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Made in gb
Troubled By Non-Compliant Worlds

Northern Ireland

Hi all!

As some of you might remember, about 8 months ago I started a thread on my Executioners Chapter force for a narrative campaign a bunch of my friends and I where playing. Well, all good things must come to an end. That is until they get a sequel! That's right, for some reason we all collectively decided to make this into somewhat of an annual deal, so that can only mean I have to prep for next year! Now, to keep things interesting, we aren't just playing the same campaign over and over again. What is instead happening is that we're doing a continuation of the previous campaign, following the exploits of Huron after fall to Chaos in the aptly named

Badab War 2: Into the Maelstrom

(Also lovingly called 'New Badab New War: Into the Maelstrom' because our group is a bunch of daft eejits who love a bad joke )

If you recall, the original Badab War X campaign that was run was actually set in an alternate universe so that players could use the Primaris Marines during the Badab War. So what's happened in this alternate universe? Well I'll leave the explanation of that up to the GM in this awesome bit of lore (note: there's a helluva lot of it)
Badab X History

At the Battle of Thessala (121.M31), one of the Emperor’s loyal sons died. Robute Guilliman was mortally wounded by his traitor brother Fulgrim, and with his dying breath the Avenging Son entrusted Aeonid Thiel with the knowledge of Cawl and the Primaris project he had been tasked with. Thiel honoured his primarch’s final wish and worked closely with Cawl, overseeing the project so that it could be implemented as quickly as possible to fight the enemies of Mankind. Once ready the Primaris Marines were shared with all chapters, a new breed of warrior to stand against the encroaching darkness. The project had also born additional fruit, Cawl described it as a vision of from the Omnissiah himself that led him to develop a quicker and more efficient way of creating non-Primaris Space Marines to bolster their new brethren. For a brief while these new developments carried with them a spark of hope, but as mankind’s foes adapted, they snuffed that spark out.

In 678.M40 the “Convergence” occurred. For a moment the galaxy was split in half as the Eye of Terror, the Malestrom, and the Hadex Anomaly became one. The worlds caught in this dreaded alignment burned or were twisted into hellscapes, and in its wake came the enemies of mankind.

In the Maelstrom Zone a massive chaos fleet with black and red livery descended on the Endymion Cluster. The Wardens rallied against these crimson raiders, and under Huron’s leadership they stopped their new foe from advancing any further into Imperial territory.
The fighting was brutal, and after 2 years the invaders withdrew back into the maelstrom. The Astral Claws and Lamenters were bloodied and beaten, but still standing, however they did not celebrate for the war had seen their fellow warden, the Mantis Warriors, wiped out.

With only two understrength chapters to protect the Maelstrom Zone, Huron petitioned the High Lords of Terra for support. Many of his advisors told him he was wasting his time, but the High Lords responded. They redirected elements from 4 other chapters to join the Maelstrom Wardens. The Raptors were the first to arrive, they did not settle on one planet but rather establishing various hidden bases and listening posts throughout the Zone. The Carcharadons were given a swathe of the Zone’s frontier worlds to draw their tithes from in exchange for sending a predation fleet to patrol the edge of the Maelstrom. The Exorcists kept watch over the warp tainted Endymion Cluster and forbid anyone from entering it, some reports even noting a ship bearing the symbols of the Inquisition amongst their fleet. Lastly there were the Minotaurs, their exact purpose was unclear, some believed that they were there to act as the eyes and ears of the High Lords, others that they had been placed there to fight the heretical red armoured raiders should they ever re-emerge from the Maelstrom, or that they were there to watch for corruption amongst the Wardens.

With the Maelstrom Wardens now having doubled in size, Huron set about fortifying the Maelstrom Zone, securing war materials, establishing defences at key location but also working closely with his fellow chapters to create a tight knit group of warrior brethren. If those heretic Astartes ever returned, they would be ready.

For the next century the Warden’s fought side by side against whatever threats the Maelstrom spat out at them, and with Huron as their leader that united them, they stood triumphant. However, the Maelstrom Zone’s militarisation and stockpiling did not go unnoticed, the martial might now wielded by the Tyrant of Badab, as well as the close cooperation of 6 space marine chapters, drew the attention of concerned and paranoid eyes within the hierarchy of the Imperium. They watched as heretic and xenos forces broke against this rapidly developing bulwark of Imperial might.

Huron had been able to develop his defences so quickly by withholding resource tithes from Malestrom Zone worlds that were intended for neighbouring sectors. As a result, over the next 150 years these sectors grew weaker as they were starved for the resources necessary for their survival. Chief amongst them was the Karthago Sector whose ruling class of merchant princelings who had grown fat on the exploitation of the Maelstrom Zone’s resources. When they found their luxurious lifestyles hampered by the sudden decrease in profits they were outraged, and fearing the wrath of Adminstratum Segmentum Procurator-General, they mustered a fleet to collect the tithe.

Arriving at the Badab System the fleet encountered The Ring of Steel, a series of void defence stations. Refusing to follow the instructions of the Badab naval forces the fleet did not slow their advance and continued heading towards the system’s core. Nobody knows who fired the first shot, but the entire Tithe Fleet was subsequently destroyed before reaching Badab. Huron maintained that the Tithe Fleet’s unwillingness to cooperate and follow instructions resulted in them being treated as a hostile force.

The lords and ladies of Karthago called in every favour they could before their coffers ran dry, they launched raids and infiltration missions into the Zone, they sent requests for aid to any ally they had, and they bombarded the Adeptus Terra with message after message demanding the Warden’s censure. Tensions were further raised when pirate activity suddenly increased, further damaging Karthago’s income, and the Warden’s did nothing to stop them. The nobility of Karthago also found themselves beset by assassins, with many claiming that it was Huron behind them, although no evidence to support this claim was ever discovered. It was also during this time that Huron with the approval of the other commanders of the Wardens created the Article of Just Secession, a declaration that the Malestrom Zone would cut ties with all the surrounding sectors as the authorities that governed them imposed restrictions on them that were beyond the concerns of the Adeptus Astartes. Huron also swore that he and the Wardens would continue their Emperor-given duty and protect the Maelstrom Zone from anti-Imperial threats.

With the situation having escalated to such an extent the High Lords couldn’t ignore the situation any longer. They called on the Red Scorpions, the Star Phantoms, the Fire Angels, and the Executioners to secure Karthago’s trade routes and put an end to the hostilities and trade disruptions that were destabilising the region by having Huron surrender and answer for his actions. These chapters made their presence known in a series of swift and brutal void skirmishes, driving the pirates back to their shadowy dens.

Verant Ortys, Lord High Commander of the Red Scorpions, and commander of the Terran forces, sent a summons to the Tyrant of Badab, demanding his surrender so that he may face trial. The nobles of Karthago were jubilant, but their joy quickly subsided when faced by an unexpected visit from the Inquisition, who condemned them for their actions. Huron refused the summons, claiming that he had acted within the remits of his authority and that this political farce was a waste of time. It was his duty to protect the Maelstrom Zone, and he would do it by any means necessary.

With neither side willing to give in, a stalemate was soon established. As fleet stand-offs and threats and insults became more frequent it seemed that it was only a matter of time until someone resorted to violence. Huron himself was very vocal about being on a warpath and that if the loyalists tried anything, he would have no qualms fighting against these lapdogs of Terra, with many of his fellow Warden’s sharing his view, stoked by his great oratory skills. Not wishing to see brother fight brother, Malakim Phoros, Chapter Master of the Lamenters, met with Huron in the hopes that he could convince his oldest comrade from resorting to violence. What words were exactly exchanged between the two was unknown, just that their argument got heated and that they did not leave on good terms.

Unable to convince Huron, Malakim took it upon himself to resolve the situation peacefully, opening communications with Ortys to negotiate. Ultimately this resulted in what he had been trying to avoid. Huron saw Malakim’s actions as an act of betrayal and set the Minotaurs loose on him and his chapter. The Lamenter’s chapter fleet was in orbit around the feral world Optera when the Minotaurs launched their attack. Caught off guard by the sudden attack from their former allies the Lamenters were savaged. They fought valiantly but in the end most of their vessels were captured in vicious boarding actions, and the remaining few performed emergency warp translations to avoid destruction, including the chapter barque the Mater Lacrimarum. When it rematerialized in realspace the ancient ship found itself alone, the rest of the surviving fleet lost to the tides of the warp in an unfortunate twist of fate that the Lamenters were all to used to.

Limping to the loyalist lines Malakim met with the other commanders to tell them of what happened. Believing that Huron had gone too far Ortys mobilised his forces and a series of skirmishes marked the beginning of what would be known as the Badab War.
Now, after Huron was defeated during Badab War X and set scurrying into the Maelstrom to hide, he has regained his power and leads the Red Corsairs. Every so often he will have a tournament to find new followers, picking only the strongest in a series of tests known as the Skull Harvest. It is here we meet our intrepid adventurers. And by 'intrepid adventurers' I mean a Chaos Warband. That's the same thing, right?

For this campaign, I wanted to make a force that's been in my brain for ages now, a gluttony Slaanesh force, where every model is immensely fat! So let me introduce you to the Feast Eternal! (second big ol' lore dump incoming!)
The Feast Eternal

The Feast Eternal is a Chaos Space Marine warband in the service of Slaanesh. The warband was originally the Hands of Penitence Chapter of Space Marines, before their homeworld of Scythius Prime was engulfed by the
Cicatrix Maledictum, or the Great Rift. Their Fortress-Monastery was known as Heliomos and was said to be a place of great refection on the sins of the self. Many thousands of pilgrims would make their way to the Monastery, just so they could catch a glimpse of the Space Marines inside enacting ancient rituals of self-flagellation.

Just before the fall of Cadia, most of the Hands of Penitence had returned to their homeworld en masse to recover from recent battles. However, when Cadia fell, and the Cicatrix Maledictum opened, nearly the entire Chapter was caught in the ensuing tear. Although not trapped in its innermost depths, the Great Rift stopped all access to and from the system, and impeded movement of necessary supplies, resulting in a lack of food and water for every planet, including the homeworld of the Hands of Penitence. Many ships attempted to leave the stranded planet with the hope of finding a way through the raging storm, but none were ever heard from again. The Chapter Master of the Hands of Penitence, Lord High Master Fames Hugar, even sent out the Chapter’s capital ship, a Battle Barge by the name of the Esuriis Throne captained by the Chapter Champion Hida Strav. However, this too was deemed forfeit after contact was lost.

Eventually the Chapter was pushed to extreme measures as even the Space Marines started to suffer attrition due to the lack of food. Lord High Master Fames Hugar, was forced to allow the librarians under him, including the Chief Librarian Senarus Andreyhimnir, to research through previously forbidden lore in
order to find a solution to the predicament. Andreyhimnir and his disciples were eventually able to find information regarding the creation of flesh through manipulation of the warp in dark texts that had not been seen by mortal eyes in centuries.

When they returned to Hugar, he congratulated them for their efforts, for already the prisons were being emptied to help feed the human populace of the still-loyal Hives of Scythius Prime. Other Hives on the planet had at this point declared independence from the Chapter in the hopes that they could ensure a future by themselves or had devolved into mass pits of uncontrolled cannibalism. Native rat-like creatures were brought forward, normally too insignificant to warrant the effort to catch them, and Andreyhimnir and his disciples demonstrated the secrets they had found. Before the eyes of those watching, the creature expanded many times its own size, stopping when it reached the mass of a fully grown grox. With a quick slice of a combat knife, the creature was killed and butchered, the first slice of meat going to Hugar himself to taste the hope that these new rituals brought. Soon Hugar declared that all those in the Librarius must learn of the ritual and start creating food for the people of Scythius, with great piles of meat being brought out to the surrounding Hives. Quickly large feasts started to appear throughout the planet, rejoicing in the new-found hope the meat brought, and celebrating the names of the Hands of Penitence.

However, time soon made proof that the food was not all it seemed. Whilst many put on weight, the hunger persisted. The rat-creatures did not fill the empty void left by the lack of food, and soon voices in the heads of those responsible lead to less agreeable flesh being used in the rituals. It was not long before the people of Scythius had returned to eating the prisoners they had barely sustained on previously, although this time infused with the energies of the warp in dark rituals.

And yet the hunger persisted. With the tender caress of unseen forces, Chief Librarian Andreyhimnir was drawn ever more towards more and more heretical thinkings. Soon Andreyhimnir had decided that it was time to fully commit to the rituals and enact a final part that was originally unthinkable. He had his followers unwillingly capture one of their own, Brother Balutt of the 6th Company. He was chained to an ancient wooden table so that the rites could be carved into his skin. Slowly, the body of the once loyal son of the Emperor twisted and convulsed as it was infused with the dark powers of the immaterium, becoming less and less recognisably human as time progressed. However, to Andreyhimnir this new flesh would not be enough, having lazed around consuming food for the past many months rather than staying active. To ensure the new flesh was lean enough, he led it out of the chamber, out of the Fortress-Monastery, and into the people surrounding them, thus letting it exercise and gain muscle mass in a more ‘natural’ way.

Six days later, the monster was hunted down by those who still could and prepared for serving in an upcoming feast Andreyhimnir had planned in triumph of the ritual reaching completion. More flesh than had yet been seen at any previous meal was set out before those who were invited, and at the head table sat Lord Hugar, now so immeasurably fat that he made the mountain of meat in front of him seem a mere morsel. The whispering of invisible mouths had reached him too, and far stronger than it had those he lorded over. Now he could only exclaim his hunger and eat whatever was brought before him. At the crest of the feeding frenzy that ensued upon the introduction of so much food to the members of the Chapter, Andreyhimnir brought out his finest achievement, the mutated bulk of what was once a fellow Brother. Without stopping from his previous meal, Hugar, now known as Hunger for that is what he was, took huge bites out of the gelatinous flesh, wolfing down mouthful after mouthful of meat. Eventually he reached the core of what made Brother Balutt a Space Marine, his now heavily mutated geneseed, which too was engulfed by the maw of a gluttonous beast.

As soon as the gene-seed reached his stomach, the Battle Barge Esuriis Throne, long thought lost to the sea of souls, appeared as if it had been waiting. However, it no longer contained the loyal Hands of Penitence. Chapter Champion Hida Strav, unlike those on the planet below, had discovered a different solution to the problem. Rather that find supplies and help, he was able to remove the hunger that plagued the planet through heretical pacts with Huron Blackheart and dark contracts with the Lord of Pleasure, Slaanesh. As such, he no longer resembled his once-brothers, and instead of being corpulent he was emancipated to a near-skeletal nature. However, through the powers of the warp his strength and skill with a blade were only enhanced.

During the journeys outside the Rift, Strav gained many followers. One of which was the Tech-Occultist Silvo Palien. Through shadowy sacraments they could summon the daemon known as Obitum Fiet. This daemon was the reflection in the warp of an ancient war between two civilisations that ended bloodily for both sides. However, unlike many other daemons, who materialised in a flesh-like body, Obitum Fiet appeared as a grotesque mirror of the Imperial Knight Titan. Green ghost-like apparitions of the deceased followed in a mist around the Knight, who would fade through solid matter as if it were not there.

Soon after the Battle Barge and the rest of the Chapter were reunited, the Chapter finally left the system behind in search of more food to consume, hoping against all hope to finally fill their hunger. However, it is believed that some have forgone this feeling, fallen fully into the grasp of Slaanesh.

Notable Campaigns
• The Burning of the Ruined Texts (ca. 034.M36) – Not long after the formation of the Hand of Penitence, the Chapter became engaged in a war against the Word Bearers Legion over the sacred texts in a small church on the Shrine World of Sergoius-XIV. Unfortunately, whilst they were able to fight them off, the Hands of Penitence were not fast enough to save the texts from being defiled by the Sons of Lorgar. This resulted in a large fire outside the prime Hive that lasted for one week and five days, where the Chapter burnt the tainted scripture. After this, the Chapter started to engage in extreme bouts of self-flagellation, wanting their suffering to emulate that which the once-holy scripture did.
• Battle of the Great Maws (Unkown Date.M32) – One of the first recorded battle of the Feast Eternal was against a Hive Fleet that had just arrived at an area of space near where the warband had laid claim. It is not certain who won the engagement, but rumours tell of the Feast Eternal sending wave after wave of human conscripts into the mouths of the Tyranids, just so they could later kill them and eat the remade matter.
• The Tyrants Skull Harvest (Unknown Date.M32) – The last sighting of the warships of the Feast Eternal was an unexpected turn towards the Maelstrom, in which many more Chaos warbands reside. It is believed that the Tyrant of Badab, Huron Blackheart, is calling upon those who show promise to take part in his Skull Harvest, and that Hida Strav has a dept to pay.

Notable members
• The Great Hunger (Chaos Lord) – Once known as Lord High Master Fames Hugar, the Great Hunger is the leader of the Feast Eternal warband, although many believe he may be simply a figurehead to those who are truly controlling the fate of his warriors. Immense beyond all rational thought, the Great Hunger no longer thinks about anything but his next meal for very long, and even the it is often simply about how hungry he is.
• Warp Chef Senarus Andreyhimnir – Having forgone the title of Chief Librarian, Andreyhimnir is now considered the main chef of the warband, using his skills in warp-craft to bend flesh to his will.
• Hida Starve, the Feasting Sword – Although having lost nearly all his weight, appearing more as a moving skeleton than a man, ex-Chapter Champion Hida Strav, now Hida Starve, is still an immaculate swordsman, laying claim to lives many would consider his superior had they never seen him dance with a blade before. His pacts with Huron Blackheart and the dark forces of Chaos have left him in great debt, one he plans to pay with the strength of a Chapter.
• Silvo Palien – A tech-occultist with a secretive history, she joined Hida Starve on the Esuriis Throne shortly after he bent the knee to Huron. Through silent rites she summons Obitum Fiet, a daemon who reflects a great battle in the form of a twisted Imperial Knight.
So now with all that lore out of the way, I think it's time for some models! Well, nearly. First it's time for a force list. This time we have a total of 1,250 points to play with, which I am going to be using so badly it'll hurt some of you to look at. But hey, it's narrative, right?!
The Feast Eternal - 1,250 points - 3CP

Supreme Command Detachment

++ HQ ++

Daemon Prince (this guy is not actually going to be a Daemon Prince, but a unique mortal character. However, his cost/weapons/stat and everything will be heavily based on the Daemon Prince, so I'm using it here for now)
- 2x Malefic Talons
- Warp Bolter

Chaos Lord
- The Murder Sword
- Plasma Pistol

Sorcerer in Terminator Armour
- Force Stave
- Combi-bolter

Chaos Hellwright

++ Elites ++
Chaos Terminators
- Champion with chainfist and combi-flamer
- Terminator with power maul and combi-plasma
- Terminator with lightning claw and combi-bolter
- Terminator with power axe and combi-melta
- Terminator with power sword and reaper autocannon

++ Lord of War ++
Knight Desecrator
- Thunderstrike gauntlet
- Laser Destructor

Auxiliary Support Detachment

++ Heavy Support ++

Giant Chaos Spawn
So with that over, can we finally get to the models? Ok, sure I suppose we can...

So here's the very first model. He's both a test model and the Sorcerer in Terminator Armour. Yes, I know he's not wearing much in terms of armour, but I wanted the immense fattyness of these guys to be represented by an extra wound. Plus it means they're expensive points-wise (and money-wise, let me tell you) so I don't have to take as many and can get a smaller force done quickly. This one guy uses bits from around 7 different kits, but is primarily based on the classic Lord of Plagues model, a model I've wanted to have a go at converting for a good while.

Warp Chef Senarus Andreyhimnir WIP front

Warp Chef Senarus Andreyhimnir WIP back

The terminator squad will follow in the same theme as the Sorcerer, using the Blight Kings kit mixed with the Chaos Terminators. However, I have special things planned for many of the other models, which will all be revealed in time...

Thanks for reading though all that, and hopefully this thread will be as fun as the last Badab one!

Chapter I

Upon the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum, the Great Rift, entire planetary systems were devoured in an instant, lost to the warp and never to return. However, there sat many others on the precipice of its great maw, neither consumed outright nor safe from the great depths of the immaterium. The system of Scythius was one such place.

Before the destruction of Cadia, and the gapping mouth ripped into reality itself by Abaddon and his 13th Black Crusade, Scythius Prime was the outstanding jewel of the system, a shrine world that garnered praise from all sides of the Ecclesiarchy for its ostentatiousness and the sheer number of bodies who travelled there on pilgrimages. On its golden back sat the Fortress Monastery of Heliomos, home to the Hand of Penitence Space Marine chapter, a chapter that emulated the religious vigour seen elsewhere on the world. They had many rituals that seemed unsound to those who fought alongside them, the best known being the Invocation of Blood. Here, a Marine could spend days at a time repenting their perceived sins to one of the many statues of the almighty God-Emperor, himself surrounded by untold numbers of sculpted saints and holy figures, through the act of self-flagellation. But the ceremonies the marines upon this world enacted are not of import to this story, for this is a tale about how even the most righteous can fall in the darkest of circumstances.

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Awesome first model. Sounds like a cool concept. Really like the holstered storm bolter.
Made in us
Maddening Mutant Boss of Chaos


An intriguing project. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Made in gb
Troubled By Non-Compliant Worlds

Northern Ireland

@youwashock, thanks! I've had this concept floating around in my head long before this campaign was set in motion (I think even before the first Badab War X campaign too), but had no real motivation to start it. Thankfully this is the perfect opportunity to put in a load of effort into these guys, or at least I think so. I'm quite pleased with how the holstered combi-bolter turned out, but I feel it might stick out a bit too much. The problem was trying to figure out where to put it to keep the model WYSIWYG. It was really either there or on the ground, and I think that would have looked a load worse.

@tinfoil, thanks! Any your wish is my command!

I've done very little else on Warp Chef Andreyhimnir bar giving him an undercoat, so nothing really to see there. I have done up his base, but I think it'll be better to see that as part of the whole (although I'm quite pleased with the outcome as I'm really trying to step up my game in that regard). However, I have started on the Terminator squad, this time using a combination of the Blight Kings and Chaos Terminator kit. I was a bit worries as to the outcome as the first model was quite heavily based on other conversions, whereas I have yet to see anyone actually do what I'm doing here (although feel free to show me differently).

This first guy was essentially a concept study in combining the two kits, but also in learning how to fatten up a face. Here I'm using the face of the old Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour. Part-way though making his neck-flaps and jiggly-jowls, I figured it might be a fun idea to convert up a lot of the classic heads into these fatter versions, just to see how obvious the original head is. So if you can think of any other generic bare heads that seem like proper classics (without being incredibly old and under-detailed), please tell me as I think it would be fun to do!

Anyway, enough about future plans, we're here to see models, right? Right!

Terminator 1 WIP front

Terminator 1 WIP back

The areas that look a bit lighter as simply where the GS is, as the mix was slightly different to that of the first model.

Feel free to leave comments and feedback as it can be invaluable (and also I like getting my ego stroked )


Chapter II

The day was drawing to a close, the young star setting, and night breaking its way across the golden steeples covering the landscape. Fames Hugar, Lord High Master of the Hands of Penitence, yawned, an act usually unseen amongst the Adeptus Astrates. But he was tired, as he and his fleet had just returned home after many years keeping the horrors of the universe at bay, and whilst he knew he would have to repent for it later, he allowed himself to rest after so many days of fighting. As he left the stained glass of the windowed balcony near the top of Heliomos and walked into his sparse room, he thought of the many other Lord High Masters who had called this place home over the millennia, reminiscing about his ascension to the title himself. It was a sad moment at the time, for the previous Lord had died not two Terran weeks before his promotion, yet he was prepared for the eventuality, having been groomed for the role shortly after becoming High Master of the first company. However, that was centuries ago now, and right now all he longed for was to slumber and rest his beaten bones.

But the universe he had spent so long defending had other ideas...

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

That's fantastic. I love the jowls. Really looking forward to seeing the squad painted.
Made in gb
Troubled By Non-Compliant Worlds

Northern Ireland

@youwashock, thanks! A wee bit of research went a long way with the face. Originally I just had a go at it without really thinking, and it looked pretty bad. However, a quick google showed that fat around the face is essentially just like a beard, resting in most of the same areas. So, all I did was make a big smooth GS beard, and it seems to have done the job pretty well!

Next on the list is the standard bearer for the Terminator squad. Yeah, I might have accidentally forgotten to add that to the list, but there's an Icon of Excess in the squad. I've also changed the weapon options on the guy, giving him the combi-bolter and giving the combi-plasma to the lightning claw guy. No real reason for the latter change, just felt like it.

On to the model itself. This guy was a bit tricky as it uses the body for the Icon Bearer from the Putrid Blightkings. Unfortunately this guy comes with a chest plate, which is something I'm really trying to avoid with these guys as that'll definitely make them look too Nurgle-y. Fortunately there was a spare bare chest, so a bit (read: a lot) of GS work later and it's mostly blended in! He has ended up being about a forehead taller than the last guy, but he's about the same height as the Sorcerer, so it's grand. I know there's one more guy with an easy bare torso (he'll actually have an apron, so that's pretty handy). However, there are two others with parts of armour on them. One with his back covered and one with an entire breastplate. Hopefully I'll have a solution by the time I get there

The banner is from the old Bretonnian Knights kit. There'll be a little bit of medieval/fanstasy aesthetic sprinkled throughout the force, although this'll mostly be seen in the paint job/bases. That said, I enjoy the look of the banner as it adds something somewhat different to the army I feel.

Terminator 2 WIP front

Terminator 2 WIP back

Really love hearing from you guys, so feel free to give any and all feedback!


Chapter III

To try to describe the sound of reality being torn asunder, of a great maw opening above an entire system, of the abyss so many have stared at for so long finally staring back, is a fruitless task. Suffice to say that it was unbearably agonising on both the body and soul of the occupants of the Scythius system, as mere moments after the rupture of the Great Rift, thousands upon thousands of people who had not died from shock alone took their own lives to try to end their suffering. Within a few minutes, Scythius Prime had lost nearly two million individuals, only those of the strongest will surviving the terrible ordeal. But the events to follow would test even their resolve to the very limits, and beyond.

Shortly after the Opening, as it was quickly being called, it was discovered that neither ship nor astropathic message could make it through the surrounding warp storms, making resupply for food and water entirely impossible. The Hands of Penitence were able to keep the populace of the largest hive cities sated for a while, but as food ran low, riots started to break out in the lower levels, gradually crawling their way up the hive to areas that had almost never seen conflict in the millennia-long history of the planet. Soon, the PDF, Adeptus Arbites, and even the Astartes themselves had to set about stopping these riots through fear of escalation, imprisoning many and resorting to killing the very people they swore to protect when events became obstreperous.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

And now I will be looking for a way to work the term "meatbeard" into a conversation.

Another great model. Good call with the banner. The clean, geometric lines make for a good contrast to the bulky, organic bodies. I don't know how much of it is intentional, but this model has a lot of weight to it. Not just the gut, but the mace, even the banner. It all has a nice feeling of weight.
Made in gb
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@youwashock, mmm... meatbeard... Thanks for the compliments though. I hadn't even considered the contrast between the geometric banner and the organic flesh, but I can certainly see what you mean. As for the weight, again that was unintentional, but I can see what you mean! I think a lot of that comes from the pose of the original Blight King, although the legs to change the dynamic somewhat.

Quick wee update today. No new models, but I've done the first bit of painting on these guys. Specifically, I wanted to test out skin tones as I want something that is sickly, representing the effects of obesity on the body, without being entirely Nurgle, which is a big thing I want to keep away from because of how easy it would be to fall into that trap. One of my big inspirations was PDH's Planetary Governor Daven Kel-Rosber, which has obvious blemishes and looks unhealthy without being bright green as you'll all too often see if googling 'how to paint unhealthy skin tones'. Hopefully I've emulated it without being a straight copy.

Just to be clear, only the skin and head is done on this model. The areas around it are either just undercoated white or have been coloured by excess colour from the skin.

Warp Chef Andreyhimnir Paint WIP

As always, feel free to leave any and all feedback


Chapter IV

‘This cannot go on like this’, Andreyhimnir, the Chief Librarian, called out at the gathering. ‘The people stave, the planet’s prisons are full, and we kill our own.’
He was right. He was always right with these sorts of things. How can I claim to lead a chapter of Marines when I cannot even keep this planet safe from itself? But what do I do? I had hoped this gathering would help, but my fears have only been made true in the eyes of those who trust me.
‘We shall send another ship out.’ I say in the hopes it will alleviate the worry.
‘Another? That will be the third this week. We will not have any left at this rate when the storms finally do becalm.’
High Chaplain Liberus is always so full of confidence for our future. But even I can see how gaunt his features have become after months with near no food since the Opening. We gave so much to the people, to help them first, as we believed our physiology could stave off the hunger for long enough, but it even now reaches into our bodies and tears away our strength.
‘This will be different. We will send the Esuriis Throne.’
Gasps. I knew there’d be gasps, even amongst my brothers. It was no light matter to send the chapter’s flagship, but I knew it would be the best chance we could have of breaking out of this prison we had so long ago been forced into.
‘Of all the ships we have, the Esuriis Throne has the best chance of breaking through. We all here know this, so to deny the order is to deny our greatest hope of survival’.
But what about those starving now?
Who said that. It must have been someone in the back. There were nearly one hundred of my fellow brothers in this chamber, so it was easy to not see who was talking.
‘Yes, what shall we do to alleviate the famished masses?’ Andreyhimnir parroted the hidden voice, and with a low grunt was backed up by Liberus.
The prisoners and the dead. They could eat the prisoners and the dead
It was an awful idea, but with the prisons full, the graves over encumbered, and hundreds dying each day due to starvation, what other choice was there? The Astra Militarum already feeds its troops corpse starch, itself made from the dead. And we Astartes will sometimes readily eat the flesh of the fallen enemies to gain knowledge. So long as the population doesn’t find out, what harm could it do?
But no. It’s wrong. We cannot do something like that. I’m sure I can come up with something better. I just need time to think. This hunger is fogging my mind. I need space to clear my head. And why do my brothers look at me strangely now?
‘Lets us adjourn. I need time to think.’ And with that, I left to think about what the future would hold.

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If your going to take pictures of me and call me a warp chef you could at least get my better side.....wait you did .

Excellent work, nice and original.

LOL, Theo your mind is an amazing place, never change.-camkierhi 9/19/13
I cant believe theo is right.. damn. -comradepanda 9/26/13
None of the strange ideas we had about you involved your sexual orientation..........-Monkeytroll 12/10/13

I'd put you on ignore for that comment, if I could...Alpharius 2/11/14 
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Longtime Dakkanaut

That is really well done. Great job giving the skin a look of depth and translucency.
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@Theophony, I only choose the most beautiful people to draw inspiration from Thanks!

@youwashock, honestly, that was an accident that came more from me doing multiple layers of different colours that were a bit too thinned down. But it works!

Unsurprisingly, if you've followed any of my other threads, I've been a bit quite this past wee while. But not because I was doing nothing. No, in fact it is the complete opposite! I've been working away at Andreyhimnir for the past week or so, on and off, and now he's finished! Quite pleased with how hes turned out, but I definitely feel I could do with working on my filigree. It's a bit all over the place without any real consistency. Hopefully buying a paint that's the correct colour rather than constantly mixing the colour should help with that. Now, on to the pictures!

Warp Chef Andreyhimnir Front

Warp Chef Andreyhimnir Left

Warp Chef Andreyhimnir Right

Warp Chef Andreyhimnir Back

Now, unfortunately the photos don't really show off the colour properly, so just pretend that it looks a bit different in real life I do have a video that shows off the colour a load more like it actually is, but I've no idea how I'd be able to post that here
As you can see with the base I'm going for something a bit brighter than I have previously. I really like the classic fantasy aesthetic, so I want it to be somewhat like a mid-to-late summer/autumn look. Still figuring it out, so I'm open to suggestions

But now he's done, only 5 more to go! And then another 2 characters! And then a Knight! And then the Daemon Prince counts-as! Phew, still a long way to go.

As always, I'm open to all sorts of feedback.


Chapter V

In the depths of every Fortress Monastery, there are books that not even the Chief Librarian is supposed to read, for they contain the dark majicks of the Universe. Evil powers that should never be called upon and are locked away in the deepest holds of the strongest fortresses purely to keep them from the reaches of those who mean foul. But rarely, in times of need so great that even the darkness must be called upon, the Librarians of the Chapter may quest down into the gloom to find use of the unusable. For Andreyhimnir and his conclave, and for the Hands of Penitence Chapter as a whole, this was one of these times. Food had run so scarce that mothers would trade one child so that another may have a single mouthful. Marines were starting to starve to death, and two of the seven hive cities on the planet had fallen into cannibalistic ways, with their populations already dwindling to maddened flesh-hunters. None of the ancient texts had ways to alleviate the hunger felt by all on the planet, and Hugar had given leave to Andreyhimnir to search the forbidden texts to find something, anything, that could help. It was the last hope before Hugar finally gave way to the idea of feeding the dead to the dying.
What felt like days passed as the libraius conclave trekked their way down, further than any of the individuals had gone before. Ancient doorways opened up into even more ancient halls, and in the pits of the monastery they finally came across the holds of manuscripts that had not been read for many thousands of years, and had not been expected to be read ever again. It was in these texts that a young Epistolary by the name of Famiuos discovered a ritual that would change the flesh of a being, bringing more substance into existence by transferring it from the warp. Surely this could be what the mission had sought after many days and nights of exploration. With hope for survival finally on the horizon, the conclave returned to the upper levels of Heliomos to test the new spells they had discovered.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Great finish. The freehand is really quite nice, and another fantastic contrast to the grotesque-ness of other parts of the model.
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Fun concept, and I love the first model.

The paint job being purple might leave some doubt about whether he is Nurglesque, but the swirls make it 100% clear he is Slaaneshi.

Though guards may sleep and ships may lay at anchor, our foes know full well that big guns never tire.
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@youwashock, thanks! That's sort of what I was aiming for, and I can also say that the slight off-ness of the freehand due to my skill level is actually totally intentional as it represents that off-ness of those who follow Slaanesh

@Fifty, thanks! Whilst I know purple can be seen as a somewhat sickly colour, representing bruises etc, I used it because it has a close link to Slaanesh in the 40k universe (i.e. it' the Emperor's Children colours). Obviously the freehand takes it one step further, and hopefully keeps the warband somewhat separate from the EC whilst carrying over the same themes and connotations the colour purple gives rise to in this context.

Lets keep it short and sweet. Here's the third guy of the squad. His equipment is a reaper autocannon and a power sword. Getting the autocannon into the correct pose was a bit of a pain as the terminator arm holding it was at the complete wrong angle (something I noticed only after looking at the two-handed power armour autocannon). Also the bare arm holding the front of the gun was awkward to blend in, so hopefully it looks grand to yous.

Terminator 3 WIP front

Terminator 3 WIP back

I feel I'm starting to somewhat understand fatty flesh a bit more as each model goes along, which it both kinda disgusting but also fun.
Feedback is welcome as always


Chapter VI

They brought me a rat. I sent them down to find a solution to our problems and all they brought me is a rat. It has been nearly a full rotation since the maw above up opened, millions, if not billions, have died. The Esuriis Throne has yet to return a hail in months. And I’m supposed to entertain the idea that a rat is our saviour.
‘I’ve heard your request to show me what you have discovered, but please don’t waste my time with this. Pray tell how a single rat shall solve a worlds hunger.’
I see the dirty look he’s giving me. He thinks he can hide it, but I’ve seen his disgust in me long ago. Let’s watch as he plays the jester in this time of grief, laughing at me with his rat. His lousy rat.
‘Your time is of the utmost importance, I fully understand this my Lord. But this is something that needs to be seen to be believed’.
Andreyhimnir and his minions start to chant. I never did trust their kind. Always looking beyond the veil, believing they know more than us.
But what’s this? The rat. It’s, well, it’s changing. It’s growing. Twice the size, no thrice! Even more so. I cannot help myself but stand up in awe and glee. Have our prayers to the immortal Emperor been heard? Have we finally found a way out of this hateful state we’ve found ourselves in for so long?
It takes time, but after a short while the rat is now the size of a grox. It has become a hideous beast, its fur coming out in splotches, neither eye the same size, and teeth the length of a man’s arm. But it is beautiful too, as it finally shows some hope that there will be an end to this eternal hunger. Before it has a change to move, one of the epistolaries cuts its head off, killing the creature instantly. With a small blade, a slice of meat is cut from the body, glistening with succulence. This alone would be a feast for a normal man, but it is a hearty meal for a space marine. The same epistolary hands me the slice and I bite into it, having nearly forgotten the taste of non-recycled food. By the Emperor it is delicious.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

That is so great. Imagine the truffle shuffle he'll do when he fires that thing.
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Northern Ireland

@youwashock, haha, thanks! And don't worry. In the upcoming feature length film about these guys, every time he fires his autocannon it'll be in super slo-mo, just to capture every last ripple of his flesh I'll chuck in an extra shot just for you

I'm on to the penultimate model for this squad, and also the half-way point of the army (in terms of model count)! This guy was a bit trickier than the last few because I've run out of unarmoured backs! Two of the models in the Blightking kit have to be built either full in armour, or partially so. However, the armour they have is far too Nurgle-y for me, even if I was to remove all the symbols and fill in the hole. Therefore I did the only logical thing and made a back from scratch! It was not easy, but it also wan't quite as difficult as I expected. Fortunately the other models were great sources of inspiration. The only real issue is that this model has no strap, making the flesh seem a bit bland, having nothing to break it up. Have a look for yourself and see what you think.

Terminator 4 WIP front

Terminator 4 WIP back

It shouldn't be too difficult to tell that this guy is equipped with a lightning claw and combi-plasma, which I'm sure you'll realise is not the original plan for him. However, with the power maul guy getting the Icon of Excess, I thought it was better to give this guy the slightly more interesting weapon. Fortunately the Aspiring Champion shall keep the same equipment, although I have a nice wee idea to give him that extra something special that all leaders need.

As always, please feel free to give feedback and whatnot.


Chapter VII

The spell was hurriedly taught to every libraries member who could learn it, and soon tides of food left the Heliomos in anything that could carry it. Massive feasts were held throughout the hive cities, gorging on the newfound food with a joyousness that hadn’t been felt in over a year. Finally, the people knew what it was to no longer be hungry.
But over this pleasure hung the heavy head of fear, for there still seemed to be no way out of the warp storms, and no word was heard from the outside. The darkest days seemed behind them, but there was still a long way to go before the Scythius system could return to normal.

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Woot! 1 closer to done means 1 closer to a group photo. The new guy looks good, too. The sculpting worked out well.
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@youwashock, ask and you shall receive... well, after I waffle about the next guy

With the previous guy done, the only real course of action was to go onto the next guy. And surprise surprise, that's exactly what I did! With this being the Aspiring Champion, I wanted him to be slightly more ostentatious, so you'll note that he has a bit extra going on (ie holding a head), as well as the fancies armour and some 'traditional' Slaaneshi trappings (ie the strap going through his nipple!). It also seems to be the case that all the higher ranking characters are allowed hair

Just like the last guy, his entire back had to be sculpted, which was a slight pain, especially since I wanted to continue the strap that was already on the chest I used. As such, it took a few days to make so as to allow the GS time to dry, thus allowing the strap to be a shed load easier t put on.

I should also note that this guy will unfortunately be the penultimate 'fat-marine' in the army, although the very last guy will be something else... (hopefully, assuming I don't bugger it up completely ). The Chaos Lord of the force is actually not going to be one of the fat-marines due to his lore being somewhat diverged from the rest. But I obviously can't leave him unconverted, so hopefully some good inspiration hits soon so I know where I'm taking him. Anyhoos, onto todays model, the Aspiring Champion for the Terminator squad, equipped with a chainfist and combi-flamer

Aspiring Champion Terminator WIP front

Aspiring Champion Terminator WIP back

And now, what you've all be asking for (and by 'all', I mean 'youwashock' ), the squad photo!

Terminator Squad WIP

I've had these guys bouncing around in my head for a good while, so it's awesome to see them realised. I wouldn't say they're exactly how I imagined them thanks to complications and inspirations when actually making them, but I'm more than happy with how they ended up and I can't wait to see them all painted up and sitting beside the Sorcerer (or the whole finished army for that matter!). But if I had it all done already, then what would I have to write to you lovely lot about?

As always, I'd love to hear your comments, criticism, ideas, wildest fantasies, darkest secrets, whatever.


Chapter VIII

There was something strange happening. Hugar had eaten more than his fill of the meat, but there as something missing. He was sated, yet still felt hungry. Maybe the rat-thing did not have the nutrients needed to sustain a full Astartes physique. He felt he might have to ask the Andreyhimnir and his librarians to try the spell on something else as well. Something bigger. Something with more sustenance. But for now he would keep eating the rat-thing. Maybe enough of it would fill him.

Maybe it wouldn’t
Maybe it wouldn’t. He’d need something more. He’d need to be at his peak to properly focus on the problems at hand. His hunger needed to end so he could focus on more important tasks.
‘Andreyhimnir’, he called into the vox system sitting in his room, ‘I must request your company to help further fix our predominant issue’.
It was weird. Speaking seemed so different somehow. He had gotten used to his frail frame that he must have forgotten what it was like to have a healthy body. Surely that was the only explanation.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Woot for the group photo. They are quite a sight. Loving the A. Champ. The mustache-into-meatbeard look is fantastic. It is always an awesome feeling to bring an idea into reality. Even more so when you have done so successfully.
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 tarar2d2 wrote:
And now, what you've all be asking for (and by 'all', I mean 'youwashock' ), the squad photo!
I'll have you know I've been aggressively lurking as well

Really enjoying the project, that squad shot is great. Dig the paint on the warp chef, super fancy armor against pale flesh makes for great contrast. At some point I was going to say something about the chef's weird bolter sheath, compared to the standard bearer's better looking straps, and how you could maybe mount it clips-out instead of clips-down, keeping it tighter against his chubby body instead of poking out so far ... but frankly whatever

Looking forward to the even bigger things coming! Way to buck the meta and just make a tiny, hyper-elite-but-not-like-you'd-expect Chaos army.

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@youwashock woot indeed. The A. Champ honestly kinda reminds me of a bandanna-less Hulk Hogan, but I'm not entirely complaining about that

@Boss Salvage, haha! I knew my callout would make a lurker rise I'm joking, as I'm a well seasoned lurker myself so I know there are probably a good few other out there looking through this stuff. Thanks for the compliment on the painting though! As for the sheath, that does make a lot more sense It's probably a bit too late now, and whilst I'd say I'd change it for the next guy, I don't think there will be one. As for bucking the meta, I'm doing so because I know how hilariously slow I am as a painter (and in the hobby in general), so having only 10-15 models in a 1.25k army is the only way to make it viable to be completed.

I have a small surprise in store for you lot. Something that wasn't part of the original list, but was always part of the plan. You see, if you've read the far-too-much-lore I've written, you'll notice that this army has a reason for being so fat, and that's because they create and eat chaos spawn. And wouldn't you know it, there's a psychic power that Chaos Space Marines have that has the potential to create a chaos spawn. Granted it requires killing a character, but one of the other players in this campaign has 7 of them (based of characters from a Black Crusade RPG a bunch of us played a while back). So although in most cases getting a spawn with Gift of Chaos (the aforementioned psychic power) is unlikely, with this campaign there's a slightly higher chance. So obviously I needed one (or two)! And double surprise, I have one of the fully painted and based already! (I had him finished on Thursday/Friday last, but real life prevented me from having the time to upload a proper post with pictures and whatnot)

With this first one, I give all naming rights over to you, so go wild!

Chaos Spawn front

Chaos Spawn right

Chaos Spawn left

Chaos Spawn back

This guy was a load of fun to paint, especially since it finally gave me an excuse to use this wonderful tutorial by the endlessly talented Kari Hernesniemi. Granted I didn't have half the paints (or really any of them), but I was able to work with what I had to somewhat emulate the amazing look achieved by Kari. I'm particularly happy with the small liver spots dotted around the place.

As for the second one, I think I already have a name for it. Meet Sawn-1C the Chaos Spawn (Or maybe spawn-ic? It'll make sense, don't worry)

Sawn-1C front

Sawn-1C back

I'm usually opposed to pop-culture references in other settings as I find it can be somewhat lacking in imagination. But at the same time, part way through sticking all the spikes on this spawn's back I couldn't get the sonic theme out of my head I think I might add a bit of blue to this spawn's colour palette just to further make the connection, but keep it retrained enough to have it appear to be more due to the horrible and agonising mutations the poor creature that this thing originally was went through.

Unfortunately no update on any painting for the squad, who are still sitting there in grey-and-green, lacking even an undercoat. Maybe one day my love for converting will be overtaken by my love for painting, but today is not that day.

As always, feel free to leave comments and the likes (or keep on aggressively lurking )


Chapter IX

Andreyhimnir entered the room. It was difficult to see, as none of the normal candles were lit. Hugar had been hidden in his room for nearly a week now, the only ones seeing him being the servants who brought him his food. Andreyhimnir accepted that he needed time to regain his composure. It was something he’d seen many of the other marines do shortly after the first spell, when food was finally plentiful. Plus, it had given him time to perfect the incantation, and to practice away from prying eyes.
He wandered deeper into the chamber, seeking out Hugar after his request. A low gurning noise was coming from the back corner, sounding like the heaving breaths of a dying Ambull. As Andreyhimnir came closer, he noticed the outline of what could only be described as a hulking blob of a creature. Sure not. Surely this couldn’t be –
‘Hunger’, it cried out from its fat filled lips, ‘I hunger Andreyhimnir. The rats are not enough. Bring me more. Bring me something more.’
It was. This thing was what had become of Hugar over the last few days. But it was not horror that Andreyhimnir felt. In fact, quite the opposite. He felt pride. Pride that his efforts were not in vain, and that he had indeed feed those he had sought to feed. But he also felt it too. The rats weren’t enough. Thankfully his time had not been wasted, his tests on other, more questionable creatures were coming to fruition, and he would soon be able to fulfil his Lord high Master’s request.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Fantastically yucky. The skintones again are wonderfully distressed. The model itself is great, and Number 2 looks to be more of the same. Awesome pair. Hopefully they get brought into being several times.
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Northern Ireland

@youwashock, thanks! I've been finding out that more people are bringing loads of characters, so I might get them out more often that I first thought!

No real introduction to this guy, it's just the second spawn now finished. I used what I had learnt from the first one and made minor alterations to have them appear ever-so-slightly different enough that they are definitely not the same creature, but close enough so they look part of the same mini-universe so-to-speak (does that make sense? Basically I like to keep techniques for certain colours consistent throughout an army so they match each other even if the overall scheme is different. This mainly comes back to metals and cloth).

Spawn II front

Spawn II right

Spawn II left

Spawn II back

As always, please feel free to leave comments and whatnot.


Chapter X

As Andreyhimnir strode through the monastery, he caught glimpses of marines devouring large pieces of raw meat. Meat that he and his fellow librarians had brought into existence. As he watched, he felt more like the head chef than the chief librarian, but it brought joy to see those consuming his work. And what work did he have planned. He had brought fourth a number of different creatures he had enhanced to Hugar, yet after only days of feasting on their flesh he still lacked the sustenance he needed. This time, however, Andreyhimnir felt he finally had it. Yes, he’d gone from seeking a solution, to a morally grey area, to this, but it was all worth it.
The human he had selected had been nondescript. No one in the hives would miss another body. Gathering his acolytes, he enacted the ritual he had done so many times before. As agonising squelches, the sounds of breaking and reforming bone, and hideous screams of torture washed over the librarian, he knew that it would be enough, for what else could there be? He waddled his way up the fortress, his own body becoming an obese parody of its once fit self. Arriving at the door to his Lord’s chamber, he let himself in, to a sight that now only brought him joy. Lord Hugar a mound of gibbering skin and fat. His two servants, their thick robes covered in the blood from the previous meals, were pouring food into his mouth. Nothing seemed to fill him now, but that was good.
Laying the new morsel in front of his master, Andreyhimnir left to continue his practices, hopeful that he had done enough, but already thinking of the next steps if he hadn’t. Ideas that were once too heretical to even consider were freely springing into his mind. The next few days would be exciting indeed.

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Looks good. The cluster of eyes is the first read, and almost seems cute. Like something from Monsters, Inc. Then you see the tentacles and claws and spikes and realize it's a murder machine. The bases for these two are quite good, as well. The flowers make for a nice contrast to the beasties.
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Homicidal Veteran Blood Angel Assault Marine

Another lurker here too. The marines are coming together nicely, and they’re certainly unique! Love the mottled skin you’ve greates, looks nice and chaosy. Those spawns look good too, though i was hoping spawnic would have more blue! Oh the hours I lost to that hedgehog!

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Northern Ireland

@youwashock thanks! And spawns are totally cute. As for the bases, I'm really trying to bring out a classic fantasy vibe in them. The sort of aesthetic you think of when someone talks about Bretonnia or old Arthurian legends. Toussaint from the Witcher 3 was also a big inspiration, the bright colours contrasting the dark stories.

@gobert thanks! For the spawn's skin I did try to add some more blue, but it just ended up a darker, more grey skin tone that wasn't entirely great. So unfortunately no blue spawn

A small update, but one that shows the start of something bigger. I'm actually starting on the squad! So far I only have the skin for one of them done, but that just means all I have left to do is the legs, one arm, and weapon! Granted I find skin a load easier than anything else, but ah well.

Terminator 1 WIP

I tried to emulate the stretched skin I had with the first guy, but honestly I have no idea how I did it I'll try to aim to have this guy done by the end of the week, but who knows if I'll be able to stick to that (damn you real life!)


Chapter XI

Always hunger. That’s nearly all I feel anymore. My life, my past, my cause, all now drifts slowly away. Who was I before the hunger?
Yes. No. Hugar. Hunger. That is who I am. I must eat.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Awesome. Kingpin comes to 40K. The skin is looking good. That hint of a vein being stretched to the surface is magic.
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Northern Ireland

@youwashcok, thanks! So far we've had people calling the last guy themselves, and now this guy is Kingpin. I wonder who'll be next... As for the hint of vein, I'm so happy you noticed that! I really wanted to try to get that effect, and I basically painted it how it would be in real life, with the skin on top of the vein (well, technically just the final highlight for the skin, but semantics).

So the end of the week was maybe a bit overly confident for me But hey, he's done, and now there's only 4 left for this squad. And then another two human sized characters. And then another 3 very large minis...

I haven't really got much lore specifically for this guy, so I'd love some ideas! Preferably something to do with eating, fatness, gluttony, you get the idea. Are there any old deities that championed such unhealthy living? Or maybe someone you know irl that could do with loosing a few more pounds Or should I just cheat and use what youwashock said, calling him Wilsonius Fyssk . Regardless, I'm sure yous are far more interested in seeing the model than anything else, so here you go!

Terminator 1 front

Terminator 1 right

Terminator 1 left

Terminator 1 back

I went a bit lighter on the freehand-filigree stuff as I wanted it to be less intricate than the character model. The reason for this is two-fold. First off, he's a lower rank, so he'll obviously have less fancy stuff. It's a well known 40k fact that the higher the rank you are, the more fancy stuff you have. The second reason is that it means he's that wee bit easier to paint, making the full squad less of a chore.

Suffice to say I'm happy with how he turned out, but I'd love to hear your feedback so the next guy can be that wee bit better.


Chapter XII

It was unthinkable what he was about to do, but it had to be done. Brother Balutt was not a willing subject, but then neither were the previous ones. Andreyhimnir’s coven strapped him down, dark iron clasps holding him in place, a rope tied round his mouth to stop the screams from interrupting the process. It took longer this time, but gradually his already immense frame was warped into something hideously massive. A mountain of flesh that would feed Hugar for days on end, if not months. But something was off. The meat was not correct. The time it had spent lazing around, guzzling down foodstuffs had left it far too fatty. It needed to exercise to regain the muscle mass it had lost. It needed to roam free amongst the people of Scythius Prime. It needed to graze on their flesh and chew on their bones.
With the thought in his head, Andreyhimnir let loose the mutated creature, for it was certainly no longer a space marine, and watched as it ravaged the lands near the fortress. Humans, too fat themselves to flee the oncoming mass of tissue, were eaten up in massive mouthfuls, giant jaws appearing from the newly bread monster purely to consume, before disappearing again beneath the mountain of meat. For six days Andreyhimnir let the beast roam, before finally hunting it down and retrieving the body so that his Lord could partake in the consumption of it.
The meat-thing was slowly hauled up to Hugar’s chamber, its mass making it impossible for it to be carried by the chapter serfs. When it finally arrived, only the Lord High Master could match it for its mass, he himself having grown immeasurably over the past days and weeks. Saliva and blood ran down his cheeks, pooling around the naked stomach folds that covered his feet. There veiled serfs, newly appointed feeders to the great Hunger, sliced away at the flesh with curved blades. Slowey at first, the flesh was squeezed down the hungering orifice of a mouth, suckling the juices that flowed freely from the sickly-sweet meat. It took a day for the first slice to be guzzled down, and another for the next. But on the third day, the feeders reached the centre of the once-marine, where upon they found the mutated geneseed of the once-marine. This would be a delicacy like no other. This required celebration.

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Man, that's gross. Well done.

Fysskus looks quite cool. I think the level of detail is more than enough for a squad. What will the very large minis be, again?
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@youwashock, thanks, that's exactly the reaction I was going for And it appears you've named him too, Brother Fysskus! As for the large minis, I've got a Giant Chaos Spawn (I'm thinking of using the Mutalith Vortex Beast as a base, but removing the giant vortex on its back and adding more spawn-y bits), a Chaos Knight (who I plan to make all ghost-y as it's a manifestation of an ancient battle pulled forth from the Warp by a tecno-occultist Hellwright (and yes, I was inspired by Aaron Dembski-Bowden's Ragged Knight from the The Talon of Horus novel)), and a counts-as Daemon Prince who will be the mortal leader of the Warband, known as 'The Great Hunger' (I have exciting plans for this fella, but I sort of want to keep him a surprise )

As appears to be customary now, here's the WIP shot of the next guy with his skin and face done. Not quite sure how he got so fat with that mask on, but I'm not going to ask him

Terminator 2 WIP

The photo's maybe not the best as you can nearly see too much detail. Irl he works a bit better as all the bumps and things blend in with the rest of the belly. Not to mention his odd shape makes it hard to find a good angle to photograph him at. Hopefully the final photos will show him off in a bit of a better light.

Comments, criticism, and the likes are welcome as always!


Chapter XIII

A feast like no other. Mountains of meat, bone, gristle, anything that could be ate, were placed before the marines, themselves a blown-up parody of their once noble selves. The air heavy with the sickly-sweet aroma of sweat and bodily fluids. Every member of the once proud chapter gorging themselves on whatever they could reach, which all too often included those serving them. At the head of a mighty table sat Hunger, for that was now his name. No longer did the Lord High Master of the Hands of Penitence exist, replaced nearly entirely with an immense body of stretched skin and layers of fat. As the feast came to a head, the greatest modicum of food arrived on a golden platter carried by Andreyhimnir, the self-proclaimed Warp Chef. The warped geneseed of the once Brother Balutt. It stunk of a deep, penetrating sulphur, with long, thin, black veins covering the outside of the wet and oily morsel. The rest of the gluttonous feast stopped what they were eating, focused solely on the tray that carried the seed. That is, apart from the great Hunger, who continued his consumption uninterrupted. When the platter finally arrived in front of the obesity, the serpentine-faced feeders raised the moist flesh above his head in their clawed hands,
‘Praise Him for bringing us this delicacy’, Andreyhimnir exclaimed as the feeders held aloft the oozing mass, his voices a nauseating wet mess. Spittle leaked from the sides of his mouth.
‘With this we enter a new age of the Chapter. No longer will we be the Hands of Penitence, for that name no longer fits. From now until the end of days we shall be the Feast Eternal!’
An almighty roar from nearly a thousand voices cried out in ravenous glory, each knowing that soon they too will partake in the consumption of such a precious food. But at this moment, the feast was about Hunger, and so it would be him who took the first bite of the warp-rotted geneseed.
For all the ceremony surrounding the feast itself, Hunger simply consumed the geneseed as part of the next handful of food, not caring that this crossed an unthinkable line in the sands of time. And whilst the Chapter had already fallen so far, it was only after the consumption that things fully changed.

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