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Black Captain of Carn Dûm


The Arnor faction aesthetics from The Third Age Total War Mod are just gorgeous to me. I was wondering if anyone had an idea whether conversion parts exist that would look similar to this, or what they would do to achieve this look on some heavy infantry.
[Thumb - arnor.jpg]

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Well GW actually made some Warriors of Arnor models. Looks like they still list a 3 pack and the Battlecompany online, but they are out of stock.


Might be able to find some of the OOP stuff online and recast their shields to get some Arnor shields to put on your Gondor models. Then scrape the Gondor sigils off the breastplates.

Thats probably as close as you'd get to the Third Age total war mod aesthetic, which technically got the Arnor sigils wrong by having the White Tree in there. White Tree is Gondor exclusive. Arnor was Stars and Laurels.

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Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!

Louisville (KY)

Personally I use the numenorean models in the warriors of the last alliance box set as that is exactly where those guys from the 3rd age mod were inspired by.

There is also https://davaleminiatures.com/ that has some great looking kits, but he RARELY restocks.

Also here is one of my conversions for one of my heroes in battle companies.

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Stealthy Grot Snipa

New England

Those look like:
Warrior Minas Tirith with the tree filed off the breastplate + Warrior of Numenor Heads & Shields + Greenstuff Capes & Beards

Could easily keep the Minas Tirith shields and file off the tree.

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Made in us
Black Captain of Carn Dûm


So Ive decided my course of converting these minis. I am going to use the Numenoreans but cutting off the wings on the helm. Then sculpting a nose guard and heavy shoulder pads. I feel that should provide somewhat of a desired look.

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Made in us
Black Captain of Carn Dûm


So after a week or so of rounding up every plastic Numenorean I could find on ebay, I came up with this. I have to iron out the shoulder pads a bit more, but I made them from small pieces of Vinyl since its quite flexible. As for the helm, I shaved the wings off and added a layer of greenstuff to the center of the helm to raise the fin. Couldn't resist slapping some paint on it. I decided to not go all out on these guys as I need over 150 of them. Tabletop is fine for War of the Ring Id say. Ill save the extended painting time for my Knights of Dol Amroth.

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Also, instead of Arnor warriors, Im calling them Dunedain Knights, since their stand ins for foot KODA until the new resin models come out.
[Thumb - 35051889_1531291983660509_2986682281537568768_n.jpg]

[Thumb - 35151366_1531291993660508_6369014197308620800_n.jpg]

[Thumb - 35123955_1531292010327173_2715466439803797504_n.jpg]

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Made in us
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!

Louisville (KY)

These look super cool and are really really well done. The only criticism i have is that the custom crest on the helmet is a little big otherwise OMG!!!
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Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine


Very nice work!

Made in us
Black Captain of Carn Dûm


Thanks! And i feel the same about the crest. Ill be thinning down future ones.
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