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I'm a complete beginner to AoS, and I just finished painting up a load of old Tzeentch Daemons for 40k. I'd love to use them to learn AoS too, but have no idea where to start. There are also a few models lurking around my piles that I could easily get painted up to help.

Here's what I've got:
- Lord of Change
- Herald (big Horror) on a Disc
- Sorcerer/Champion/Herald on a Disc
- Herald on Foot
- Sorcerer on Foot
- Daemon Prince
- 15 Pink Horrors
- 6 Blue Horrors
- 9 Flamers

Here's what I could easily rustle up:
- 20 or so Chaos Cultists/Marauders (old fantasy models)
- 10-15 Chaos Warriors (old fantasy models)
- 5 Chaos Knights (old fantasy models)

So, is that ANY USE AT ALL? Can I turn that into a small and vaguely useable army to start playing with? I have no idea!

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Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

Well first off, you will need the Generals Handbook for up to date point costs and the new summoning rules. Also the Tzeentch battletome, obviously. The age of sigmar app is very good to have and you can buy the books digitally on there if you like.

Everything you have can be used in a Tzeentch army, so long as you give your marauders/warriors/knights MoT. Your blue & brim horror units will need to be larger though, while pinks you only want to run as 10-man units.

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