body, she reached in deeper the pain of the action caused him to shudder and as that sensation graced him his hunger vanished. So did the need of water. +Your choir is dead, they were failures….+ she whispered into his ear. At the mention of them being dead he found that he didn’t care. He couldn’t understand why that was the case. +You will be an important part of the show, but that can’t happen if you stop.+ she continued. Her fingers moved deeper he could feel them wiggling in his chest. How her arm could easily fit through his mouth was a mystery, but the mystery surrounding his teacher was the thing that made him attracted to her in the first place. +But I am a good muse, I wish to work with you for eternity my desire is your desire.+ She gently removed her fingers from his mouth, Ian found himself in a daze from the corner of his eye she could see his muse licking blood and saliva from her hands with a black tongue.

A thin grin lined his face “I won’t disappoint you again…” his throat wasn’t sore, his chest was not in pain from her strange action. The only thing he felt was the need to please his muse and finish their great work.

Dilon returned to the tent, it was late but Ashi was awake. She was going over a map using a flashlight to aid her. She looked back to him “hey.” Her greeting was curt, but he expected it. “I found nothing as always.” said Dilon. He sat down in his usual spot, strangely the rest of the thorn seemed on edge. He coughed slightly which caused Ashi to strangely chuckle. “Hey Dilon.” “Yes?” “Can I come with you to the church tomorrow?”

His heart jumped with joy but he had to control himself “why do you ask?” Ashi turned to him and smiled showing her gold teeth. “I...just been giving what you said before some thought. I am willing to try.” Sigh’s erupted from the thorn, the guards were glaring at him. He didn’t care for their annoyance eventually everyone will understand that he desires to free all of them. He returned her smile. “I would be happy to.”

Ashi nodded and returned to the map, Dilon then gave a long yawn he then laid on the ground and drifted to sleep.

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Chapter 20
Dilon guided Ashi to the church, she seemed apprehensive but he could understand why. She most likely hasn’t entered a church in years. Service to a servant of the dark powers can wear upon you even though they are not corrupted overtly. He folded his arms and thought of Aamon, that was the only conclusion he could come to. If he was pure he would side with him. Perhaps the space marine has been lost in darkness for too long? He wondered how many innocents he might of possibly killed for the sake of survival? He tried not to frown as they arrived at the church, Dilon wanted to be positive. Ashi was making an important step.

He gave Adam a curt nod as they passed. He found William sitting at his usual spot, he bought Ashi over to him. “Hello William.” Dilon said joyfully, in return to his greeting the old priest smiled. “Ah, I can see you have came with someone today.” He sat next to the priest, Ashi stood still grasping her robe tightly. It took her a moment to sit next to him.

As they were seated Ashi’s eyes drifted to the old man. “So...this is the person you’ve been visiting?” Dilon nodded to the question. “Yes, he is quite wise Ashi.” at the mention of wise she scoffed slightly which caused William to chuckle. “You doubt.” His thorn leader quickly turned away, the old priest continued speaking. “What if I told you that the commissars watching over your penal legion served your master?” Ashi quickly turned back, her eyes widened. “You lie….” she hissed. “I am not lying, the Emperor has shown me your past in excruciating detail.” said the old priest. “Aamon wanted pure soldiers, warriors that weren’t corrupted but hated the imperium. Did you not think how convenient it was that most of your penal legion who survived ended up under him?” Ashi ground her teeth “fine..let’s say you are not lying...what happened to the commissars? They vanished after the warband attacked us.” “They went off to meet Aamon, but they became corrupted they took too much joy in killing those under them. He snapped their necks, he did not liberate you Ashi he sought a slave he could control, he wanted a slave that wouldn’t disobey him.”

Dilon watched her face screw into a mix of anger and sadness “h-he wouldn’t….” her voice was breaking he wanted to reach out to comfort her but his hand flinched back. He had a feeling such a gesture wouldn’t work. “I want revenge…” she hissed.

William gave him a curt nod, that was the signal. Dilon smiled “we have a plan in place Ashi.” he said warmly. At the mention of plan she perked up slightly. “W-What plan?” Dilon readied himself, he explained his dream and what he has to do. Throughout the conversation his hands glowed with a soft golden light that shocked his thorn leader. He could see in her eyes that she believed him, when he finished detailing the Emperor’s design she nodded. “It won’t be easy…” she said solemnly “but I believe you can do it.”

Dilon was happy to hear that, from there they talked more about the freedom the Emperor wished for them and to his shock they took a moment to pray together. He could see everything falling into place, the heretics will win a minor battle but lose the war.

Asriel entered the third tier, he tried to ignore the high ranking soldier ranting at sister of battle to be let through. But he could see he won’t get anywhere, he focused on the Pontifex who gestured to get everyone’s attention on him.

Asriel actually wished Antonius and Stella were here, but they promised him that they will appear for the sermon. He grinned “that’s the beginning of the main event anyway…” He paid little attention to Samson who then moved to guide the sleep deprived scribes around the third tier. First they visited the minor parishes, they weren’t “minor” in his eyes for each church was about the size of the saint Alisia church and every single place of worship was wrought in gold.

In the end he was not here to admire them but to mark each church with his imprint, the sisters of battle guarding the third tier were glaring at them, fingers were close to triggers of their bolters. He suspected that they knew they were corrupted but were holding back for some reason. Their anger and venom was leaking out of them, everyone in the tour group were oblivious to it but he could clearly see it.

Next they were taken to the blades of the emperor crusader house, the temple was modest compared to everything else in the third tier. There were a mix of bronze, silver and gold statues dotted around the temple. Looking around the crusader house the warriors stood almost like statues as the Pontifex of the church spoke with nobles, just like the other churches he left his imprint. Due to the nature of the tour they were essentially kicked out after just only thirty minutes, the Pontifex in charge of the crusader house desired upfront donations. Samson refused which caused their ejected from the establishment.

The destination after the crusader house was the Order of Sacred rose Covenant house, it stood almost as tall as the grand cathedral and most of the structure was built with gold, white marble and stone. They were only allowed near the gates but looking inside he could see transports and vehicles lining the yard. For his task he didn’t need to enter, he left his imprint on the wall. Touching it the sisters of battle pointed their bolters at him. “S-Sorry…” he edged his hand back. “All of you leave.” The sister of battle said curtly.

It took a few more bolters being aimed at them for the tour group to leave and head to the grand cathedral, Asriel had to squint due to how shiny it was. Hundreds of cherubs flew around the the grand church. Strangely this place was far more heavily guarded than the covenant house, they were outright barred from even getting near the steps by the battle sisters. Samson demanded an explanation but all he received in return was silence.

The sister superior activated her chainsword and aimed her bolt pistol at the priest. “You are banned from the grand Cathedral, leave or you will be executed.” “How dare you!” Samson screeched. “I wish to speak to the Cardinal!” The battle sister shot at the Pontifex’s feet causing him to flinch back. “Y-You won’t hear the last of this!” he shouted.

He escorted them back to the entrance of the third tier, it was clear to Asriel that they were unwelcome he hoped to mark the grand cathedral but in the end he felt he has done enough. Samson guided them back to the Saint Alisia church, that was when he announced that a sermon will be taking place to round off the day.

Before they begin in earnest the “choir” will perform a hymn. He gestured everyone in and before entering Asriel searched for Dilon's soul. It did not take much time to find it but when he did he smiled as he spotted the one that was with him. It was pulsing with rage.

He nodded in satisfaction and entered the church, now the invasion can begin. Arzin will sense what will happen to this world and launch the assault.


Dilon walked back with Ashi to their tent, it was getting late. Despite the anger bleeding off her she seemed ready to commit to the path to freedom in both body and soul. He hoped the rest of the thorn will join them as well. He had a feeling that one word from Ashi they will follow her, in his eyes they are far more loyal to his thorn leader than Aamon. “Are you okay?” he asked. She slowly nodded in return. “I am, I should of known better.” “You can’t help that he lied to you.” “But I was a fool Dilon, how many men and women died for Aamon? I thought he saved me but I guess...I was wrong.”

They then walked in silence, when they reached the tent save the guards there was no one there. The silence was still strong between them. He guessed that she must have a lot to process. He turned away from her, she needed some time alone. He was about to walk out until he heard a click, it was the safety of a gun. He slowly turned back to Ashi to see she was pointing a stubber at him. “W-What?” “Traitor…” she hissed.

Dilon slowly raised his hands “don’t do this…” Ashi shook her head, her anger was directed at him. “Aamon took you in...now you seek to betray him?” “Aamon is serving a daemon Ashi!” “He has no choice!” she shouted. “That's what everyone says, they have no choice...but that’s how heresy always begins. You always have a choice Ashi.” Dilon retorted. His thorn leader laughed at him. “You are no better, you sought to use my past to manipulate me!” “Aamon is manipulating you! Can’t you see that?” Ashi shot him in both legs, he yelped in pain as he tumbled to the ground. “He is not manipulating me, I just want to tell you when I joined him he told me that exact same story. I knew right from the start, I even know the reason why he must hide and serve that blasted daemon!” Dilon grasped his leg, the bullet hole was oozing blood. The vision the Emperor gave him was coming apart, he wondered how did this happen? He then saw a flash of Asriel’s face grinning at him. “I-It was the snake...what did he tell you Ashi?” he tried to calm himself, he believed in the Emperor’s vision, he hoped that Ashi could see that she was unraveling the master of mankind’s grand design.

His thorn leader frowned “I didn’t believe that corrupted creature...I didn’t want to. So I wanted to verify it for myself. All he told me was that you are a traitor and leaking information to the enemy. I didn’t expect you to be planning an outright rebellion.” Dilon shook his head “the Emperor showed me that you were on my side!” “Dilon, have you ever thought that the Emperor showed you what you wanted to see?” He didn’t believe that, he couldn’t believe such a thing. The Emperor was with him, he knew that Ashi would see reason.

She stared at Dilon’s face, Ashi suspected that he didn’t realise his eyes were shining gold at the moment. This thing before her wasn’t Dilon, but the corpse Emperor speaking through his meat puppet. The traitor continued to plead to her “Ashi, listen to me. I know there is good in you...I saw it.” “God’s like to prop us up as kings as queens, but we are all pawns to them. It’s a shame you didn’t realise that.” The traitor was about to open his mouth again, but she shot him in head before he could utter a word.

His head swung to the ground, she walked up to the corpse and shot him again several times in the head. The golden luster that was claiming his eyes drifted away, Ashi sighed and returned her stubber to it’s holster. She spat on his corpse. “You are just like those corrupted fools, we are just caught in the middle.”

She walked out of the tent, one of the guards frowned. “So you killed him.” “I did, he was a damn fool, but we have lost many fools already. He is just one more on the pile.” She looked up to the skies, pink lighting was threading the clouds. “Now the snake is pushing his plan forward…” “Do you want me to ready the wards?” “Yes, place them around the vicinity of the tent. I suspect hell is literally going to fall upon us.”

The guard nodded and walked forward a few paces and got to work. She hoped the wards will be ready in time for whatever happens to this world.

Asriel sat on the bench with Antonius and Stella, he was smiling with joy he could barely contain himself as the soul of the traitor sputtered away. His friend frowned “are you okay Asriel?” the young man now looked androgynous, his face seemed like it was chiseled by a master craftsman. “I am fine Antonius.” Asriel answered. He couldn’t hide his joy, nor did he want to. “Let’s focus on the sermon.” Stella rolled her eyes “what’s so great about it? I would rather go back to my room.” The indentured noble seemed far more built the last time he saw her. Stella’s face just like Antonius was taking an androgynous quality, but it was far more marred between the genders unlike his friend. “Patience Stella you will see in a moment.”

When he picked up the sound of the footsteps, all eyes were on the aisle. Strange women wearing veils that obscured their faces marched down it. The sleep deprived church gawked at them, entrapped by their gracefulness they did not question the naked young man who walked at the side of the leader. The warding holding back Stella’s eyes broke, it was most likely her excitement. “Is this it!?” “Indeed it is Stella.” Asriel answered with a measure of reverence.

The young scribe was already in the middle of prayer to their god, Asriel eyes followed the choir to the altar. The Pontifex shook is head “W-What is the mea-” The leader of the choir, bought up a pale hand and with her black claws she raked her claws against his throat.

The Pontifex shuddered and released a gurgle before toppling to the floor, his crusader guards stood like stones. Asriel assumed the dreams have taken hold of them, they wanted to see the love of their god unleashed, it was the same for the rest of those seated. Eyes were still fixed on the maidens.

The leader then gestured for the choir to stand behind her, the naked male then got on his knees. She then spread out her arms “Welcome all…” she announced to them. “I have worked hard with my student, he has offered himself so that the greatest hymn this world will ever hear can all be played for you all.” Her voice was sensuous and silky, Asriel clutched his cane in anticipation.

The head of the choir reached into the young man’s back phasing right through it. The young man screamed in pure agony. Stella rose “I want her..” Asriel pushed her back down with his cane. “No, don’t interrupt the show.” She pouted at him but he paid no mind to it. The leader then pulled out nerve endings and in the middle of the air the head of a harp manifested.

While the piece of the harp floated she attached the nerve endings to it, the young man’s eyes rolled back. When the process was completed she tore off her veil and gown to reveal her beautiful form. The herald wore a dress that was cut at the back, the purple silks strangely danced in the air and her luscious pink hair was braided.

Her foot rested upon the thigh of the young man who shuddered at her touch. The hand she used to kill the Pontifex slowly shifted into a crab claw. When she plucked a nerve ending a reverberating scream shot through the church.

Asriel watched the whole church gasp in both pain and pleasure, but he knew the best was yet to come. The choir then began to sing a wonderful hymn, the first to move were the crusaders they launched themselves at scribes and fell into a frenzy of killing. That was the spark that set the church on fire.

Everything broke down, those attending the sermon became trapped in the throes of true worship. Antonius removed a barbed whip from his robe and slowly left his side, Asriel suspected he wasn’t going to use it on himself.

Stella did not appear to be able to control herself she launched herself over the bench, her muscles bulged and tore her robe slightly as she began to punch a scribe to death. Asriel remained seated and watched. “I am so glad that everyone is so happy….” He looked back to the church doors “this whole planet will be happy in but a few short moments…”


Sergeant Cade heard screams erupting from everywhere, he rushed over to gaze at the Pilgrim Camp. From small purple holes on statues, churches and even tents, pink flower petals were bellowing out. Those who were touched by them mutate into horrific monstrosities that commit all manner of perversity on the innocent populace. “Gun emplacements on the Pilgrim camp!” he barked to his men.

The guns shifted from the entrance of the city to point towards the camp. He was about to give the order until thunder roared above him. He looked up to see the skies taking a purple colour and the great scar was in full view. Cade tore his eyes away and made the sign of the Aquila, his soldiers were looking at him expecting the order. “Open fire! Spare no one!”

Anyone touched by the petals turned into a monster, the less bodies the petals can use the better that was his thought. The men and women under his command didn’t hesitate their batteries roared. Looking back down to the camps, the strange creatures were crying in joy and praising his name as they were torn apart. “Go rot in hell…” he hissed at them.

The bolter batteries were doing work but his heart sank as a petal landed on a human corpse, the cadaver lurched up to his feet and tore the flesh from its body to reveal another monster. He shook his head in disbelief “w-what is going on?”


Adonis winced, his lord was roaring with fury. He let him vent as was his right, it took him a whole twelve minutes for the Black Angel to calm down. +So many souls lost! I wanted slaves not daemons!+ He hissed at the handmaidens who scattered away from him like rats, the daemon’s eyes then fell upon him. +Launch the attack! Smash through the navy who defends this world! I want this situation salvaged!+ Adonis bowed “your will shall be done my lord.”

Adonis turned to leave, he had a feeling this would happen. He suspected that Alexandrel’s slave was cut from the same cloth as the upstart.

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 Dayknight wrote:

I wonder if the saints visions will come true. That would be kindof anticlimactic no lie lol.

See I wanted to say something, but I didn't want to give anything away.
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Haha glad you didnt. What was going on with dillon anyway? Seemed like he was getting prophesies?
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 Dayknight wrote:

Haha glad you didnt. What was going on with dillon anyway? Seemed like he was getting prophesies?

He was becoming a living saint. What he was seeing was one possible future, but as we know the future is not all that certain it can split and diverge depending on what someone does. In this case we have someone running around the world who does not really follow plans all that well and he gives his maximum effort if someone asks him to do something. Plus he is quite heavy handed in eliminating threats, Asriel at the end of the day is just "looking" out for the warband, plus he wants to impress Slaanesh.

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Ah, now i understand why he had to let go of hope. Good work. I should of caught that sooner.
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Chapter 21
The ship was on full alert, the traitor ship was staying out of range of their macro-cannons, how the foul beast glides through the warp with such ease unnerved him. Admiral Livai barked at his commodore “Abigail! Have the fleet move in!” She nodded and gestured over to the comm pits. “Order all ships to engage!” she bellowed.

Shouts of acknowledgement came with the order, he watched through the pict-screens as his fleets advanced. A single chaos ship battleship cannot take on three grand cruisers. He expected the heretical ship to pull back again, but instead it chose to do a high energy turn. The prow was now facing them, the chaos ship activated it’s thrusters and charged head on towards the fleet. Livai relaxed in his throne and smiled “of course...Heretics will be pathetic at fleet engagements.”

His fleet began turning so the chaos ship it will take the full brunt of a broadside of macro-cannons. He was eager to see the ship blasted apart but suddenly the heretic ship stopped. He furrowed his brow at the action. “What are th-” The feminine crystalline faces lining the pink and purple ship opened their mouths like they were screaming. Livai was about to shout an order to back away from the ship but a high pitched whine tore through his mind and ears.

The ship shuddered, the lights went out and panicked voices threaded the bridge. Livai roared in agony, he couldn’t think due to the sound nor could he bring order to the bridge. “M-Make it stop!” he stammered. The sound ceased as he shouted, he blinked a few times, the lights were back on. Commodore Abigail wiped her brow “y-your orders Admiral?” Livai tried to appear calm, his hands were shaking as they touched the arms of his throne. “The chaos ship is in range, have the fleet open fire.” His commodore relayed the order but going by the pict-screens they weren’t moving. “Admiral...the captains aren’t responding.” He could hear a hint of fear in her voice, the chaos ship wasn’t moving either. “Hail the captains commodore.” Livai ordered. She nodded and gave his order to the comms team, it took a few tries but one of the ships responded.

One of the pict-screens clicked and instead of a captain sitting on the throne it was a space marine. He was crossing his legs. “Greetings Admiral!” the heretical astartes spoke in a low mocking tone, the creature even saluted. “H-How dare you!” Livai spat. “Apologies captain, the one in charge of this ship commited the deepest heresy by admiring my brother when we boarded. Should I have the heretic executed?” The space marine still spoke in his mocking tone, Livai ground his teeth in anger. He was about to say something until another voice came from the screen. “Alexandrel what are you doing?” the next heretic blocked half of the screen. “Aamon I am greeting the Admiral, he hailed and I answered. I am being polite.” the heretic was now speaking normally.

The Admiral suspected the one blocking the screen was the leader, he slammed the arm of his throne with his fist. “You will be destroyed for this I swear! By the Emperor’s name!” “Sorry Admiral, don’t worry the heretical captain will be executed!” the heretic sitting in his captain's chair thought this was some sort of joke, he was about to shout a retort before his eyes were consumed by a white flash. Livai rubbed his eyes and as they came away from his face he saw six astartes in golden armour standing in the middle of the bridge.

Each of them wielded spears, the astartes whose feet were hooves came forward. “You will surrender this ship in the name of Arzin the Black Angel. Submit lesser creature or be destroyed.” The gold hurt his eyes, the garish colours and icons made tears begin to fall down his cheeks. “Oh look! Hi Adonis!” The heretic on the pict-feed was waving, Livai assumed that was the name of the heretic with hooves. “Don’t make me repeat myself lesser creature, submit.” Adonis seemed to be ignoring the heretic waving at him but that didn’t stop him from speaking. “Hey don’t kill my Admiral! Come on! We were roleplaying!”

Livai could see the leader was trembling, like he was containing a hidden fury. Adonis pointed his spear at him. “Submit.” the golden heretic asked again. Admiral Livai took a deep breath, he rose from his throne. “I refuse you piece of sh-” A sharp pain suddenly threaded through his neck and strangely he was looking down to his body. Just for a fraction of a second before his eyes rolled back he realised his head left his body.

Adonis shifted to commodore, she was on her bottom trembling with fear. The whole bridge was quelled with the death of their Admiral. It will take time to work through the ships and have every mortal enslaved but his lord wanted him to salvage the situation. He tried to ignore the thin-blood who was now arguing with the outsider.

He reached out and grabbed the chin of the commodore and hefted her up with ease. “Submit.” he said firmly. “Bow to my lord Arzin and the dark prince, if you do you will be spared.” The woman was trembling, she even soiled herself. He frowned at the human “do you not have a mouth? I asked you submit, if you don’t…” he applied a slight amount of pressure on her cheeks she winced at the action. He leaned forward “do not make me ask again…” the insect shuddered in his grip she mouthed a yes. With her submission confirmed he loosened his grip, allowing her to collapse to her knees. He then looked up to the pict-screen. “Gather slaves, that is the will of our great lord. You have the right tools to do it.” Aamon turned to him obscuring the thin-blood who was trying to push him aside. “It will be done. Salaz-” “Aamon! Get out of the way! I am the captain!” Alexandrel interrupted.

The outsider turned to the Soulless “stop acting the fool! We have our orders!” “But I don’t want to gather slaves! I want to head to the world!” Both astartes fell into an argument Adonis tried not to sigh and let his annoyance show, but he could at least silence them. He glared at the comms pit. “Shut off the feed.” The humans quickly nodded and followed his orders.

Once the fools vanished he relaxed and faced his squad. “We will gather as many humans as we can, even if we have to make multiple trips. Our master wants slaves.” His squad said nothing save giving him nods, he enjoyed that. They barely spoke, through him Arzin’s will was known and following that will is all that mattered to them.

He turned back to the commodore who was staggering up to her feet. Her blue uniform was stained with sweat and urine. “Have the defensive guns shut down, along with the generators.” The human blinked rapidly “B-bu-” Adonis gestured his spear to her causing the lesser creature to flinch she began barking orders through the vox. Steadily systems began shutting down which will allow those who are not attached to squads to enter the ship without much issue.

When this assault was done he wondered if Arzin will praise him? To hear his great leader exalt him would fill his heart with joy. He heaved slightly, a fleck of saliva lined his lips. I am his champion. Saying those words to himself caused a measure a great measure ecstasy to thread through his body.

Just being able to torture the mortal who caused this would be a great reward if Arzin decides to grace him with such a prize. He hated to admit it but he couldn’t wait to head to the city as well. His greatest desire was to bring the human to his lord in chains. He smiled at that thought and rarely does he find joy in torturing mortals, but he knew this time would be different.

Asriel stared out of the open window, he watched as men and women were chased down by daemons. Those who bore even a fraction of his dark prince where transformed into his servants through the flower petals. The daemons have killed the guards of the saint Jonathan wall and were in the process of climbing up it. The axiam templars were in the process of trying to stem the tide and the sisters along the wall were supporting them. The cries of anguish and horrified screams of despair was a like a sweet song.

He was about to close the window until Antonius burst into his room holding up a skirt of flayed skin. “Look! Look!” he shouted. Asriel smiled, he was so meek before but now his friend was confident, but it was clear he was drunk on pain due to his glazed eyes. “What do you have there Antonius?” Asriel asked. He could see he was also holding a black case but he paid no mind to it. His friend nodded to his question “I had to kill two people but I finally made it! The people I flayed were so happy when I was doing it I can’t believe it!” He bought the flesh to his body, he then held up the case. “I also put together some clothes for you as well!” He walked over to his bed and placed the case upon it, he then smiled at him and ran out of his room.

Antonius was at least lucid enough to close his door, Asriel left the window sill and walked over to his bed. He opened the case to see the clothes his friend made for him. There were platform shoes that were threaded with thin iron plates and spikes, Asriel frowned he wondered how he could walk in these? In the end he had to wear them since his companion spent time to make it. Next were the trousers that were leather which also had iron plates and then a sleeveless leather jacket that almost looked skin tight. To his surprise as well Antonius also made iron gauntlets which were clawed.

The last bit of the outfit was a black robe that was stylized as an open jacket, pink thornes were threaded up the sleeves. He could also spot the leather buckles that would hold the robe around the waist. Seeing all of this together he wondered how long it took Antonius to make all of this? He shook his head slightly while chuckling “might as well put it on.” The clothes slipped on his body easily, somehow his friend knew his exact size and it was easy to walk around in the shoes as well.

When he was fully clothed he walked over to the mirror and stared at himself. A smile crawled across his lips when he realised that he looked like a priest. Stella and Antonius are my apostles. He thought to himself. He pulled the long sleeves of his robe “I want to be a priest…” he said to his reflection. “I want to form a cult.” he has always considered himself a poor leader, but he had to admit he made those past groups for the wrong reasons.

At the moment the church was in a frenzy commiting to whatever excesses that fill their minds, these people needed a leader. A voice that could guide them in the right direction. Right then and there, Asriel decided that he was that voice.

Ivor changed the power cell in his laspistol and fired at the creature, the third tier was in absolute turmoil. He along with the defenders were hemmed in at the gate of saint Maria, the heavy weapons were keeping the monsters from reaching the makeshift cover but it was only a matter of time. He pointed his pistol at another monster and fired. The red beam cracked into its face causing the creature to tumble onto the ground. It thrashed on the floor clawing at it’s face while it’s black snake like tongue lashed in the air. +Thank you…+ A voice brushed against his mind, he shuddered in a mix of terror and to his disgust he found a strange appeal in voice.

The monster staggered up, heaving heavily. It’s lean and firm muscles were pulsing, Ivor took a step back. “L-Leave me a-alone.” he hissed.

The creature laughed at him +you are already ours! The gift of my prince lies in your pocket after all…+ At the mention of the coin he reached into his jacket and pulled out that infernal coin, he threw it at the creature. The coin bounced off it’s chest, the monster’s face then twisted it was both grotesque and disgusting. +How dare you!+ the creature screeched. Along with it’s fellows it charged onward but the shouts of anger and glee was cut short by the roaring of jet packs.

Seraphim crashed among the monsters unleashing their hand flamers and inferno pistols. The holy promethium washed over the enemy, instead of screaming in joy howls of anguish erupted from the monsters. “Purge them sisters! Let the fires of the Emperor wash over them!” cried the Seraphim superior. Ivor could see shoulders were rising, his soldiers were making the sign of the aquila. He drew his power sword and pointed it at the burning monsters “Support the brides of the Emperor! Open fire!” He bellowed.

He watched the monster that sought to entice him rolling on the floor in agony, the Seraphim superior regarded the creature and shot it with her inferno pistol causing another wave of screams to pulse through his mind and ears. Steadily with the sisters support and with his soldiers they stemmed the tide, the gate was finally secure.

Ivor relaxed, the seraphim squad walked up to the cover but he was focused on the leader with the eyepatch. She gave him a curt nod “General Ivor, Cannoness Victoria sent me to support the gate please do your duty to the Emperor, I must go and support the other side.” He was about to say something, he felt somewhat offended by the words she chose but before he could speak the battle sisters shot up to the air and flew over to the other side.

At the moment his captain was asking for orders, but Ivor’s own eyes were focused on the coin. He sighed and looked up to the flower petals that were floating down towards them. Strangely it would touch their bodies but instead of phasing into them it would just fall off like any other flower petal. He wondered if perhaps the Emperor was watching him? Or maybe he was protecting his soldiers? His eyes came down to the captain “secure the perimeter I don’t want to wait for those...things to attack us again.” The captain saluted “it shall be done, I will get a few squads to move into the third tier.”

The captain then left, Ivor shook his head and stared at the grand cathedral in the distance. The golden church was now a beacon of defiance instead of greed. At least that’s what he thought. He had a feeling many would look up to it, just like him in this conflict.

Ian hobbled after his muse with the rest of the choir, they have all gotten rid of their gowns to reveal their beautiful forms. Despite his mouth being sealed by his own flesh he was happy that he could create wonderful hymns with his troupe. Along the roads of the second tier the choir would sing drawing the blind to them. Each member was holding baskets of flower petals and as they sang they would cast the petals onto the blind turning them beautiful like his muse. Since they did not have a talent for singing they would run away and bring people to Slaanesh in other ways.

His teacher stood at his side grinning she then nodded and regarded him. +On your knees.+ she ordered. Ian dropped to his knees right away. He noticed the choir grew to a stop as well. His muse’s foot fell onto his thigh, the sensation of her touch caused him to shudder. The anticipation of what was to come was too much to bear, if he could speak he would be shouting at her to hurry but that would disrupt the song.

His muse gently touched the strings of the harp, the sensation shot through his body. He began to convulse in pleasure but his muse’s grip held him in place. When she began threading her hands up and down the strings he screamed in anguish. The scream did not come from his mouth for it was sealed, his voice came from the strings. It wove together with the song the choir sang and from the streets people gathered. They dropped to their knees praising his muse and the choir, they welcomed the flower petals that fell upon them.

Seeing all of this he was thankful for to his teacher for making his dream come true.

Asriel stood in the basement, people slowly filled it due to the fact he sent word out that he wished for them all to gather. He was aware that it wasn’t the whole church, he banked on the fact that those who hit a wall will seek him out. He could see by their eyes that they were confused and unsure of how to proceed. Most have burned themselves out on the simple pleasures like reproduction or self-mortification.

Asriel even spotted that a few were huddling in the corner rocking themselves unable to deal with deprivation. He smiled seeing all these lost souls, it bought him joy that he would be they one to give them purpose. But he couldn’t do that until two individuals arrive. As he thought of them the crowd parted to reveal those he desired to see.

Antonius was dressed as before save he was wearing his skirt of flayed skin but the surprise was Stella who was being carried by men and women. She wore a garb similar to the fiends of Slaanesh, the leather harness was covered with shining jewels and she clutched a whip tightly. She was also wearing a thick leather mask around her mouth. Plus Asriel could see that her androgynous features were capturing the attention of everyone in the chamber. Asriel gestured them forward “my apostles…” he said warmly.

Antonius nodded and came to his side, Stella raised her eyebrow she then sighed “move slaves.” she ordered. Each person carrying her was drooling, it was obvious to him that they were absolutely infatuated with her. The slaves holding her up hobbled to his side and faced Stella towards the crowd. Asriel clutched the head of his cane, he felt a flare of annoyance to Stella’s delusions of grandeur. They were getting the best of her, she needed to remember that she served Slaanesh but he could teach her that lesson another day. “Greetings fellow followers.” he announced.

The crowds eyes fell upon him him, but he noticed it took a moment for their gazes to divert from Stella. He didn’t let that distract him. “You seek direction, you don’t understand why you seek sensation...but we are here to help you.” He gestured to Antonius “this is my apostle of pain, he understands how to make flesh scream. He can allow you to hear the voice of our god.” He then gestured in Stella’s direction. “This is my apostle o-” “I can talk for myself.”

Asriel grunted, he didn’t like being interrupted. His apostle chuckled, she placed her hand on her chest. “Serve me and you would not have to think, give me your mind, your flesh and your love...and I assure you that you will never feel empty again. A sense of purpose will forever be with you. You be exalted as you are used by me, I can sense it...you want me...you wish to worship me. Don’t be afraid...give into your desires...” Her speech he had to admit was good, the question was how many will go with her? He imagined that no one will willingly chain themselves to servitude. Asriel coughed but that didn’t work the crowd was captivated by Stella. He decided to speak anyway “If you wish to serve Slaanesh in a direct capacity...then follow me. The dark knowledge I have…” he trailed off.

He wasn’t sure what exactly he could offer them, he had no interest in the practices Stella gets up to in her room and his knowledge of torture was lacking compared to Antonius. Asriel grimaced “Well you have the choices in front of you...choose between my two apostles. You have two paths before you” he announced. The crowd began to murmur some shuffled over to Antonius but a great many chose to follow Stella. Worst of all she was reveling in this fact by giving him slight glances. She is mocking me! He raged to himself.

He wondered what changed? How could this have happened? In the end save those huddling in the corner everyone has made their choice. Stella laughed and lead her throng of followers out of the basement. His friend sighed and placed his hand on his shoulder. He mumbled telling him not to worry. I am worried! Everything is falling apart again! Those thoughts were reverberating in his mind. Antonius somewhat flinched away, he lead his group out of the chamber in silence.

Once alone he bought up his hand “I messed up…” “Indeed you did.” as he heard the familiar voice he turned to see Balim resting on the wall. The daemon was now in her female form. “You…” Asriel hissed. The daemon smirked and stood up right, she twirled her on cane as she walked around the room. “I have been watching afar and I have to say so far I am impressed. I can see what the Soulless is attempting to do.” She then stopped in front of him and caught the head of her cane in her hand. “But as always you are lacking…” Asriel stabbed his finger into her chest, the clawed tip did pierce the suit. “I don’t need your help!” he hissed. Balim pushed his finger aside with ease “you do need my help, if you don’t take it...you will die.” Asriel froze “what do you mean?” “It’s quite simple, Arzin will come to this world. Let’s just say his minions want you in chains and one thing I hate is potential wasted. At the moment Slaanesh is looking far more favourably at your friend and towards Stella.” He frowned at the news, but he had a feeling Balim was telling the truth. Slaanesh can love something greatly but he could also be cruel he knows that well. “I bought those two into the dark prince’s embrace...now he begins to love them more…” Asriel’s voice was weak and delicate. He could not help but feel betrayed.

The daemon gave him a warm smile, but he doubted that she cared for his plight. Like all daemons Balim desired results and corruption. Asriel tried to calm himself “so tell me Balim, what am I doing wrong?” She nodded to his question, she walked over to a man huddling in the corner. “Teach him the love of our dark prince.” she then pointed the cane at him. “You have the knowledge, but in order to use it you must remove the walls within your mind. You fear the voices instead of embracing them.” Asriel took a step back “I-I can’t…” “You are afraid because back then you were weak, I expect their response will be quite different now. But if you steer away from this path those voices will eventually batter down your defences. I can guarantee you that. Well...that’s is if Arzin doesn’t kill you.”

Asriel stopped, he grimaced and looked at his options. He knew Slaanesh hates the meek, so do his children. He was acting like fodder at the moment. he took a deep breath and narrowed his eyes at Balim. “Fine…” His answer caused his contracter to smile “well..get to it then.” she said joyfully. Asriel nodded and closed his eyes, he steadily tore down the walls he made and at first there was silence but that only lasted for a moment. A raging cascade of voices tore through his mind. The onslaught of daemonic voices caused him to drop to his knees, his cane clattered on the floor.

Asriel grasped his head tightly. He ground his teeth +Shut up!+ he screamed, his psychic shout silenced them. He took a deep breath and stood up, he picked up his cane and stared at the man in the corner. Now that he was upright the voices were like whispers at the back of his ear. +Eat him…+ one called. +Tear him to pieces, you know you want to…+ the second voice spoke through gnashing of teeth. Asriel smiled “The one who asked me to eat him, do you want a body?” That singular voice fell into a bedlam of screams and excitement, the rest were cursing him. “Each of you will get your turns, but I am not allowing you to manifest like the others.” Confusion erupted from the daemons, but he didn’t care.

He walked over to the young man and knelt before him, he was crying and trembling. “What is your name?” Asriel asked. He could see he wore the robes of a scribe, but going by the cuts that lined his face he suspected that he has done far more than the others. “Why won’t she speak to me?” The young man stammered. Asriel wasn’t sure if the question was directed at him but he chose to answer it. “You refer to the dark prince?” The young man nodded he bit his lips. “I feel empty…” he said in a hushed tone.

Asriel could see what he had to do, he had a great opportunity before him. “You feel empty because trivial sensations are dead to you, but you can still understand pain. Through the suffering I am going to place upon you I can guarantee that you will feel Slaanesh love again.” Asriel placed his cane onto the floor, he then reached for the young man’s shoulder and grasped it tightly. “I will pour raw desire...raw excess into that empty body. Then you will ascend.” The young man wiped his nose with his sleeve, he nodded. “S-Show me…” he pleaded. Asriel looked up to where Balim was standing, she was gone but he knew her part has ended. The daemon has given him the advice he needed.

His gaze came back down to the vessel, he closed his eyes and grasped the first voice. It wrestled for a moment in his psychic grip but eventually it relaxed when it understood his intention. Asriel opened his eyes and smiled “You will be Gaizel.” he summoned a pink orb in his other hand and bought it to the young man’s face.

The orb then broke down into a misty smoke and shot into his mouth. Asriel then stepped back and watched the young man shudder and convulse, Asriel could feel his skin sagging but he didn’t care. He was watching the young man with interest and after only six minutes, Gaizel rose and looked down to his hands in awe. His eyes were pink as well “T-This is amazing…” his voice was mixed with that of the daemon. He then dropped to his knees “t-thank you…” as he gave his thanks a third arm shot out of his robe, it ended in a crab claw. His head slowly came up and his eyes were black like the void. “How fascinating mortal...I quite like this. But I can see that you are quite old…” Gaizel’s spoke with the voice of the daemon. He then stood up and with his crab claw he tore into his stomach and removed his intestines. “Don’t you need this?” the colour of his eyes shifted back and his voice was now a mix of his own and the daemon’s.

Asriel chuckled as he watched Gaizel’s stomach regenerate. “Thank you, I do require them.” his voice was gravely, he was an old man again but he didn’t mind. He was just reveling in his own joy and the warm approval from his god that was brushing against his heart.

He glanced at the five others who were staring at Gaizel in awe, he could see the desire in their eyes. What was most interesting as well was the daemons within his mind were clamouring to be next. Unfortunately only five more of them will be able to have vessels.

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Rampaging Carnifex

Chapter 22
Alexandrel stood in the docking bay of the Lustful Tyrant. He watched the slaves from the navy being marched out of the thunderhawks in chains, they were like sacks of meat due to becoming infatuated with Salazar. It was obvious to him that the first squad has gathered the most slaves from the ship they attacked, the fact they had to spend time on that task meant that his slave was doing well on the world. He removed a nutrient bar from his pouch and began eating, he looked over to Aamon who was stroking Salazar’s ego for gathering the slaves. He wondered if Aamon realised he was just like them? He knew how to maneuver around those who are utterly consumed with their own pride. He’s just as prideful, perhaps even more so. Alexandrel thought.

It was clear that he resists because he has no desire to bend to another, but pursuing that end to excessive levels meant that Slaanesh could easily take him if the god actively tried. He wondered if he was just waiting for the right moment? His squad leader then turned away from Salazar and approached him. He seemed dour as always. “Alexandrel we have to talk.” At the mention of talk he swallowed what he was eating, he grinned at Aamon. “Gossip? I didn’t know you had it in you!” Aamon didn’t seem amused, his squad leader took him to one side and spoke in hushed tones. “What did your slave do?” he asked firmly. The Soulless scratched his cheek “he did as you asked, he most likely has corrupted the nobles and formed a cult. He has also weakened the world for us to invade.” At the mention of cult Aamon winced “Your slave has gone too far, everyone is whispering of daemons and of Arzin’s anger.” “Oh look at you...trying to cover your arse. Don’t worry.” He gave Aamon comradly clap on the shoulder and winked “it won’t get burned.”

Alexandrel smiled as Aamon pushed his hand away from his pauldron, his face twisted to display his “serious” look. “Arzin will punish the both of us! Don’t you understand!?” “I do understand because he won’t punish us. I can guarantee you that.” “How do you know!?” He could explain that he just had a good feeling, but that would just make Aamon mad and he didn’t feel like having him shout in his ear. “Trust me Aamon, I planned all of this out. By the end of this raid you will be return to your comfy position on top.” His squad leader relaxed, but he was still frowning. “Next time I won’t ask your slave to do anything.” “If you say so…” he peeked over his shoulder to see Adonis arriving in the docking bay. “Seems are heading to the world now.” Aamon turned, as he spotted Adonis he gave a great sigh. “If there is a world left down there.”

As always Aamon looks to the worst outcome, but perhaps the worst outcome might be the most entertaining?

Asriel walked the streets of the second tier, he didn’t want to be held the church he desired to bring his gift to many people as possible. The daemonic androgynous creatures that made his entourage were like companions or pets. Any perceived threat to him they pounce upon the said enemy with savage glee. He found it interesting how the daemon hosts can even warp their own clothes into leather garments, he suspected that daemons of Slaanesh were that superficial. Yet he had to admit he was somewhat vain, he knew he would eventually return to his young form in time when he feels like it. He didn’t need to be young to enjoy pouring the raw potential of the warp into hosts nor did he need his youthful looks to cause enough pain and torment to make said hosts for the daemons.

He stopped before a church and pointed at it with his cane. “There.” he said warmly. “I can sense people who are denying their desires. Go, show them the love of our dark prince.” The daemon hosts screeched and charged into the temple, some were running on all fours. When mortal screams erupted from the church he smiled. +You enjoy making them miserable…+ a voice whispered to him. +Sssh...don’t state it out loud. He likes to think he is helping them.+ said another voice. Asriel could not help but chuckle “what is wrong with that? Suffering is truth, desire is the souls true essence. I desire to cause pain and suffering so you can walk among us, perhaps I should change my mind?” The voices fell silent, they ceased their chattering.

Asriel began walking up the steps of the church. He kept speaking to the voices, despite them being silent he knows they can hear him. “I have suffered, but in suffering you can know the love Slaanesh. I wish to share that lesson, if I am wrong...” He offered up his hands to the skies, he looked up to the cicatrix Maledictum “take me now! I am open!” None of the daemons acted. He suspected the dark prince was keeping them from doing so. His head came down, he grinned and continued up the steps. “All of you are just along for the ride, you are here for my desire...nothing more.”

Adam lead William and those who survived out of the church. He fired back into the building with his autopistol. The bullets crashed into a daemon who screamed in rapturess joy as it’s blood leaked out of the bullet wounds. “We have to keep moving!” Adam shouted. He closed the doors and activated the wards sealing the daemons within, they prepared for an attack from the outside but not within. The wards would hold but not for long, they were placed by Canonness Victoria. He then faced his Pontifex “what now?” the old man shook his head while sweating profusely. He was mumbling to himself. Adam cursed, he grabbed his wrist and looked around. In the distance he saw a blue light.

The glow was similar to when Victoria set the wards upon the church. Adam pointed “everyone head to the light!” He ran, dragging his Pontifex along, the other monks and scribes fired at the daemons along the way. They tried to avoid getting mixed up with the battle sisters and Axiam templars fighting the daemons.

The violence was horrific, faces were torn off from the holy defenders, the daemons were throwing around heads treating them like balls and worst of all was the laughter. One daemon even took the time to blow him a kiss with blood stained lips. It was only a matter of time before the first tier was entirely overwhelmed.

He raced to the blue light and as he arrived with his fellows he spotted a familiar face. It was the woman Dilon bought with him to the church. He was about to call out but daemons were slamming their bodies on a blue glowing dome, it was somewhat see through but he could see it wouldn’t hold.

He had to quickly consider his options.

Ashi cursed, the daemons were begging her to let them in. They were even licking the shield, paying no mind to their sizzling tongues. “Open fire!” she barked. They threaded the daemons with bullets from their autopistols. The gunfire from them all was measured and each shot landed in the head. The daemons crumpled back, uncaring of their deaths. The ward fell way due to lack of daemons in unison they pointed their guns at the priests who returned the gesture. “Back off!” Ashi shouted.

She recognised the toll collector and the priest he was grasping, watching the old man mumble annoyed her. She suspected he was devastated that his precious vision did not come to pass. The toll collector raised his gun wielding hand “w-wait. We aren’t your enemies.” His declaration was pointless, he was her enemy. She was about to call the order to fire but a whistling sound stopped her. She looked up and a drop pod was heading towards them. “Take cover!” She ran and dove out of the way with her unit.

As she hit the ground the sound of a loud crash threaded her ears.

Aamon hopped out of the dreadclaw, as his boots hit the ground he looked around and could see the pilgrim camps were battlefield. Corpses were strewn across the ground and loyalists were fighting for their lives against the daemon tide. This clearly wasn’t the plan, the camps were meant to be enslaved. “Oh look!” Alexandrel jumped out of the drop pod and strode over to the priests who were cowering in fear.

Thalis was the next member who hopped out of the drop pod, he was raising his eyebrow. “What is the Soulless doing?” he asked. “I...don’t know.” Aamon responded. He watched the mad fool stand over the mortals. An old priest began pointing at the Soulless, screaming and raving. “Kill it! Kill the Glutton one! The Soulless must be destroyed!” The fear from the priests vanished, they were shifting their guns to Alexandrel but they did not get the opportunity to fire.

The Soulless was like a blur, he moved among the priests and as he returned to his original position Aamon heard a click. A blade returning to a scabbard. Alexandrel then turned away from the priests who were standing still like stones, he then pointed at his thralls lying on the ground. “Hey Aamon, look it’s your slaves.” Strangely he was not paying much attention to them he was wondering what the Soulless has done to the humans. Thalis was about to point at the priests until their heads slid off their bodies. The apothecary grimaced “why did you kill the slaves? They wouldn’t be able to hurt you.” Aamon nodded in agreement he was about to voice it until Efron and Salazar left the drop pod. They were basking in the carnage. “Can you smell that that?” Salazar sniffed the air despite wearing a helmet. “The sight of our god is upon this world!” As always Efron’s religious joy was singing.

Lastely Zayden hopped out and readied his bolter “don’t you think we loitered for long enough? We should be gathering slaves.”Aamon folded his arms. “You’re right Zayden but first…” He walked over to his thralls who were staggering up to their feet, right away he could see Dilon was not among them. His gaze drifted to Ashi who came forward and saluted “my lord.” “Ashi, where is Dilon?” She glanced at the tent “dead my lord.”

The news of his thrall dying annoyed him slightly. Pure slaves are hard to come by, but the question was why. “Can you tell me how he died?” She lowered her salute and frowned “he’s a traitor. He was working with the priests Lord Alexandrel killed.” He normally would not believe such a thing if anyone else told him. He sighed “I see, that is unfortunate. No matter fall in with me. We are making our way to the second tier.” She nodded and went to work organising her unit.

Aamon drew his blade and bolt pistol, his squad gathered around him. “We are heading to the squad tier.” he ordered. Alexandrel drew both his blades which caused a glance from everyone, he couldn’t help comment on it. “So you are actually deciding to fight?” The Soulless tapped the back of his blade on his pauldron. “None of you will make it to the second tier if I do nothing.” The statement caused Salazar to scoff “I doubt you can even use those blades. Plus dual wielding? It’s impractical.” Thalis shook his head “did you see him kill the priests?” “They’re just humans brother.” Efron then entered the conversation, he glowered heavily. “Why are we talking!? I wish to praise Slaanesh!”

Zayden nodded “I think we should ignore Alexandrel, he likes to press buttons. Let’s focus on the mission.” The Soulless shot Zayden a look, Aamon wasn’t sure what expression he was making but it was obvious to him that Alexandrel was considering killing Zayden at the moment. “Alright le-” Aamon didn’t get to finish.

Alexandrel suddenly charged off towards gate his speed was extraordinary, even for an astartes. Aamon cursed seeing this. He is trying to prove a point! He felt a measure of anger brushing across his heart. The Soulless always does this, dragging him along with his insane stunts. “Quickly after him!” he barked. They all ran after Alexandrel, the sudden movement surprised Ashi and she fell behind in but moments. He wasn’t worried his thrall could take care of herself.

He hacked and slashed through the tide blocking his way, he twirled flipped and ducked dodging fatal strikes and blows. From battle sisters and daemons. Alexandrel smiled “keep up!” he shouted in the comms. He expected Salazar to say something but instead it was Zayden, always the precious Zayden who seeks to bring “harmony” and “comradeship.” “Soulless, you are out of position, come back. You are making things harder for all of us!” He ignored his calls from the squad channel. They all desired that he fought he battles and so he was. Plus he fights for a greater reason than just to capture slaves. When he said they wouldn’t be able to reach the gate if he doesn’t act he meant it. A battle sister shifted towards him, she wielded a power sword and bolt pistol, her brows twitched as he charged towards her.

She yelled her cry for the Emperor, she gathered the sisters around her to face him in combat. As her large scabbed lips moved Alexandrel threw his blade, the weapon shot through the air and pierced her throat. Instead of prayers and curses leaving her lips she only spat blood as she crumpled to the ground. Bolters were then trained upon him, the surrounding battle sisters unfazed by their leader’s death. He gripped his blade with two hands “I might have to get a little serious.” he said through the vox. He tensed and blazed down the field, he relied on pure instinct he watched with his blessed gaze as the sisters fingers move towards the triggers of their bolters.

His movements were a blur he swerved through the incoming fire and the bullets he couldn’t evade he sliced in two. He could see the battle sisters stepping back, calling him monster, fallen angel and daemon. As he crashed into combat he spun slicing the head off one sister the others tried to draw blades and chainswords, but they were far too slow. He danced through the lumbering women hacking them apart with graceful strokes, the last sister he caressed with his blade drawing out her death. Her shuddering death screams pleased him for a moment, just only a moment. When the slaughter was complete he stopped, allowing the others to catch up.

He payed them little mind, he bought up his blade and saw the knicks and chips. The weapon wasn’t ruined but it had to be serviced. He didn’t use a power field for his blades, he much prefers mono-weapons. If one is good at their craft they can kill someone with anything, a pencil or even a book. He walked over to the dead battle sister that was impaled by his second blade, he pulled it out and sheathed it. He was about to continue walking until someone grabbed him and turned him around, he allowed since he knew who it was. “Aamon, what is it?” Alexandrel asked.

Strangely the Space Marine was panting, if he embraced the dark prince that wouldn’t be the case. “S-Stop...j-just wait.” Aamon stammered. “The way is clear.” he pointed towards the gate with his blade for emphasis, if he glanced back he could see the Axiam templars were absolutely terrified, those guarding Saint Jonathan gate have have completely abandoned their posts. This was the Soulless’ intention, now the humans would run straight into the arms of the daemons, then they will be devoured.

He watched Aamon shake his head “w-why do you seek to show off at the most important moments!?” he wasn’t exactly shouting but his squad leader was raising his voice. Alexandrel smiled he could strangely feel the slits of his eyes tightening. Since this was his “dear” squad he decided to be frank. “All of you can be so boring at times….” Salazar grunted at him “You are the one who causes problems!” The whole squad nodded in agreement, Aamon sighed and took a step back. “Salazar is right, you act by your own volition tim-” “Don’t lecture me Aamon.” The Soulless said firmly.

Alexandrel sighed and shook his head slightly “Arzin is also boring as well, we have a bastion of faith in front of us and everyone simply desires slaves?” He tutted at them “Boring, boring, boring, boring!” He sheathed the blade he was holding and gestured to the camps. “This world...is an opportunity…” he sniffed the air. Despite Slaanesh turning his gaze here it was still rank with the stink of the Emperor, just like those priests.

He could smell it despite wearing a helmet. “All you want simple meat to violate, to torture and for survival...I grow tired of those things. So when I learned we were attacking this world I guided Asriel to this end. The best and most thrilling outcome.”

The faces of his squad were clear with worry and confusion, even the fanatic Efron couldn’t determine what he wanted. He removed his helm and breathed in the putrid air deeply. Alexandrel smiled at his squad leader who just for a moment shuddered in fear. He could also see the confusion bleeding off Aamon “so...what do you actually want Soulless?” Aamon asked.

Alexandrel reached out and touched the cheek of his squad leader, he knew that Aamon could sense the gentleness of it despite wearing a helmet. The Soulless then leaned in and whispered into his ear. “I wish to defecate on a god, to ruin his holy places so just for a moment he twitches on that dusty and disgusting throne of his.” He then leaned back and removed his hand from Aamon’s face, he cocked his head and gave almost a childish smile. “Wouldn’t that be more exciting Aamon?”

Aamon took a step back in utter horror he pointed at him “Y-You’re insane!” The Soulless made the appearance of being hurt. “Me insane? I am not the one running from the brothers he betrayed. Despite Arzin blocking them they will find you eventually. I wonder what the Lion would say to your treachery?” He breathed in the scent of his squad leader, just for a moment he could taste his terror and despair. Alexandrel licked his lips joyfully.

Aamon roared at him, to most it would be a cry of anger but it was one of misery and despair. He watched his blade rise and then fall, but it stopped a few inches from his face. “Do it Aamon, give in. Be free for once in your life. Stop running...” The Soulless said passionately. “Don’t worry Slaanesh will put me back together again and then when you return to the ship we can be true brothers, wouldn’t you like that? Or I could easily slip from your blade and break your neck? O-” Aamon drew his blade back “Shut up! Just shut up and get out of my sight!”

The joy he garnered from his despair vanished in its place was a well of sadness formed, he frowned. “Boring as always Aamon….” Alexandrel examined the rest of the squad. He could see his brothers viewed him as a monster, that fact annoyed him, but oddly he chuckled to himself. He wasn't sure if it was laughter. None of them can be fools...the type of fool I want... He turned away from his squad and placed his helmet upon his head. He continued his journey to the second tier alone.

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