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Steadfast Ultramarine Sergeant

So my friend and I are doing our work terms and I got him to make 32mm objective markers made out of aluminum on a lathe. They pretty much look like a 32mm bases but with holes in them like a die.

He's wondering if I can get him to make me anything else but I'm drawing a blank. So if you guys got any ideas on simple things that can be made I'd like to hear them. I also play mtg so if there's anything similar that could be made for that game too I'd like to hear your ideas!
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Witch Hunter Undercover in a Cult

Back in 5e GW released a neon green plastic sprue of markers to designate which units had run, charged, gone to ground, etc., you could try to make some of those. Or Warmachine-esque spell tokens to indicate which psychic powers are in play on which unit (I just use old acrylic Warmachine tokens, usually, but if you wanted something nicer...).

As to MTG it depends on what type of tokens your deck uses. +1/+1 counters and -1/-1 counters are usually easier done with dice than actual counters, but if you were using, for instance, Oblivion Stone or Triad of Fates you could make Fate Counters (since there isn't a great reason to have more than one on each permanent).

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I'm thinking of using small tokens to remember in-game effects that I often forget (due to having multiple armies and little time to play).
Things like +1 to hit, to wound, reroll 1s to hit, to wound, etc... Small tokens that can be placed on the side of a unit to remember which aura effect or similar buff/debuff affects them.

In my last game I used the Tau Kauyon ability in my first turn (reroll every failed hit roll for affected units) but I actually forgot that I had it and I only rerolled 1s due to Markerlights It sounds stupid (and it is) but playing a full game on a weekday night is definitely tiresome.

I'll probably print some very small cardboard tokens for now and see how it goes.

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