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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Riverside, CA USA

I'd always wanted to do a High Elf army since I started WHFB in 6th ed, but the basic spearmen and archers were so absolutely terrible that I couldn't. I picked up some of the wonderful Isle of Blood models, but very strongly disliked the huge blocks of basic infantry that ruled 8th edition. Recently, Mantic Games released their Kings of War:Vanguard game, which gave me the excuse to paint up a Wood Elf warband from mixed GW and Runewars Latari figures. While waiting for the rest of the group to finish their warbands, I kept eyeballing some Eternal Guard I'd primed green years ago and always thought would make excellent High Elf Spearmen, so I painted one up in blue and silver and white and it snowballed into a whole army. Not just a Vanguard warband, it is that at the moment, but in the process it turned into the High Elf army I've wanted for 20 years. I plan to build and ideally paint it into a 7th ed army with the option of using the figs for Kings of War if I ever meet any other players. My old gaming buddy lives a couple hours drive and has his old dwarves, and that was the flimsiest excuse I needed to drop hundreds of dollars on hundreds of plastic toys I'd most likely never field

I've played one game of Vanguard with them now (GREAT game, very Mordheim inspired!) and also have a unit of slightly converted archers built, a chariot painted that just needs basing, and a unit of Dragon Princes half assembled. Beyond that, all unbuilt and on sprue I have 3 complete sets of Isle of Blood, 20 additional Seaguard, a Lion Chariot, a dragon mage, a few mounted and dismounted mages and princes, a unit of Silver Helms, 2 eagles, plus my old isle of blood set and 2 bolt throwers, and a unit of shadow warriors on order. Originally I was going to use Eternal Guard as Spearmen, but will instead likely use converted DE Dreadspears as the newer plastics look very high-elven if you give them sea guard spears, remove the shield emblems and leave the helmet crests off. I've got some coming in that I'll give it a try on and if it doesn't work, I'll just go with the original plan of Eternal Guard

First up is the completed Vanguard Warband. Phone images look a little posterized, not sure if it's my phone settings or just how these colors appear with a slight blur

The warjack is my counts-as treeman, it makes more sense to me that High Elves would use an arcane construct than an ent, that would be uncivilised

The guys that started it all. In the full army they will get shields, in Vanguard they act as my citizen levies

Inaugural run of the warband in Vanguard, they lost, but they looked oh-so-pretty doing it

Hopefully more images to come, there need to break away to finish an Infinity army for a tournament in a couple weeks, and I've been sidelined by Vanguard terrain and objectives in the meantime

~Kalamadea (aka ember)
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Snotty Snotling

Thats an awesome collection I daresay!

And the idea of the warjack totally makes sense when I think of it.
I love how my guardian shamblers turned out, but somehow they look alien when standing beside my WHFB elves... next time i field them probably even more so

you use the green one as the kindred gladestalker i guess while the other is the normal kindred archer?

whats does your 2-hand-sword wielder represent?

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and BTW:
You might have lost, but you looked that much better losing than he did winning

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Made in nl
Fresh-Faced New User

Wow, awesome painting. Compliments!
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Riverside, CA USA

Glade Guard is indeed a Gladestalker. I may replace him with a Shadow Warrior in that role once I buy the unit. The Swordmaster is a Kindred Tallspear w/ a heavy weapon. I wish I had the option to drop the spear, but it's not a terrible thing to have it if he drops the model he's engaged with and supports another spearman next to him. Honestly, the only reason I lost was that my opponent rolled FIRE for armor saves, I've never seen so many exploding 8s! It's good though, got him even more invested in the game and it got some of our group to look into it as a side game to Infinity

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~Kalamadea (aka ember)
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Made in de
Battlefield Tourist


Gorgeous army, you've selected all the best looking models for that force.

Made in de

Rhein Main Gebiet

Looks good.

I didn't want to mention it, but considering you mentioned replacing it, I think the Gladeguard would fit right in with a tiny amount of white and blue. For example where the boot folds down or at the wrists.

I am going to have to post some pictures of my next battle now.

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"I'd like to live just long enough to be there when they cut off your head and stick it on a pike as a warning to the next ten generations that some favors come with too high a price. I'd look up at your lifeless eyes and wave like this. Can you and your associates arrange it for me, Mr. Morden?"
Morden and Vir, In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum 
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Stubborn Eternal Guard


"they lost, but they looked oh-so-pretty doing it"

Looking good IS winning (as per the rule of cool).

Very nice painting and enjoyed hearing about how an army you envisioned many years ago is coming to life. The same is happening for me in KoW and Vanguard.

May the dice be with you!  
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Riverside, CA USA

Stygian - Possibly. I'd toyed with the idea of just using Glade Guard for regular archers painted white and blue. I wasn't concerned with making this particular one "match" the rest since he's supposed to be a ranger/scout. Kind of moot, he'll most likely get replaced with a Shadow Warrior once the box I ordered comes in

Didn't get much done on the elves this weekend, still finishing my Invincible Army for Infinity, but I did pick up some of the newer Dark Elf Dreadspears and did up the first of the regular spearmen. Model doesn't actually show the fair bit of work it took to get it to this level, something that's annoying and gratifying since it's SUPPOSED to look like a bog-standard infantryman. Shaved the emblem off the shield, filled the void in his helmet where the crest normally glues into, shaved some of the jagged edges down on the pauldrons into smoother edges, filled the chainmail undershirt on the shield arm, replaced the spear arm with a Lothern Sea Guard arm and spear and shaved off the rivets on the bottom hem of armor. The golden jewel on his helmet crest isn't supposed to be there at all, unfortunately the plastic putty I used to fill in his helmet had a void in it that expanded when I hit it with a hairdryer to dry the washes, but the bubble was so perfectly formed I just painted it gold and hit it with some black lining. Plan is to do 4 more to be the regular Kindred Talspears for Vanguard, not sure if I want to use the Dreadspear conversions or the Eternal Guard for my basic Spearmen units when I do the full army. The EG are much easier to build, but the Dreadspears are much easier to paint. I gots some thinking to do...

~Kalamadea (aka ember)
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