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Digitally paint Space Maarines and other Warhammer models with impcat  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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I was originally just going to reply to this thread, but had a warning not to do so as It's over 3 months old. Anyway for anyone who knew about it. impcat lets you digitally paint miniatures. it was limited to Vallejo Paints and Artel W but the community created Warhammer Models and paints which the app fully allows the import of. Anyway. I wrote a guide on how to get and import the models.


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Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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I want this, this is good.

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Just an fyi to anyone who gets this, you need to go to https://mega.nz/#F!T19wwSyT!4SMrkOuvzP-jsuaTpufFlQ to download the 40k models. also can get the citadel paint range there
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Yellin' Yoof on a Scooter

The app looks fantastic! Just 1 question, though. Does it include GW's contrast paints?

Nevermind. I found my answer. It doesn't contain contrast paints yet.

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Automated Space Wolves Thrall

Think contrast would be difficult to do because there are separate layers for highlights and shading and its only applying one colour to each
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Regular Dakkanaut

Am I missing the point here - what IS the point? Isn't it easier and more accurate to actually paint a test figure?
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Upstate, New York

stroller wrote:
Am I missing the point here - what IS the point? Isn't it easier and more accurate to actually paint a test figure?

If you already own all the paints, sure.

But things like this are a good way to monkey around with paint schemes without investing in pots of paint just to decide that you really want something 2 shades darker, or that the orange looks better than the red.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Fair enough. Thanks!
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