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Ambushing Wargor

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So I’ve finally started to put together some Tzaangor units(wanted to paint something different and anticipating a Warcry warband for them sometime in the future) that I’ve had for some time and I was immediately shocked by how versatile their kits were. Well, I now have 9 Skyfires and 6 Enlightened converted from regular Tzaangors on foot primed and ready to paint, along the 4 remaining Tzaangor with 12 of the Tzaangor from the Silver Tower. A small start on the road to serving Tzeentch!

I’ve been list building over the last few days and I’m torn on if I should go the Disciples of Tzeentch route, or Beasts of Chaos. I have experience with BoC, so I know what they bring to the table. Not as familiar with DoT, but they have alot of benefits that BoC don’t have.

Going the Beasts of Chaos Route I get:

-Brayherd Ambush. Not exactly a game winner, but adds some movement shenanigans to an already fast army.
-Primordial Call. A fairly balanced summoning mechanic. May prove crucial, as this will be a small army I suspect.
-Greatfrays. Going Darkstalkers would give me more movement trickery, Gavespawn would buff up my combat(under certain conditions), and Allherd has a spread of various buffs, but not all of them ideal for the army I’m building.
-Herdstone. A growing debuff/buff aura thats also central to summoning.
-BoC Endless Spells. Situationally powerful.

Going Disciples of Tzeentch I get:

-Destiny Dice. Enough said.
-DoT Command Traits, Artifacts and spells seem better than what BoC offers (just at a glance)
-More characters. Trying to keep it Tzaangor focused, but some of the non-Gor characters could help out.
-Battalions. DoT battalions that are Tzaangor focused that all help increase damage output. Thought they are priced rather expensive.

I’m leaning Beasts of Chaos, just based on familiarity and previous experience and it seems more fun, but I do intend to play somewhat competitive with this army . Am I missing out/handicapping myself by not using DoT?

Any suggestions on what units to take/size of the units/what Endless Spells would best supplement a Tzaangor list?


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If you want to go all in on Tzaangor, I would stick with beasts as they are more flexible and supported there.

Tzaangor in Tzeentch is usually just the Shaman and and maybe a unit of Enlightened or Skyfires. If you're trying to be competitive in Tzeentch, you're probably playing Changehost which doesn't really have room for Tzaangors anyways.

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Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

Well if you go Tzeentch you are handicapping yourself by not summoning, unless you break the all-Tzaangor theme to summon daemons. BoC on the other hand can summon additional Tzaangor units.

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Its worth noting that if you do go Tzeentch you can still use the Beast of Chaos endless spells as the Tzaangor Shaman would still have the Beast of Chaos keyword necessary to summon them. Other than that I would probably agree with what has already been said. It would behoove you to inclued Tzeentch demons in a Tzeentch army even if you only plan to summon them in later.

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