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Made in us
Savage Minotaur

Baltimore, Maryland

So after a long run of playing Fyreslayers, I’m in the mood for something new. Well, not entirely new as I’ve had the mini’s since they dropped a few years ago and most of them are already painted up. But vastly different than building my army around Lords of the Lodge, I suppose.

Anyway, barring any urges to start another army, I’ve made the decision to focus on Stormcast Eternals, the Vanguard type in particular. I intend to use it in casual and competitive play. I get that it might not be ideal for competitive, but I’m going for it. I intend to use this thread to log what I learn, as well as get some feedback from others.

The first army that I will field:

2000 points:

Stormhost : Knights Excelsior (I know. But I bought their upgrade packs and I intend to use them)

Realm : Hysh (will probably be what I change the most.)

Command Point: 50

Lord-Aquilor 180
Lord-Arcanum 220
Knight Zephyros -100 (the 2 Lords above will be mainstays, this hero will come and go as needed, and probably quickly, as it doesn’t seem all that effective. Knights Azyros, Venator and Incantor will feature in this spot as well.)

15 Vanguard Hunters 330
10 Vanguard Hunters 220
10 Vanguard Hunters 220

Shock Handaxes seem better, but will have 1 unit with Storm Sabres, mainly just to paint different stuff.

Artillery: Celestar Ballista 110. (Yep, not Vanguard. Looking at this as something like training wheels while I learn to play this army.)

Other Units:

Vanguard Raptors x3 140

Hurricane Crossbows for now. And I’ll probably want this unit to be bigger, I just don’t want to go too heavy on these dudes just yet.

Vanguard Palladors x3 180
Vanguard Palladors x3 180

Javelins on these dudes. Seems vastly superior to the Shock Handaxes, as well as giving them more range attacks. May combine the unit to be 6. We’ll see. They have a pretty big footprint, so it could get cumbersome if I go too big.

Endless Spells:

Prismatic Pallisade 30
Soulsnare Shackles 40

The idea behind these two are to limit opponent mobility and block movement. Used the Fyreslayers Magmic Invocation “Runic Fyrewall” to similar effect, so I’m giving these ago. Will probably change out these spells for others every game for gaks and giggles, or I find one that I vibe with the most.

What do you think?

My first game may be tomorrow, so I’m eager to see how it goes.

"Sometimes the only victory possible is to keep your opponent from winning." - The Emperor, from The Outcast Dead.
"Tell your gods we are coming for them, and that their realms will burn as ours did." -Thostos Bladestorm
Made in us
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

Should work, depending on what you're up against. You know your meta so I assume it is appropriate. Let us know how it goes, I would be interested to hear!

Consider; Games Workshop rules not so much games but as toolboxes for players to craft an experience from, and open/narrative/matched play just examples of how things can be put together. 
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