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Made in us
Stubborn Prosecutor


This was a fun game and it showed that the Slayers could still hold their own in 8th ed.

The Armies:

My Slayers of Karak Kadrin


295 Daemon Slayer, Master Rune of Skalf Blackhammer, Rune of Snorri Spangelheim,
Slayers Skills- Vampire Slayer (D6 wounds on T5 or more), Deathblow (if the model is slain in CC he may make all of his attacks again)

130 Dagon Slayer, Rune of Speed, Rune of Fury, Rune of Cleaving, Slayer Skill Deathblow
149 Dragon Slayer, additional hand weapon, Wards of Grimnir (Magical resistance 1), Slayer Skill Beast Slayer (1 wound =2 for combat resolution)
170 Dragon Slayer, Master Rune of Swiftness, Rune of Cleaving, Slayer Skill Vampire Slayer

363 Troll Slayers (30), Standard, Musician, Giant Slayer
363 Troll Slayers (30), Standard, Musician, Giant Slayer
363 Troll Slayers (30), Standard, Musician, Giant Slayer
195 Doomseeker (3)
195 Doomseeker (3)
195 Doomseeker (3)

501 Brotherhood of Grimnir (30), Standard, Musician, Giant Slayer, Master Rune of Grimnir

130 Goblin Hewer
455 Gotrek & Felix

Army Shot

Gotrek & Felix

Daemon Slayers (General) & Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayers


Ogres of the Unpainted Belly Tribe:

317 Tyrant, Sword of Strife, Armour of Fortune, Ironfist, Ogre name- Giant Breaker
347 Slaughter master, Level 4, additional hand weapon, Channeling staff, talisman of preservation

184 Firebelly, level 2, great weapon, power stone
136 Bruiser, great weapon, gamblers armour
193 Bruiser, BSB, iron fist, heavy armour, Rampager's Standard

399 Ironguts (8) standard, champion, musician, War banner
286 Ogres (8) standard, champion, musician, ironfists
286 Ogres (8) standard, champion, musician, ironfists
286 Ogres (8) standard, champion, musician, ironfists

192 Leadbelchers (4) musician, champion
192 Leadbelchers (4) musician, champion
325 Mournfangs (4) standard, champion, musician, heavy armour, ironfists, Standard of Discipline

170 Ironblast (proxied by the cannon on the 50x100 movement tray)
200 Giant

Army Shot

Firebelly & BSB

Tyrant & Bruiser

Slaughter master


The table

Set up

“Look Snorri Tolls!”

To those of you not familiar with the Slayer Army, they have a rule called “Look Snorri Troll!” where before you roll to see who goes first each unit in the army charges forward 2D6 towards the enemy. The Goblin Hewer and Gotrek & Felix are exempt from this rule.

The Ogres win first turn and off we go.

Ogres Turn 1
Most of the Ogre line moves ahead towards the Slayer line.

From up on his hill the Slaughter master casts Bone crusher on the closest Doomseeker

The Slayers let it go through and it causes 1 wound, first blood to the Ogres!

The Slaughter master continues and casts Spine Marrow on the Iron Guts. The Slayers stop it cold.

The Firebelly thinks he can do better and casts a level 2 fireball on the wounded Doomseeker. The Slayers anti-magic stops the ogres again. However the Firebelly sums up a magical gale and casts Piercing Bolts on a unit of Slayers in the Center with the Daemon Slayer. The bolts kill 4 slayers.

The Ironblast falls short only wounding one Slayer from the Generals unit, however the slayer is saved by his ward save from the Master Rune of Grimnir.

On the other side of the field both units of Leadbelchers unload on the slayers to the far right killing 7.

Slayers Turn 1

The wounded Doomseeker fails to charge the Bruiser and his unit.

The rest of the slayers advance.

The Goblin Hewer kills and ogre from the Bruiser’s unit.

Nothing else, turn over.

Ogre turn 2

The Mournfangs charge a Doomseeker.

The Bruiser and his unit charge the Daemon Slayer’s unit and a Doomseeker. The Ironblast joins in on the fun.

The Iron Guts charge the slayers on the far right flank. The old school try to join in but hit a well placed Doomseeker.

The ogres on the far right flank fail to charge Gotrek and Felix.

The Giant and Fire Belly sneak around the left flank

In the center the Slaughter Master hits the Brotherhood of Gimnir with The Maw killing 4.

Out of power dice the Firebelly hits the slayers on the left flank with his breath weapon, killing 15. Ouch!!

Magic and shooting over on to the combats.

The Doomseeker puts a wound on the Mournfangs, but he is really just a speed bump for them. They kill him and over run into the next.

Moving over to the next combat, the Bruiser’s unit and Ironblast only kill 4 slayers with impact hits. In return the Doomseeker puts a wound on the ogres

The Daemon Slayer issues a challenge; ogres are slow but not stupid. The ogre champion accepts instead of the Bruiser. The Daemon slayer quickly dispatches the champion.

The slayers put one wound on the Ironblast and kill another ogre. In return the ogres kill 7 slayers. The Bruiser kills the Doomseeker and stomp attacks kill 3 more. Ogres-14 Slayers-9. Slayers hold

On the right flank the Doomseeker scores one wound on the old school ogres. He is then crushed and the ogres over run into the next combat.

Impact hits kill 6 slayers, and the Dragon Slayer issues a challenge. The Tyrant has Giant Breaker and must accept. The Dragon Slayer scores a wound on the Tyrant who in return pummels the slayer to death. However before he dies using the Deathblow slayer skill the Dragon Slayer takes another 2 wounds off the Tyrant.

The rest of the combat is a blood bath. The slayers cause 4 wounds on the Ironguts and 2 on the ogres. The Ironguts kill 10 slayers, another 4 are killed by the ogres and stomp kills 2 more leaving just the Giant Slayer alive. Ogres-27 Slayers-10. I make funny faces at Zaius and remind him that the Giant Slayer is Unbreakable!

Slayers Turn 2

The Slayers charge the Mournfangs

Doomseeker Charges the Leadbelchers with the BSB and the Brotherhood of Grimnir charge the Ironguts.

Gotrek & Felix get in on the action and charge the ogres on the far right.

Feeling bold I decided to let Malakai shoot his repeater handgun at the giant and he takes 1 wound off the big guy, however the Goblin Hewer crew hit nothing.

In combat the Doomseeker puts 2 wound on the Mournfangs. The Dragon slayer issues a challenge and it is accepted by the Mournfang champion.

The Dragon Slayer whiffs completely and is crushed by the mournfang with no help from the rider. The rest of the slayers can only manage 1 wound on the mournfangs. In return the ogre riders kill 5 slayers. Ogres-9 Slayers-5.

Moving over the Daemon Slayer issues another challenge. The Bruiser has no choice this time but to accept. The Daemon slayer scores 2 wounds on the big fellow, who fails his ward save on both. Then thanks to the Vampire Slayer skill 2 wounds become 8 and the Bruiser falls dead before he can raise his axe.

The other slayers score 5 wounds on the ogres and another 1 on the Ironblast. The ogres and Ironblast together can only muster 5 wounds on the slayers. Slayers-16 Ogres-6. Slayers win a combat

Even the presence of the BSB can not help them. Both the Ogres and Ironblast break, with the Slayers hot on their trail.

The ogres breaking may have been due to the fact that the BSB was busy killing a Doomseeker, who manager to put a wound on a Leadbelcher before he died.

The Dragon Slayer with the Brotherhood of Grimnir issues a challenge. The Tyrant must accept due to his Giant Breaker name. The Dragon Slayer is armed with the Master Rune of Swiftness and Vampire Slayer, more than enough to take care of the last few wounds on the Tyrant. IF HE COULD WOUND. He whiffs and the Tyrant squishes him flat.
The slayers make up for his failure by scoring 8 wounds on the Ironguts and the champion left over form the other unit also puts one wound on the ogres. The Ironguts have their own whiff and only score 2 wounds on the Brotherhood. The Ogres kill the lone champion. Slayers-13 Ogres-9

Even with the BSB near by the Ironguts with the Tyrant break and flee. The Brotherhood is free to pursue them, due to the "No more enemy" rule we found in the rule book. The Brotherhood catches the Ironguts and run them down. The old school ogres hold their ground.

Almost forgotten about on the far right Gotrek & Felix take on a unit of ogres.

Together Gotrek & Felix score 4 wounds the ogres return by killing Felix. Gotrek-4 Ogres-4. Ogres pass Leadership.

Ogres Turn 3

The giant charges the slayers struggling against the mournfangs.

The fleeing ogres rally, but the Ironblast keeps going to the table edge.

In the center of the field every one moves to surround the Brotherhood of Grimnir.

In a shocking display of gut magic the Slaughter Master hits the Brotherhood with the large template version of The Maw. The Slayers fail to stop the spell and the Slaughter Master rolls a direct hit, killing 10.

The Leadbelchers add to that and kill 3 more. Oh thank heaven for unbreakable.

Way over on the right flank the Giant picks up a slayer and throws him back into his chums killing 3. The Slayers score 2 wounds on the mournfangs, who hit back with 7 wounds whipping out the slayers. The mournfangs are left with the Doomseeker and if we read "No more enemies" right the giant is free to move next turn.

All on his own Gotrek does 3 wounds to the ogres, but he takes a wound himself from the big brutes. Gotrek-3 Ogres-2. Ogres pass leadership test.

Slayers Turn 3

The Daemon Slayer and his unit charge the newly rallied ogres

The Brotherhood of Grimnir charges the Leadbelchers with the BSB.

With vain hopes a Doomseeker charges the other unit of Leadbelchers.

Spotting a perfect shot Malakai aims the Goblin Hewer at the flank of the old school ogres.

The old boys take 7 wounds and flee from the crazy ax throwing machine.

The Doomseeker bravely stands up to the mournfangs, but is then pounded into the ground.

Next door the Daemon Slayer and his unit score 3 wounds and the ogres kill 2. Slayers-4 ogres-3. The ogres pass their leadership on a re-roll from the BSB.

The Brotherhood chops 6 wounds into the Leadbelchers. The ogres and BSB hit back with 4 wounds. Slayers-8 Ogres-5.

The Leadbelchers break and flee with the Brotherhood right behind them.

The other unit of Leadbelchers fairs a little better. They score a wound and so does the Doomseeker. Slayer-2 Ogres-1. Ogres pass break test.

Gotrek kills another ogre and they score another wound on him. Gotrek-3 ogres-2. Ogres pass leadership again!
(Picture missing )
Ogres Turn 4

The Giant fails to charge the Goblin Hewer and the mournfangs turn on to fresh prey. Who knows what the Firebelly is up to?

In some odd rolling the BSB/Leadbelchers fail to rally and flee off the table, while the Ironblast rallies and turns on the Brotherhood.

A little confused the old school ogres rally and turn for the Doomseeker. Shhhhh don’t tell them they turned back into the path of the Goblin Hewer. HAHAHAHA

Magic was disappointing with only 3 dice rolled. The Firebelly did use them well to get an irresistible force for a level 2 fireball off on the Goblin Hewer. However there are only 2 hits and they both fail to wound, but the miscast causes no harm.
In combat with the ogres the Daemon Slayer and his unit score 5 wounds. The ogres hit back with 2. Slayers-7 Ogres-2. (Do you see what’s about to happen?)

The surviving ogre champion breaks and flees, right through the Ironblast which also panics. The slayers are too tired to catch them.

The Leadbelchers kill the Doomseeker and take another wound themselves.

Gotrek still grieving for the fallen Felix causes 4 wounds. The ogres whiff and break with the slayer hot on their trail.

Slayers Turn 4

Slayers charge fleeing Ogres and run him down, while the Brotherhood turn their attention on the Slaughter Master.

Gotrek chases some more ogres off the table.

We all saw this one coming. The Goblin Hewer takes aim and hits the old school ogres again.

It does 6 wounds. The survivors panic again and flee towards Gotrek.

Ogres turn 5

The giant charges the Goblin Hewer

The mournfangs make an 18 inch charge to hit the General and what is left of his unit. The Ironblast also fails to rally and flees off the table.

The old school ogres rally and decided to turn staying far away from the Goblin Hewer and focus on Gotrek.

In the magic phase the Slaughter Master casts and irresistible bone cruncher and kills 1 slayer from the Brotherhood of Grimnir. The miscast takes a wound off the Slaughter Master and drains the rest of the power dice away.

The Leadbelchers take aim and blast away 3 more of the Brotherhood leaving just the champion.

In combat the giant swings his mighty club and kills two of the Goblin Hewer crew. Malakai whiffs but holds his ground.

The Mournfangs only kill 3 slayers with their impact hits. The General in return deals 4 wounds to the Mournfangs who themselves whiff in combat.

However the Mournfangs do kill the Giant slayer and put a wound on the Daemon Slayer with their Stomp Attacks. Ogres-9 Slayers-4. If you were paying closer attention than us, you will realize that the Mournfangs should have started the combat with 2 wounds from prior combat, but we forgot and did not realize until writing the report, oh well.

Slayer Turn 5

Being a fearless slayer the Brotherhood champion charges the Slaughter Master.

Gotrek Moves on the old school ogres.

The giant swings his club and deals 4 wounds to Malakai, getting rid of him and his wonderful machine.

The General deals 4 wounds to the mournfangs. The champion and his mount deal 3 wounds to the General, killing him. BUT WAIT, he has the Slayer Skill Deathblow. Before dying the General hits and wounds the mournfang champion 4 times. So everyone is dead in proper slayer fashion.

The Brotherhood champion whiffs and the Slaughter Master sends him to his honorable death. At this point we are running low on slayers.

Ogre Turn 6

With nothing else left the ogres turn their attention on Gotrek. The old school ogres charge and the Slaughter Master, Leadbelchers, and Firebelly move in.

In magic the Slaughter Master casts Troll Guts on the ogres, but it is dispelled. He the casts Spine Marrow making the Ogres stubborn and the slayers (really just Gotrek) can’t stop it.

In combat Gotrek does 3 wounds to the Ogres. The ogres deal 2 wounds to Gotrek but can not get passed his ward save. Gotrek-4 Ogres-1(they should have a standard)

Troll Guts is no help to the Ogres who roll a 10 for Leadership and break. The Ogres flee 9. Looking extremely crazed a the moment Gotrek Rolls a 12 for pursue running down the ogres and smacking into the Slaughter Maser.

Slayer Turn 6

Gotrek deals the Slaughter Master 3 wounds, and he makes 2 ward saves. But Gotrek’s axe does D6 wounds to models with T5 or more. So 1 wound is now 5 and the Slaughter Master is cut down. The insane Gotrek over runs for 9 inches towards the Leadbelchers.

End of Slayers turn 6

Victory points
Slayers-2927 in kills
0200 Gotrek has captured 2 banners
0100 Killing enemy general
Total 3227

Ogres-3278 in kills
0300 for three table quarters
0100 Killing enemy general
Total 3678
Difference of 451 victory points a “Marginal Victory”


End of game, or is it?

So after some gripes about unbreakable units and my acceptance of defeat we decided that the Ogre victory will stand for official game length, but we will play out until last man standing.

So here is the nothing but bragging rights bonus round.

Ogres turn #7

The giant and firebelly move in on Gotrek.

Wanting to get things over with the Firebelly tries to cast a fireball but is dispelled.

The Leadbelchers thinking they can do better try to shoot Gotrek in the face. They only manage 2 wounds that bounces off of his ward save.

Slayers turn 7

Gotrek Charges the Leadbelchers.

Gotrek hands out 2 wounds and the Leadbelchers can not manage to wound the slayer.
Gotrek-3 ogres-0
The Leadbelchers flee and roll a 4, Gotrek rolls a 9 and cuts them down. Being too close the Firebelly panics at the site of a friendly unit being destroyed and decided to flee from the horror.

Ogres turn 8

The giant charges Gotrek and the Firebelly fails to rally heading for the table edge.

In combat Gotrek wounds the Giant 3 times each one becoming D6 for a total of 10 wounds. That is one dead giant. The Giant falls backwards leaving the slayer unharmed (lucky sod)

Slayer turn 8

Gotrek moves after the Firebelly.

Ogres turn 9

Firebelly rallies!! He gets 3 dice for the power pool and fails to cast a level 2 fireball.

Slayers turn 9

Gotrek fails to charge the Firebelly.

Ogres turn 10

Firebelly charges Gotrek.
Gotrek gets one wound, which becomes 4 after the D6 and the Firebelly is dead before even swinging.

Gotrek is left all alone to seek his glorious death in another battle.

Ladies and gents, with one wound left Gotrek Gurnisson is the last man (dwarf) standing.

Post game thoughts:

Well even though the Slayers lost (in official game time) it was a fun match. There were plenty of up and downs on both sides. This was my first time playing against the new ogres and they are brutal. The amount of damage that they can throw out is amazing. In most of the combats if it had just been hand to hand attacks I think the slayers would have performed as usual. But the ogres ability to combine HTH with impact his and stomp buts them over the top. I can now see how most units don’t stand up to them for very long. Those mournfangs are a royal pain too, if it had not been for the Daemon Slayer they would have rampaged and finished the game off for the ogres. Also Doomseekers are little more than speed bumps to ogres, but there are not a lot of other choices in the army so I go with what I have.

I have to say once again that I was super impressed with Gotrek. In 8th he is awesome his I5 can actually be used plus T5 and a 4+ ward save gives him some amazing survivability. Even though I lost after what Gotrek did in the extra turns that made it a moral victory.

Gotrek is without a doubt my man of the match. He killed a full unit of Ogres, half of another, a Slaughter Master, Firebelly, and a Giant, a total of 1160 points. What a beast.

Lesson of the game:
Don’t mess with Gotrek or kill his friend.

It's time to go full Skeletor  
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Average Orc Boy


Haha a really cool report.

You can always rely on good ol' Gotrek to kill off everything. 1 Wound = D6 wounds is ultra hard.
T5, 4+ Ward save is a statement.

I remember a tournament in 6th edition when I had the honor of playing against a slayer army with my Orcs. It was a draw, and the fastest game I ever had, due to skipping the magic phase completely for the dwarf and the shooting phase almost, as having only a single Goblin Hewer isn't that much (though the rules for it are over the top for the points (NOT in a Slayer army but in any allowed other army as a rare choice, like it was possible back then in 6th).

I personally woul've tried to get some more shooting rounds if I were the Ogre player. He also has no cats in his army. Big mistake.
These would've helped him a lot I think.

Made in us
Stubborn Prosecutor


Yeah some more shooting and some more magic might have helped the Ogres, they still won officially though. We only went overtime to see what Gotrek could do. Good idea on the cats, we'll take that into advisement.

It's time to go full Skeletor  
Made in gb
Highlord of Terra

Adrift within the vortex of my imagination.

Now I see why Teclis, who can take out an entire druchii army by himself; would not get within a hundred paces of Gotrek, or stop levitating when they met. Even though they were technically on the same side.

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n'oublie jamais

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Made in us
Stubborn Prosecutor


 Orlanth wrote:
Now I see why Teclis, who can take out an entire druchii army by himself; would not get within a hundred paces of Gotrek, or stop levitating when they met. Even though they were technically on the same side.

It's time to go full Skeletor  
Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Fargo, ND USA

Good report, but one niggle: The Ogres kept having Standard Bearers fleeing combats. Standard Bearers don't flee, they die(Minibook pg 94, Last Stand).

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 Platuan4th wrote:
Good report, but one niggle: The Ogres kept having Standard Bearers fleeing combats. Standard Bearers don't flee, they die(Minibook pg 94, Last Stand).

Yeah that was a goof on our part. This was the first game back after a long hiatus.

It's time to go full Skeletor  
Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Did you use the Slayer list from the Storm of Chaos book with 8th edition rules? Also which Gotrek rules are you using? The ones I have don't say anything about multiplying wounds into D6, his axe only mentions making all successful wounds double, I'm assuming you've given him VampireSlayer but if so how and why? Is there an updated set of rules for the new Slayer list and if so do you have a link?

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Made in us
Stubborn Prosecutor


Yazima wrote:
Did you use the Slayer list from the Storm of Chaos book with 8th edition rules? Also which Gotrek rules are you using?

Yes we were using the Storm of Chaos rules for the Slayers and an FAQ from Gav Thorp on how to use them with the 6.5ed runes. At the time we played this the 8th ed dwarfs were not out yet, 2013 I think.

For Gotrek and Felix we used a PDF that was on the GW website at the time. There were a couple of them back in the day not sure which was the most recent. I know at one point they were 475pts, then dropped to 455. No matter which set of rules you use, Gotrek is pretty beastly.

It's time to go full Skeletor  
Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Do you possibly have any copies/links to the FAQ and PDF you could send me. Someone was using a Slayer army in a recent friendly tournament and I'm interested in having a look at the updated rules.
Also I've looked at all of the available official versions of Gotrek's rules and every single one of them has his axes listed as Multiple Wounds (2) and ignores armour, I don't see any D6 multiple wounds

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Made in us
Stubborn Prosecutor


Yazima wrote:
Do you possibly have any copies/links to the FAQ and PDF you could send me.

We played this game back in 2013 so I have no idea where it went. The only thing I can find right now is my 2002 Annual and in that one Gotrek and Felix were 475pts. If I come across it, I'll post it but I make no guarantees.

It's time to go full Skeletor  
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