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Rapacious Razorwing

Midwest USA

Page 88 - Pitched Battle Profiles

The blurb at the top of the page says that larger units are taken in multiples of their minimum size and the points as well .....

min unit size as an example 5, maximum is 20 as an example .....

points are 90/320 for this same example

5 goes into 20 4 times but 90 does not go into 320 4 times

I don't understand the fuzzy math here Can some tell me where I am missing the boat on this ?

Please use small words because I must be really stupid
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Quick-fingered Warlord Moderatus

United Kingdom

For some units you get a discount if you take the maximum size. In your example if you take 20 you pay 320 rather than 360 (4x90=360).
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Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

There's probably a note about "massive unit discount" somewhere that you missed, that's it. Easy thing to overlook.

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"Putting a statement in quotations makes it seem more legitimate."
--Bette R. Withname

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Hungry Ghoul

Sounds like bladegheist revenants, judging by the numbers. They do indeed get the discount on massive units.

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