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Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

The next installment in GT practice games!

This one hurt, and felt like a real step back in terms of progress. But lessons were learnt, and mistakes will hopefully not be repeated!

Battle for The Pass Vs Maggotkin of Nurgle

Opening battleline.

My intention was to string my forces out to a degree in order to throw out the enemy deployment. In true Nurgle fashion though. That really didn't make a difference. The Blightkings take the strong center, with Plaguebearers either side, stretched along the front line.

You'll notice I kept my 10 man liberators unit slightly further back as I was not getting first turn and I've seen how quickly Nurgle can move these days. I also set my Prosecutors off to the far right flank hoping to bunny hop the Plaugebearers and get in close to the Glottkin.

Both my Relictor's were on the flanks, in case I wanted to Lightning Chariot a unit over to an opposite flank in order to overwhelm on one side.

Now this is were I start to go wrong. At the start of my first turn no less :(

Nurgle advances in true fashion claiming the VPs on either flank. Utilising the GUO Bell, the Cycle of Corruption (Unnatural Vitality), the Gnarlmaws and run rolls. Practically doubling the Plaugebearers movement.

I felt at the time like I could take advantage of this advance though, and focus down one flank. Of course it was the Plaugebearers with Fleshy Abundance however. I had an 11" charge with the Stardrake, but was blocked by my own Prosecutors so could not swing around further onto the flank. I equally did not want to charge my Prosecutors in just yet either.

We start to trade wounds, taking the majority from mortals wounds due to "Blades of Putrefaction". Looking back I possibly should have brought in my Paladins turn one, to guarantee putting them down where I wanted them. I just didn't want them tangled up with those Plaguebearers.

The Prosecutors and Stardrake do relativity well on shooting though and knock some wounds off the Glottkin.

Turn 2.

Nurgle wins priority. Again a steady advance occurs across the board. The only saving grace is that his far right flank of 30 Plaugebearers remains put on Objective.

The Glottkin and GUO make way their way up the line. Which I had not anticipated, but was happy they were coming closer to my Prosecutors!

The Glottkin charges my Prosecutors, killing them off, whilst still in range of the Stardrake to batter him about to. The Blightkiings make a charge into my far left liberator unit, with Relictor in support.

Without the Prosecutors I had a few choices. My Stardrake was running low on wounds, and the Glottkin himself was down to 4 or so remaining. In hindsight, what I should have done here, is deepstrike onto his home objective with the Retributors, as only the Pox Scrivener was back there. Whilst deepstriking in with my Protectors, but behind the Glottkin not in front of him towards my deployment.

As it happens I fail both charges with my Paladins, and realise how high and dry they are out there.

My 10 man Liberator unit fails its charge into the Plaugebearers and so I decide to pull them into the Blightkings as my flank was taking a beating over there and I did not want them taking my home objective.

Current VP's sit at 10 v 2 in favour of Nurgle.

Turn 3.

Nurgle wins priority again and decides to pull back both the Glottkin and GUO. Making that Paladin gap even bigger.

In a form of small mercy, I got warding lantern on my Stardrake, and due to the Plaguebearers lack of rend I heal back a large amount of wounds from his attacks.

Blades of Putrefaction then hits me like a brick. Specifically my Stardrake. Taking 12 mortal wounds and knocking him out of the game. Without support I left him tanking far too much.

I have consolation charges with my Paladins into the Plaugebearers but at this stage the game is shot and I concede.

Ending VP's of 19 V 2 in favour of Nurgle.

Main Lessons Learnt:

Get Gud

Made in us
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

With all due respect, you lost this when you chose to engage the unit that had both fleshy abundance & blades of putrifaction. Better to hang back, let him take priority and potentially fail the casting roll on one of those (they need a 6 and 7 respectively). To elaborate a bit more, choosing to charge plaguebearers at all is often a poor choice since their role on the battlefield is to tank. A rule of thumb for plaguebearers is if they are dead/mostly dead at the end of the game they probably did their job, something to keep in mind for either side.

That said camping the relictor in cover and letting his blightkings charge in was a very good tactic. Even without a hit penalty they will have a ton of trouble moving a 2+ armor save model. From the looks of it they didn't do much during the game so it seems like you managed a very dangerous unit quite well.

"Putting a statement in quotations makes it seem more legitimate."
--Bette R. Withname

Imagine three people with the same set of values but radically different emotional states, each of them believes their position is more valid than the other two, they all post using the same account, and your job is to make it coherent. 
Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

I appreciate what you're saying @Ninth.

I really did make a lot of mistakes.

In hindsight, my general approach to this battle plan is actually to avoid the mid objectives all together and funnel everything through the middle. That way I would have avoided the Plaugebearers all together, been able to tar-pit the Blightkings at the center point rather than close to my home objective, whilst looking to alpha the Glottkin with Hammerstrike and push onto his home objective.

May have been a slow grind but 5 Vps a turn to 4 a turn would have seen me win it.

At least at this point I feel like I know what to do, and definitely what not to do!

Thanks for the tips beforehand! Sorry I didn't see them through, next time though!

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