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Made in gb
Drone without a Controller

Came across a link to this Kickstarter for resin model of the Emperor on FB, thought it might be of interest to some of you. -


Made in gb
Brainy Zoanthrope


I doubt it, it's generic enough and doesn't contain any iconography they might have a trademark claim on. After Chapterhouse this is exactly the sort of thing they're in a fairly weak position on.
Made in us

Svalarheima, MA


And at €45 quite a bit cheaper then the inevitable FW/GW version too.
Made in us
Shrieking Traitor Sentinel Pilot

Burbank, CA

A cool idea, and I like the pose and sculpt. The helmet seems a bit Underwhelming to me though. For how ornate his armor is, I feel like he'd have a really crazy helmet.

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Made in fi
Chaplain with Hate to Spare

Only the insane have strength enough to prosper. Only those who prosper may truly judge what is sane. 
Made in gb
Member of a Lodge? I Can't Say

I like it, and would very much like to see the bearded head. I’m not really expecting it to be unlocked though. Is this thing going to make more than €13000? I don’t think so,

I swear I'm not a paid shill for Anvil Industry. I’d be willing if they wanted to pay me.

"That's Warhammer 40,000 where instead of using Victory Points to determine the victor you roll a D6 and compare receipts. Highest total receipts wins. I'm not sure what the D6 is for." - Abadabadoobaddon, on Reciepthammer 40k

"I cross the void beyond the mind,” - The Doctor

"It's better to just roll a D6 and discount anything I say on a 3+" - NivlacSupreme, on himself and his sanity. 
Made in us
Courageous Space Marine Captain


That was my first thought as well.

My second: His knee-face is too excited. Would not buy.

Made in us
Awesome Autarch

Yeah, that's a pretty common trend, unfortunately

Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

West Michigan, deep in Whitebread, USA

It's like the inverse of Space marine models, where the heads (especially helmetless ones) are so big I find they are actually more in scale with Stormcast Eternals or Custodes who are head and shoulders taller.

"By this point I'm convinced 100% that every single race in the 40k universe have somehow tapped into the ork ability to just have their tech work because they think it should."  
Made in om
Dakka Veteran

Muscat, Oman

Giving a human figure a smaller head makes it look bigger, and vice-versa. This model's head is small, but in a way that helps make the model feel bigger. Is it too small? You do want the Emperor to feel really big after all, and 40K is inherently exaggerated, so... I guess it's a matter of taste?

--Lord of the Sentinels Eternal-- 
Made in fi
Junior Officer with Laspistol

That's a pretty good price point, and I like the design. I'm concerned somewhat that this is a novice project creator which might cause problems in the fulfillment stage, but 45 euros isn't an unreasonable pledge so I'd at least consider it.

"The place they go towards is a place even less imaginable to most of us than the city of happiness. I cannot describe it at all. It is possible it does not exist. But they seem to know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas." 
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