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Can Nighthaunt Wizards in a Legion of Nagash army take Lores of the Dead Spells?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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The Armies in the LoN book states All WIZARDS in a xxx army know an additional spell from one of the Lores of the Dead.

Per the LoN FAQ I can include a Guardian of Souls in my army.

The Lores of the Dead state

WIZARDS that know an additional
spell (or spells) from one of the Lores of
the Dead, as described in their army’s
allegiance abilities, generate their spells
from the following tables.
You must generate any additional spells
Lore of the Deathmages, whilst those for
VAMPIRE WIZARDS must be generated
from the Lore of the Vampires.
may generate each of their additional
spells from either lore. To generate a
spell, either pick the spell or roll a D6 to
randomly determine it.

My reading of this says my Guardian is allowed to take a spell (he is a wizard) but isn't restricted to which table he must choose from (he is neither a deathmage nor a vampire). Is there something I am missing?

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Nope you got it right.

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