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Hi there.

Just as the title says, I'm thinking about getting into this particular wargame. Maybe not right away, but somewhere down the line. I've heard through the grapevine that Cygnar, Khador and the Trollbloods are the most newbie friendly factions in the game. Out of those three factions I just mentioned, Khador appeals to me the most, since red is my favorite color and I hear they have a great selection of infantry. Trollbloods come in second place for me because I love the Scottish Orc vibes that they give off. Though I am open to suggestions if those factions allow you to field more troops than the usual Warmahordes army can.

Thank you and have a good day.
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Baltimore, MD

Make sure it's still played locally. While the game shows signs of rebounding, it crashed hard in 2015-2016.

the game has a punishing learning curve. It can be fun, but it's a game with turn independent win conditions, so games can end fast if you make errors.

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Boom! Leman Russ Commander

London, Ontario

Hi there!

I enjoy WMH. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to swing my garage gaming buddies to the system, they feel “committed” to 40k.

I haven’t played a game in a year-ish. While I have a gaming store nearby with a reasonably strong group that plays Friday nights, I’d rather spend my “night out” with my long-time friends, even if I play games I enjoy less.

So while I really enjoy the game, I have few opportunities to prioritize it, and I feel like it’s a game you need to stay on top of or you fall behind. I think it takes more of a commitment to get / stay good than other games I’ve played. Which might suit you, but takes too much of a commitment for me to stay “into”.

Anyhow, I hope you are able to find a group to game with!
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Fresh-Faced New User

My advice as a long term WM/H player is to use the WM/H FB pages as all the official talk happens there. Don't come to DakkaDakka for anything WM/H related.

Look for the following groups on FB:

Warmachine and Hordes General.
Privateer Press
Warmachine and Hordes (you country or state) - to find your local metas

Have fun!!
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Hardened Veteran Guardsman


Unless you have a healthy local meta don't. The game has crashed hard and is dead in a lot of places it used to thrive. I literally just threw models away since you can't give them away and it's not worth the money to ship them. If you'r determined to anyway I would expect big changes to the game in the future if PP wants to remain solvent.
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Dangerous Outrider

I am going to have to agree with most posters that look at your local area. Finding opponents might be a big problem. In my area WM/H was the largest game in a number of shops being played more than GW stuff. Now the most I have seen go away except for one shop that has about six players
at three tables playing at one time..That's because the organizer always gives out prizes..no matter what kind of game is being played and don't matter how many show up to play.

With that.. Also look at the faction play style.. I was Khador back in the day because it matched my play style and I liked the miniatures. Watch YouTube videos to get ideas on list builds and tactics, but again the WM/H players I still know are very "curb stompy"

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Fresh-Faced New User

Welcome! Khador is a fun faction. Honestly, though, I wouldn’t be concerned with which faction is the easiest for newbies because aside from a couple (Grymkin, Infernals, Convergence), they all have similar base rules. As such, if there is a faction outside of those three that appeals to you, I would go for that.

Checking your local community to see if there are other people playing is always a good idea. You also might be able to find deals from a local selling his army to get started quickly. However, you can also try to build a community if you either don’t have a large community locally, or your local crowd isn’t to your taste, but that is harder.

The game did have some serious hiccups in the transition to Mk.III and lost a lot of players with a mishandled edition change, but it is in a pretty good state right now and upcoming releases are super exciting. I would say the game itself, just from a rules perspective, is in a great place and promises to get better very soon.

Also, I don’t want to discourage you, but Oblivion, a new campaign setting and rule book, is coming out very soon, so I would maybe just start with a battlebox and hold off on too many additional purchases until Oblivion drops. It is going to really open up theme lists, which are the road maps to building your armies.

Finally, I would see if there is someone you know that is also interested in getting into the game. I’ve done the tournament thing, playing 75 point steamrollers and trying to stay ahead of the meta, but right now I’m getting a coworker into the game and I’m enjoying the game much more playing 35 point games with him than I did doing tournament play.

Also, dakka isn’t really the place to talk about WMH. There are some Facebook groups, subreddits, and forums specific to Warmachine, but to be honest, a lot of the Warmachine internet can be very salty and make you miserable.
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