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Made in us
Annoying Groin Biter

Hi guys. I had an idea after posting a how to build a 750 point Ossiarch Bonereaper list for a campaign that I will be participating in Feb. I have decided to try out the Stalliarch Lords sub-faction for this campaign.

I wanted to present an idea that I am not sure if anyone has discussed or mentioned previously. I wanted to add Arkhan the Black to this list which goes as follows;

Arch-Kavalos Zandtos
2 - 5 man unit of Kavalos Deathriders
Arkhan the Black

Total points - 940 (points remaining, can be used for an endless spell)

Basically, everyone has at least a 12 inch movement. I would have Arch-Kavalos buff the two units and Arkhan doing magic damage and resurrecting any who fall. With the bonuses that this sub-faction receives, my deathriders should hit really hard and making each units movement a non issue.

What do you guys think?

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Made in us
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

Should work, but at 1000 points anything can happen depending on opponent & scenario. I would run something you like and not be too concerned with performance (more than usual, that is!).

Consider; Games Workshop rules not so much games but as toolboxes for players to craft an experience from, and open/narrative/matched play just examples of how things can be put together. 
Made in us
Annoying Groin Biter

I agree that it shouldn’t be about winning but I felt like following a theme. Arkhan is both offensive and defensive in my opinion and that give me some extra flexibility since I like numbers.

Plus I think it’s really cool to see everything on a mount that has no issues with movement or charges.
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