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Ariadna Berserk Highlander


Here is how
Maybe this will be helpful for someone.

In addition to these paints I used also Vallejo Glaze Medium 73.596.

Paints on palette.

In the first row are paints with a little water. First from top is black.

In the middle row on top is the base color - mix of black, green from Andrea and turquoise (approximate proportions - 5/80/15), on the bottom is white whit a very little of base color, this mix will be used to mark places where reflections will be.

On the right is semitransparent mix for glazes - turquoise, a little dark green and glaze medium (60/10/30)

This method works best on bigger elements. Main idea is to make big white splashes and then add some color and clean up everything with glazes.

1. Sword painted with base mix, 2-3 thin layers.
2. First layer of white mix.
3. Two more layers, even coverage is more important than transition betwen light and dark areas.


Each step is to glaze white spots 2-3 times with leaving center of the spots clean.

1. Glaze with transparent turquoise mix.
2. A little Andrea dark green was added, color changes a little.
3. I added more dark green to the glaze mix, the mix begins to be opaque and more green than blue.

1. Clean-up, edges were painted with white mix, some dark parts got another layer of base mix or black.
2. Final highlights with pure white, NMM is finished.
3. Some more colors, added for fun.

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Made in es
Drafted Man-at-Arms


That is great, thank you for posting it. Love the colour variation you got there.

Love the sketched highlight trick, I'm definitely going to try that.

Do you have any tips for highlights and reflexion placement that's for me the hardest part of NMM

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Agile Revenant Titan

London, UK

How many passes with the glazes did you have to do to get a satisfactory blend? That's always something I find difficult to get right.

Looks great by the way, really impressive and I want to try it myself.

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Dakka Veteran

Central California

Looks great, Good tutorial for me because it is clear and concise. It also kind of goes the opposite direction I have always tried to do. Thanks for taking the time.

Edward Myst
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