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Looking at branching into a Death army while avoiding the obvious cheese of FEC and LoN. Are soulblight competitive at all? With the point reduction on blood knights, vargheists as battleline, Prince Vhordrai looks like an insane beatstick (at least on paper), as well as the new endless spells is anyone out there using them with success?

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Made in us
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

With Blood Knights at 200 (too low IMO) they sure are. You'll be spamming the heck out of those so find a conversion/proxy you like, or a new bank account...

Vhordrai is indeed a beatstick. He pretty much does as advertised. VLoZD is also good; always take the 'options' of a shield and blood chalice since they are free upgrades.

Bats aren't bad either, just the GW models. Fell bats can camp objectives for cheap while swarms have obvious support/chaff uses.

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