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Hi all

So I have a serious question for you all regarding storage/display solutions. I'm asking this as to now, I've not considered better ways of storing/displaying my guys - I was always happy with trays and boxes until now. And to be honest, I don't really know where to begin.

Right now, a lot of of my figures are currently stored in foam trays from the fantastic guys at figures in comfort here in Scotland - check them out.

The remainder include myhistorical minis (including about 250 odd lotr riders of Rohan which I use as stand ins, and my test of honour minis), my Primaris Raptors, my Kasrkin company, and a few odds and ends which I keep across two relatively small plastic storage units (the ones with multiple trays).

I want to do better. My guys are all sorted, in good nick etc and technically safe and in no danger of breakage or accidents right now, but really, I want a way of storing everything but also allowing a visual display. I'm old enough that I not want to hide my dudes, haha! I want to take them out of the foam trays and let them all see the light of day. I also want them protected from dust, which is my main issue with leaving things 'just on the shelf' as some of the odds and ends that I currently have loose - some rhinos and a Valkyrie transport.

I don't want to have to buy a new display cavinet - we don't have room for another one in the flat. So In my hobby room, I have 2 large, robust shelving units, of which one is mine, (the other belongs to her holiness), and on which I have 2 entire shelves that I can free up for this purpose. Each shelf has approximate dimensions of 80cm (width) , 42cm (depth) and 39cm (height) that I can work with.

What plastic/glass storage solutions would be worth considering, that can sit on these shelves given these space limitations that I can use to store/display my guys in a way that I can keep them safe from dust and yet still have them all viewable? An that isn't 'tacky' - I'd like something that looks solid and well made. I am open to suggestion, but ideally, would want it to be functionally transparent (at least from the front, so I can look in!)

Things that should be considered in terms of 'sizes' that need to be stored. I have a lot of 28-32mm figures,which is fairly straight forward and probably the vast majority of my stuff. I also have a small number of APC/dreadnought sized units, like the 4 rhinos mentioned earlier, a dreadnought and something like two dozen (maybe less!) warbeasts and warjacks for my warmachine/hordes armies. There are also about the same number of cavalry models across various systems. Considering this, the solution needs to be modular in its design (i.e. If it has shelves/levels, I can adjust the height/positioning as appropriate, or else different sizes to begin with.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

Many thanks!

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Look into magnetic trays / cases. DIY options are cheap. Tablewar offers excellent cases with clear fronts. You can even base their trays to match your models bases.

Unless you are flying to tournaments it is the best storage solution imo

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I've got one of these, for holding built models before they get primed/painted..


And plan to get a few more at some point. They only have two holes to let dust in, they're necessary to let the air out when you put the top on, but I think just a simple flap of tape would render it nearly entirely dust proof (I've yet to bother, and anything I've held in their has stayed dust free, potentially for weeks at a time,)

Could also look at storage boxes for diecast models if you need something for vehicles, I suspect a 1:18ish car case would be big enough for a Rhino Chassis, might need to go a bit bigger.

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Crystal fortress. Clear transport and storage solution.

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Tablewar is more expensive than some options, but excellent quality, and very customizable. I've been happy and impressed with their options.

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