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Made in us
Ultramarine Chaplain with Hate to Spare

Upstate, New York

As I said last year, "Well another year has gone by. As we March into the next with another round of Space Marines, I thought I’d look back at the past year, and encourage all my fellow participants from last year’s Unofficial Challenges to do the same. Together we have made a lot of progress, let’s see it!”

Overall I’ve painted a much more diverse lot then previous years. Only half were Ultramarines, and one squad of those were in an alternate paint scheme. The comp really helped there. I don’t think those marauders would have gotten paint otherwise, and the lander had been primed for a very long time.

I worked on some new techniques. The blending on Manfred’s cloak was a new experience, and I’m quite fond of the results. The Primaris all got edge highlighting, something I normally don’t do. But I decided to push them up to a higher standard then my normal fare. I got some microsol/set and have been getting better at decaling as well.

One thing that really stood out this year was my volume. With the exception of March (where I had just moved and started a new job) all of my entries were either multiple models, or large ones. But not just quantity, but I think Manfred might be the best thing I’ve painted. I’m also proud of the apothecary, and the primaris in general.

I don’t think I’ve gotten that much better overall. What I have done is worked more outside my comfort zone, and got a higher quality of diverse minis across the bench at a better pace.

In general I’m quite happy with what I’ve done, and am looking forward to the next year.

So Dakka, how was your year's competition?

Ultramarines, 3rd Co. and friends, 12.5K+ Slowly growing 2Kish
Nevelon's Workbench: Ultramarines, Saim-Hann and other assorted oddities
Made in ca
Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Soviet Kanukistan

Dude. You entered every month. Kudos. This was the first year I managed the same feat. It definitely takes commitment. In particular, I'd like to give you mad props for all the months that you entered multiple models. I only did that two months and I am not eager to do it again.

This retrospective is a fun way of going back and looking at the year in review... a lot of these models feel like they were painted ages ago...

So here goes:

Here's a few raw numbers: by manufacturer:

Games Workshop: 1
Corvus Belli: 2
Wyrd Entries: 3
Knight Models: 1
Zombicide: 1
Privateer Press: 3
Red Republic: 1

Breakdown and thoughts:

March 2017 - Bakunin Taskmaster (Space Marine)
Doing all the shaded armor really killed motivation to paint for me. Finishing this model was a chore. It made me not want to paint any more Infinity for a while.

April 2017 - Stheno (Primal)
I was originally going to skew more towards green like the concept art. Of course, some poor mid-tone color choice and I ended up skewing towards GentleBen's studio scheme. I still managed to retain some individuality by going strawberry blonde with the hair and retained the necron gauss green highlights on the skin.

May 2017 - Krazy Koala (Boom)

June 2017 - Valachev (Legendary)
This was rushed, and it shows.

July 2017 - Gilly, Zombicide (Fun and Games)
This model was a lot of fun. It was interesting to try and apply what I had learned about color theory and shading to a superficially simplistic model. I think it turned out well, keeping its cartoony feel while having depth of shading.

Aug 2017 - Nekima (Brutal)
Astute Malifaux fans will note that the wings aren't installed. They were supposed to be, but I ran out of time. They are still not done, but on my to-do list.

Sept 2017 - Warjack (Armor Up)
This was supposed to form part of a larger diorama. It was also an experiment to shade green using Rhinox hide instead of with red. I think it provides an OK contrast. I think red is still probably better, and I'll probably hit the shadows with some green / hull red mix. Its in the progress of receiving stronger highlights... Project is in limbo however.

Oct 2017 - Zombie Girl (Fright Night)
This zombie was a great exercise of applying everything that I had learned up until now. I am fairly happy with how it turned out.

Nov 2017 - Eldar Guardian (Hold the Line)
I've always loved the idea of painting vintage miniatures to a modern standard. In this case, it was also a fun contrast to see how much my painting has changed in 20 years of hobbying.

Dec 2017 - Frostgrave Warband - misc. Warmachine and Undercity minis (Open)
Just some rushed tabletop guys. 'nuff said.

Jan 2018 - Changelings (A Few Good? Men)
I love all the child models from Malifaux. I find that they are the ultimate contrast between the gritty sci-fi and fantasy models. I try and keep child models as smooth and as unblemished as possible... and now that I have a better grasp on color, as cherubic and ruddy as possible too. I've backed Blacksmith miniatures kickstarter, so I'm looking forward to painting the 54mm fairy from that!

Feb 2018 - Mr Graves (Carry a Big Stick)
Tried the blood drop trick for the first time. I think it turned out OK! Also, I feel I've reached a good balance with the amounts of red used in skintones. The changelings entry and this one really helped me better understand where I had been failing previously on necessary saturation - the skin on Valachev is too desaturated, yellow and lifeless, and the skin on Nekima is too dark... I'm working on an elf bust on and off, and I'm going to have to go back and redo most of it. It will be interesting if I come back in a year and come to the realization that I haven't figured anything out in actuality!

See you guys (hopefully) in Space Marines!

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Made in gb
Stabbin' Skarboy


Thanks for posting the thread up Nev

Another year gone by and I'm really glad there are still so many people entering the comp, so many people who are regulars and I look forward to seeing what they enter each month. Thank you all for painting with me and keeping me interested in the hobby. Of course Para also deserves his own special mention to continuing to run this challenge. (stepping in for him at the end of one month makes you see how much work he actuals puts into it)

Looking back over my entries it seems strange that some of them are in this years challenge. I had fun and made some very unique and interesting entries.

Combined Image

March 2017 - Space Marine
Thought it was about time I painted some of the Horus Heresy Betrayal At Calth Box set I picked up when it was first released. Painted them as BA since they are my SM chapter.

April 2017 - Primal
I've mentioned him a couple of times but there was a chap called Bruno Grelier who did some terrific Ork snakebite conversions and painting, inspired by him I wanted to do one of my own and chose a Ork Flamer Chariot.

May 2017 - Boom
I've always wanted to do a Dr Strangelove 40k conversion that this was the perfect theme for it. I'd of kicked myself If I hadn't done it.

June 2017 - Legendary
As well as Orks and the odd BA I also do the occasional Tanith model, went for the big guy this time, Gaunt himself.

July 2017 - Fun and Games
Sometimes I get a random idea in my head and the fun is trying to make it work and think about the components that make it interesting. There are little bits like instead of just cutting 9 holes in a square of plasticard I add some green stuff to make it look like cushioning from the hammer around the edge of each hole, a little thing but its bits like that that I really like

Aug 2017 - Brutal
Got to make use of that BS4 on the Grots

Sept 2017 - Armour Up
I had a burst of inspiration and tried writing the background for a BA successor chapter, this guy is one of the chapter masters for the Knights Sanguine. I put a lot of effort into layering the red from dark to light.

Oct 2017 - Fright Night
I always do a halloween dress up entry for Oct. The idea of an Ork Batman and Robin amused me (I thought of the only fools and horse scene)

Nov 2017 - Hold the Line
A very literal interpretation of this challenge. Chris56 was going some great dioramas which inspired me to try my own.

Dec 2017 - Open
Xmas Santa Ork is a must. I do one every year and try to find a different xmas scene to recreate. A grot choir dressed as angles lead by Santa Ork was fun

Jan 2018 - A Few Good? Men
My 2nd child arrived at the start of Jan so focused on painting some of the hugh amount of models I have and no conversions. Happy I was able to get the entry finished.

Feb 2018 - Carry a Big Stick
I needed a Waaagh Banner for my army, my current one was just an Nob with a boss pole which didn't stand out. This one should First go at Freehand which turned out ok (thanks for the nice comments you all gave me)

Looking forward to next years, see you there

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Made in us
Dark Angels Librarian with Book of Secrets

A Protoss colony world

Hard to believe it's been another year already. I like to think I've improved my painting some in that year, but I'll let the pictures speak for me instead. Here are my entries from the previous challenge year:

March: Space Marines
My entry: 30th Anniversary Imperial Space Marine
Votes received: 4
This was one of the more fun models I ever painted. Not overly complex, and full of character and even some nostalgia (to a time before I was even born!). Plus I hadn't seen one of these painted in the Dark Angels color scheme before, so I got to be sort of creative. Not my best work by a long shot, hence the low number of votes.

April: Primal
Votes received: N/A (did not finish)
I just didn't have time to work on my SLAUGHTERPRIEST WITH HACKBLADE, as I was trying to get models assembled for my Dark Angels Battle Company list (which never panned out due to the edition change).

May: BOOM!
My entry: Longstrike's TX7 Hammerhead Gunship
Votes received: 14
Votes-wise this was my best entry at the time, beating out my previous year's Bloodthirster (although IMO the Bloodthirster was better). I was very happy to paint this model and extremely happy with how it turned out. Now, if only GW would make it actually good in a game...

June: Legendary
My entry: Roboute Guilliman
Votes received: 6
This was one of my most challenging minis to paint, and ultimately I didn't do as well as I should have, hence not too many votes. I'm still happy with how it turned out, and I got compliments on it at my FLGS when my friend borrowed it for a couple of tournaments.

July: Fun and Games
My entry: None
Votes received: N/A
This may be the only month in the history of this challenge where I didn't even attempt to enter something (other than the first one ever which I didn't find out about until late). I simply couldn't come up with anything to fit the theme.

August: Brutal
My entry: Khorne Bloodreavers
Votes received: 2
I feel I definitely did better than the measly number of votes I got would indicate, but obviously most didn't agree with me. A lot of people's entries end up that way I think, so I'm not just being salty. I had fun painting these guys certainly, and they were challenging.

September: Armor Up!
My entry: Dark Angels Razorback
Votes received: N/A (did not finish)
I was working my way through the Primaris models from the Dark Imperium box, so I never got around to painting this model. Oh well.

October: Fright Night
My entry: Poxwalkers
Votes received: 5
The fact that these guys got more votes than my Bloodreavers astounds me. These guys really didn't turn out as well as I thought they would, but I learned some lessons that I will take to heart whenever I get around to painting the rest of my undead hordes.

November: Hold the Line!
My entry: Death Guard Plague Marines
Votes received: 13
More Death Guard models, and these ones turned out way better. I had a blast painting these guys!

December: Open Challenge
My entry: Mortarion
Votes received: 16
An open challenge, and I decided to go big or go home and embark on my hardest challenge yet. I'm super happy with how he turned out, being perhaps my best painted model of all time, and fun to run in games to boot! Naturally, he got the most votes I've ever gotten in one of these challenges.

January: A Few Good Men
My entry: Alpha Legion Chaos Cultists
Votes received: 4
I rushed through these guys as I was (and still am) preparing for Adepticon, so they are not as well done as models that I take more time on. They turned out alright though.

February: Carry a Big Stick
My entry: Alpha Legion Sorcerer with Jump Pack
Votes received: 2
I rushed through this one just like the previous entry for the same reason, and it shows. I could have made this model great if I'd had more time to spend, but preparing for the convention had to take priority. At least I got something entered.

All in all, I did okay, finishing 9/12 challenges. Once I put Adepticon behind me, I'll be able to take a slower, more careful approach to my painting again and put out some better quality entries. My entry in the current month is Abaddon the Despoiler, but like the previous two he's in my Adepticon army, so we'll see if I have time to make him real spiffy.

Huge shout out to Paradigm (and ZoBo!) for running these challenges, to Midget Gems for working on the League Table, and to Nevelon for keeping the records of all the past challenges and posting this retrospective thread. You all deserve a big high five from all of us! Here's to another great year of improving all our hobby skills!

My armies (re-counted and updated on 6/7/18, including modeled wargear options):
Dark Angels: ~11200 | Space Marines (Blood Ravens and others): ~1100 | Space Wolves: ~2000
Inquisition: ~300 | Officio Assassinorum: ~500 | Imperial Knights: ~800 | Talons of the Emperor: ~500
Tau Empire: ~6300 | Chaos Space Marines (various legions): ~8400 | Death Guard: ~2700 | Chaos Daemons (all types): ~2400
Check out my P&M Blogs: ZergSmasher's P&M Blog | Stormsurge blog | Imperial Knights blog | Total models painted in 2017: 65 | Total models painted in 2018: 134 | Current main painting project: Taddeus the Purifier and Pious Vorne
 Mr_Rose wrote:
Who doesn’t love crazy mutant squawk-puppies? Eh? Nobody, that’s who.
Made in gb
Stabbin' Skarboy


Yep Zerg I think it is very fair to say you have improved your painting this year, especially when you have the time to sit down and concentrate on 1 model. Your Mortarion really shows that and definitely I think your best painted model that I can remember

End of Year 3 Summary
*copy post from the league table thread
A huge congratulations to everyone that took part and voted in any month of this years challenge. The points are for fun but here is a rundown of the year.

The top 10 positions for this year are:

1st - Modock with 106 points
2nd - Feltmonkey with 86 points
3rd - Midget Gems with 74 points
4th - Chris56 with 71 points
5th - Moolet with 63 points
6th - Paradigm with 62 points
7th - ZoBo with 58 points
8th - Keezus with 54 points
9th - n1ceguypaul with 45 points
10th - Bottle with 37 points

A very well deserved win Modock, your painting really is something some of us can only dream of. It's been brilliant fun watching your creations take shape and how skilfully you change the tone of a colour.
Feltmonkey did really well to keep up and in doing so has created some masterful work (story about his son wanting to hold the treeman is the best though )
And a great battle between myself and Chris56 for 3rd/4th I really thought you were going to catch me at the end. Thank you for making me up my game with some of my entries knowing you where right there behind me.

The main point of the challenge is to get people painting, a set of people managed to submit finished entries for each challenge or most months. A big well done goes to:

Chris56 - 12 Entries
Feltmonkey - 12 Entries
Keezus - 12 Entries
Midget Gems - 12 Entries
Modock - 12 Entries
Nevelon - 12 Entries
Paradigm - 12 Entries
Vejut - 12 Entries
Mootlet - 11 Entries
n1ceguypaul - 11 Entries
u971 - 10 Entries
GulGog TufToof - 9 Entries
Zobo - 9 Entries
ZergSmasher - 9 Entries

Special mention for Para and Nev who have entered every challenge across all years meaning 36 challenges in a row.

The Stats
We had a total of 356 entries by 95 different people averaging 30 entries a month.

We had a total of 5302 votes averaging 441 votes a month.

Highest number of entries was March's "Space Marine" challenge with 38 entries.

Highest votes in 1 month was November's " Hold The Line!" challenge with 688 votes cast.

Highest votes for an entry was also in November's " Hold The Line!" challenge, 61 votes for General Annoyance.

Highest percentage of the vote was in August's challenge "Brutal" for Modock with 14% of the vote.

One hit wonder was Tittlemanscrest who won June's "Legendary" challenge with his only entry of the year.

Modock managed to place in 9 of the 12 months top 3 positions

Modock, Midget Gems and Zobo each won 2 months.

Made in gb
Legendary Master of the Chapter


Cheers for posting those results up, Midget, and thanks to Nev for setting up this thread! Congratulations across the board are well-deserved, and to those of you who made it 12 for 12, even moreso! 7 people managed that this year, which I think is a record.

Special shout-out to Modock, who entered every month, won the League by a colossal margin and month on month, displayed true talent with some absolutely top-notch entries. A truly impressive and well-deserved victory!

Paradigm's New Blog- 05/01: The Fellowship Sets Forth

Available for Commission Work. Click the banner or PM me for details.
Made in si
Camouflaged Zero

First of all I'm going to express my sincere gratitude to Paradigm for his work, huge effort and devotion to Dakka painting challenge. Without the challenges
I wouldn't improve the way I did. Also BIG thanks to Midget Gems for his awesome work on the chart. I just wanna let you know I don't take such an effort for granted!

What I'm most proud of is how much of an improvement I've achieved throughout the year and that's because of these genius challenges.

It's great to see how others did improve as well. Also very interesting is the different style of painting everyone has developted.
Chris and his skill with the airbrush. Your dioramas are exceptional, the chaos vs. IG is truly amazing.
Paradigm with his grittyTM style. I would say most recognisable style on dakkadakka.
Midget Gems the lord of conversion, although in the last few entries you showed us you're a great painter as well.
Moolet smooth blending and brush control are your forte. I'm a big fan of your style!
The almighty Feltmonkey the master of many techniques, amazing all around painter.
Elbows your speed to quality ratio is unbeatable. You perfected the dip method!
Keezus amazing blending and skin work, nuff said.

And of course there are many other good painters who compete in dakka challenge.

My entries for Dakka Painting Challenge 2017/2018.

March: Space Marines
I've spent more time building the base with various materials than painting the mini. He lacks contrast, he could really use some edge highlights.

April: Primal
For the first time I've tried the loaded brush technique on the skin. Was very happy for the results I've achieved.

May: Boom
My first ever Infinity models. These were quite a challenge to paint. I bought magnifying glasses just for those minis and I haven't painted without them on my nose.

June: Legendary
I've spent more than 30 hours on Iguana. I've tried to pull the smoothest blends possible. Btw all my painting is done with a hairy brush, I don't own an airbrush but I'm thinking about getting one.

July: Fun and Games
Painting diamond pattern on the leg was the hardest thing I have ever painted. Straight line on a curved surface

August: Brutal
My precious . Everything went well with this one. From painting to photography. He's holding 8.6 score on coolminiornot which I'm quite proud of. If anyone wanna take a look at my gallery, http://www.coolminiornot.com/artist/Modock?browseid=5198010,
I will be very grateful.

September: Armor up
First time painting a camo. I did two or three test minis before I did the Tau stealth suits. That month was "brutal" in terms of entries I was stoked about getting on the podium.

October: Fright Night
This and november challenge took me the most time to paint. I believe i've spent about 40 hours on bloodwarriors. Pushed the contrast to the maximum. I had to be very careful
painting the trim on the armor because I didn't want metal particles to taint the blue armor plates.

November: Hold the line
Another 40 hours entry. I started with 5 figures (almost finished all 5) but I managed to finish three. These were painted in similar style to Iguana but with increased contrast. Kriza Borac is one of my favourite models.

December: Open round
Beautiful model but crappy material. Too bad I didn't buy the metal version, I swore to myself I won't paint another Reaper bones mini again. I was having more fun building the base more than painting the mini.
Anyway the dragon came out quite beautiful ( again great sculpt).

January: A few good men
Toned down the contrast a bit. I went with a more natural look. Cool looking models from Scibor. I like them.

February: Carry a Big Stick
Drop dead gorgeous model but the execution is not. I tried a new recipe for the blood, turned out OK-ish.

What a year this was, I'm over the moon for the results I got and I'm very happy that the peeps here on dakkadakka like my work.

Thanks again Para and MG for everything and thanks to you guys for every vote and the kind words I received.

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Made in us
Sneaky Kommando

Here's my entries, I like to add them all in a single pic since I'm only working on one army; that way I can see how much my army has grown over the course of the year.

Spoilered full-sized (not blurry) zoomable image, since I still haven't figured out Dakka's interface:

April (Primal), Bomb Squig. May (BOOM!), Lobbas and 4 Grotz. June (Legendary), Mek w/ Killsaw (forgot all about him when I took the picture, dang!). July (Fun and Games), crates for objective markers. August (Brutal), Slugga boy w/ choppa. September (Armor Up), Slugga boy w/ scale mail. October (Fright Night), Headhunter Slugga boy. November (Hold the Line), Skarboy w/ chainsword. December (Open Topic), Nob. January (A few good men), actually finished a slugga boy and a shoota boy, but since comp rules for the month were minimum 3 minis, I didn't enter/they are not pictured (they are on my painting blog if you're curious). February (Carry a Big Stick), Big Shoota boy.

I love that these competitions give me motivation to at least paint one mini a month. In fact, I'm having a hard time finding motivation to paint this month ever since I decided not to do anything for the Space Marine theme. The good news is that my army is basically finished at this point to where I can split my army in two, and my buddy and I can play a game with evenly matched ork forces using just what I have at home, and really, it's all thanks to this competition.

Thanks to Para for running this and all the others who help out throughout the year.

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All Orks, All Da Zoggin' TIme. 'Cause Da Rest of You Gitz is Just Muckin' About, Waitin' ta Get Krumped.  
Made in us
Basecoated Black

Melbourne, Australia

First up, congrats to the podium winners - Modock, Feltmonkey and Midgetgems. Each of you entered awesome minis and made me inspired and jealous in equal measure.

Second, a heartfelt thanks to Para. Your work makes this all possible and gives me great pleasure each and every month. Thank you.
Third, thanks to Midget for your work on the league table - it was a real motivation, especially at the end there!

This was my first year following these monthly challenges and it has been really great to have a focus for each mini. I don't really play much at all, so it has been good to have limitations set on what to choose to paint and motivation to actually get them completed! Always before, I seem to get excited about a mini, paint half of it and then get distracted by the next shiny thing before the first one is finished. The friendly advice and competition has really made me improve my own painting as well. Whilst my votes have been pretty consistent, I can see a real improvement in the quality of my minis and that is a great reward in itself.

On top of that, it has been fascinating to see other people's interpretations and ideas. I often think, 'Oh, sh!#! I should have done THAT...' when I see other entries. I remember seeing Midgetgems 'Orx-Wing' at the very beginning and just being blown away - I can't help but think of it every time I see one of his entries. The thread really is a treasure trove of inspiration and ideas.

March - Space Marines
My first diorama-style entry and the photography was not good. The base is too big and you can't actually see the weathering on the sigmarines. The blended highlights and shading on them looks like it is simply the actual light shining on them...I was mostly happy with the conversion, however.

April - Primal
The colour-fade worked quite well, but the orange on the snout needed greater contrast. Still not getting proper detail in photos and the base was a last minute thing and way too sparse. I still have plans to do an entire Lizardmen army in this colour-fade style.

May - Boom
A great sculpt but not a great paintjob. The armour needs more contrast. My favourite part is the leather on the satchel - up close it looks pretty good, I reckon.

June - Legendary
Probably one of my favourite minis. Photography a little better, but still doesn't show the true contrast on the model and it didn't receive that many votes if I recall correctly. However, I was pleased with the tones and subtle use of colour, which is very unlike my usual brights.

July - Fun and Games
This month started with a kind of focus on scenery or accessories, so I modelled a kind of 'set' for a friend's D&D game. Happy with the paint and with my first real attempt to construct so much from scratch. This was also my only podium finish, which was pretty memorable.

August - Brutal
A bunch of people didn't think this was very 'brutal' but I thought a chaos ogre kinda fit. My favourite part was the grot shaman but the base wasn't quite right.

September - Armour Up
This was the beginning of an army that never got finished...sigh. I was pleased with the freehand, the colour scheme and just getting so many done in one month!

October - Fright Night
This one is another of my favourite miniatures but the photos just didn't do her justice. Her very hunched pose makes it difficult to photograph her at the right angle, so the character of the mini is kinda lost. I was mostly happy with the scratch-built base.

November - Hold the Line
I went all-out on the base for this one. Each tile is blended, edge-highlighted and weathered and so is the wall. The medicae symbol gives veracity to the setting and the bright colours pop. I was happy with this but still didn't make the top three, the month was so competitive!

December - Open Round
I wasn't very inspired this month and was not very happy with my entry. However, I still like the idea for this diorama...it's just the execution that is lacking!

January - A Few Good Men
The first of two weird months...this was a very rushed, last-minute entry and one of my rougher paint jobs. However, it has the second most views of any of my pics and people seemed to like it! I'm not sure I understand it but I'll take it!

February - And Carry a Big Stick
This was the reverse of last month. I spent a lot of time and painted some of the better miniatures in my collection but they were quite divisive - a few people really liked them but they got fewer votes than most of my other entries. However, I was mostly happy with the models themselves. I especially like the copper guy and the freehand lion on the back of Steelheart's cape, which was my own design.

Anyhow, it has been a rewarding year. I came 4th with only one podium finish for the year, so it shows how important consistently entering is.

Once again, thanks to Para and Midgetgems for all of their hard work and I look forward to trying harder this year!

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Skirr and Skiver, Fancyman of Cornwall and Best Friend of your Mother's. 
Made in gb
Stabbin' Skarboy


Thanks for the Thanks, I'm happy to do the league table (Para does all the hard work running the challange) Out of those that have posted my favourites of your entries are:

Nev - Mannfred, June's entry. The blue skulls in between the black bones creates a nice contract and yu did well on the colour changes along the cloak. Also its a very cool looking model

Keezus - Mr Greaves, February's entry. Its all about the colours and highlights, I'm a big fan of your purple on this model. The skin tone + big of stubble is also terrific

- Mortarion, Decembers challenge. I think your best painted mode so far, you have got the armour colour and shade exactly right. The purple on his face is a nice touch to add some colour to the pale skin and the blue ethereal smoke from the weapon is also well done. Hope to see more like this from you in the future.

Modock - Slaughter-priest, August's entry. You have used very different colours to the "normal" for this model and I love it, really nice to see a different take on it. The blue and purple go together very well and of course a superbly highlighted (as we expect from you now). There's also the eyes that add a lot of depth to the model and make it feel more alive.

- I think you are brilliant for managing to entry a converted Ork every time , Best one to me is the Nob, December's entry (the Ork at the back with the power claw?), He's a good combination of parts and like that you have done some black and white checkers to break up the power claw. The boss pole has some suable blood/red on it and is well highlighted at the top so stands out very well.

Chris56 - Hold the line Diorama, November's entry. You can tell you have put so much effort into this one, I love the setting and the sense of action with the model poses. Also its brilliantly painted, you have added so many great extra details into it from the weathering on the walls to the colour shifts some tail to body to arms on the demons.

Midget Gems
- The one I enjoyed doing the most was the Dr Strangelove style Ork riding a bomb for May's entry. That was one of the first ideas I put in my "book of conversions" and really glad I was able to do it reasonably well, It gave me a chance to research all the details in the scene and then translate that to my conversion which was fun.

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I've been meaning to post in this thread but not getting round to it. Unitl now!

March - Space Marine


I painted Ahriman from the Burning of Prospero set. It's a fantastic miniature, and Ahriman is a cool character in the Horus Heresy novels. The paint job is okay. I spent a lot of time getting a nicely gradiated red, but the photos completely flattened it. The faceplate is really bad. I should have gone back and had another go at doing it more tidily. The back of the cloak and the base are probably the strongest elements.

April - Primal


Varag Ghoul-Chewer. Didn't do well in the votes. It's a scruffy, mediocre paintjob, and I think the excessive weathering must have ended up looking like mistakes. It certainly obscured a lot of the shading and highlighting I did. The sculpt itself is kind of scrappy as well. Varag is a great character in Blood Bowl, but here he looks kind of fat and weirdly-proportioned. I like the squig-ball though.

May - Boom!


The Tyrant of Halpi, a big traditional fantasy dragon from Dungeon Saga. The first model I've ever painted for someone else (apart from some stuff I've painted for my wife) and at the time the most time I've spent on a model. Intimidatingly huge, frightening to paint, but it ended up being very rewarding, and I'm pleased with the result. I built the base myself, something I'm generally rubbish at. I learnt how to wet-blend specifically to paint this miniature.

June - Legendary

Nazgul on Fell Beast. I must have been on a bit of a roll after the Dungeon Saga dragon, because I went straight into painting another big dragon thing. I'm not sure what happened here, but more by luck than judgement the Nazgul and Fell Beast turned out almost photo-realistic. Trying to wet-blend black and dark grey was a crap-shoot as I couldn't see what was happening on the miniature due to the reflectiveness of the wet paint! In the end it those wings turned out lovely - leathery ancient and evil. The finishing touch on the whole thing was a subtle glaze of turquiose along the back of the creature's neck and back, giving the impression of either an underlying colour or reflections of the sky. The base is completely flipping rubbish.

July - Fun and Games

Sylvaneth Wyldwood. I really enjoyed painting this bit of terrain. It was also the first time I used the water effect stuff I bought, which I also used on my treelord ancient. I spent ages filling in the gaps with greenstuff, which had the knock-on effect of making the bloody thing unusable in games. You can't get models onto it because the trees are glued on! It also breaks every time I try to transport it anywhere.

August - Brutal

Dark Eldar Archon. I was attempting to paint a Dark Eldar army at this time, planning to enter Armies on Parade. I ultimately failed due to illness, dagnabbit. The paintjob is okay. The cloak is good, and the metal spikes. I covered up the sharpest bits of highlighting on the armour when I glued the arms on. I hadn't really thought about where they would go!

September - Armour Up

Dark Eldar Incubi. More Dark Eldar for my army. These are really great models, with a decent-ish paintjob. I really enjoy painting this kind of spiky angular armour. There's lots of edges and points to add highlights to without having to try to smoothly blend a big curved shoulderpad.

October - Fright Night

Dark Eldar Mandrakes. The last Dark Eldar entry. The end of my "Blue Period." More absolutely beautiful miniatures (as in the miniatures themselves - not the paintjob!). Really, I couldn't go wrong with them - they look freaking cool before you even put any paint on them. The blue glow and the leather skirts catch the eye, but the part I'm most proud of is the black skin.

November - Hold the Line

Stormcast Eternals. These didn't do well in the votes, but I have a soft spot for them because I set out to do something specific with them, using different techniques to what I usually do, and they turned out just as I planned. They make more sense when you put them next to the official GW paintjob for the same models, which are much brighter, warmer, more cartoony. Mine are a grimmer, more realistic take on the Stormcasts, who I find to look more sinister and depressing than heroic. I really should be more imaginative with my paintjobs though. I understand why they weren't popular - they're another gold and blue Stormcast unit. They're boring. I have a tendancy to paint stuff the same as it is on the box, with only subtle changes. Even my better stuff like the Nazgul stems from reproducing movie stills.

December - Open Round

Drycha Hamadreth. As well as my Dark Eldar army, I have a Sylvaneth army, and this is one of my favorite characters from it, so I had to do a decent job of painting her. She wasn't too difficult to paint - a bit of drybrushing on the bark, then trying to get the blue skin looking smooth and filling in the details. Putting a spot of ardcoat into each of the honeycomb holes was a good idea and sells the idea that they're full of honey. The base is terrible, a random collection of stuff, badly arranged.

January - A Few Good Men

Rum and Bones pirates. My only first place of the year, and only my second ever. The paintjob is hit and miss, with areas that are great and areas that are terrible, but on the whole the sheer character of the sculpts carries the overall entry. If you look through, they're easily my most colourful entry. The parts I like are the face and blue dress on the girl in the blue dress, the hair and face on the pirate with the red hair, and the parrot and coat on the male pirate. Other bits are imprecise and look as if the paint is too thick (probably too may layers) or the areas are poorly-defined and need some black lining.

February - Carry a Big Stick

Sylvaneth Treelord. My favorite entry of the year. I put a lot of work into it, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. The OSL is the best I've ever managed, as limited as it is (although there is some subtle light showing on the beard and loincloth) and the base turned out great. My son still loves it, although not as much as his latest Lego set now.

And as for those who have posted in this thread, great work everyone! Thanks to Midget and Modock for the compliments! I'm definitely not the master of any techniques though. My painting style involves a lot of getting stuff wrong and flailing about. My main strength is an ability to search youtube for guide videos. Individual feedback:

Nevelon - Great to see you branching out and trying new things, as well as your usual rock-solid Ultramarines. My favorites of the year from you are the Primaris Medicae and particularly the spectacular Mannfred.

Keesus - You've got a really nice bunch of miniatures here in the thread. You admit that one or two of them were rushed, but when you put the time in you produce amazing stuff. My favorite is actually the Bakunin Taskmaster. You say it was annoying to paint, but the result is fantastic.

Midget Gems - You produced some of my favorite entries to any Dakkadakka challenge this year. I like that you've been showing off your painting skill as well as your diorama-creation. The Dr Strangelove and Whack-a-Snotling ones are my favorites, and as I say two of my favorite entries of all time. Hilarious stuff.

ZergSmasher - Again, when you put all the miniatures you've painted for these challenges this year together, it's a nice body of work! You've painted Mortarian and Gulliman this year, as well as a big Tau tank - that's impressive. It really shows when you put in the extra time and effort, although of course I know that's not always possible to do. Morty and the Tau tank are my favorites.

Modock - I mean, obviously all your entries are great. A deserved winner of the overall table, by a deservedly large margin! You're the Man City of the thread, on a different level, and the rest of us are chasing Champions League spots. I actually think you've improved noticably over the course of the year, as well. You mention the number of hours you put in, and how you try different techniques (loaded brush? You must be mad. I tried it a few times, with dreadful results. It's impossible.) and all that work really pays off. My favorite is the jawdropping Slaughterpriest.

Gulgog Tuftoof - Lovely to see them all together in a group shot! You've had your struggles with the photography side from what i remember haven't you? You always get a nice green skintone, and add things like striped trousers to add interest. I bet your army looks great all together. One question though - don't you get bored just painting orks?

Chris56 - What a treat to see all your entries together in one place. You make lovely dioramas, and your painting is always lovely, very clean, with super-smooth fades and blends, seemingly effortless nmm, and excellent freehand. There's also a nice early-90s Eavy Metal feel to your painting style. Your style reminds me of Andy Craig a bit with the bright pastel colours. My favorites are the Shadespire minis, the witch with the basket of snakes, and the extraordinary Sorceress' cottage.

Right, I better get back to my Space Marine entry. I'm making life difficult for myself by trying to add a texture to the cloak. It's not really working.

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