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For those that might have missed it:


As someone that is both a Dark Angel and an AdMech player... this made my day.

The Fabricator-General battling with Kitten, the small bit with Cawl and Asmodai right at the end... my belly still hurts from laughter!

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Norn Queen

Nice to see they are somehow slower than DBZA by releasing one episode a year. Still it was worth the weight.

Is it funny or sad that tts!Cawl is literally more coherent and believable than cannon!Cawl?

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Aspirant Tech-Adept

well they're rolling that aspect of him out a bit. The Great Work does it actually kind of nice... He mentions that he adopted a specific persona for interaction with the SM dude which name I forgot.

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Ancient Ultramarine Venerable Dreadnought


Yeah, that depiction of Cawl in TTS, while a bit exaggerated, is COMPLETELY canon.

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that musical part was something else. Glad to see the story focus on kitten again.

His pattern of returning alive after being declared dead occurred often enough during Cain's career that the Munitorum made a special ruling that Ciaphas Cain is to never be considered dead, despite evidence to the contrary. 
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Sneaky Striking Scorpion

What sealed the series for me was when Russ roasted everyone in the warp, and saved the Dark Angel till last! I HIGHLY recommend people to look up that clip
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on the forum. Obviously

What's funny is that Russ's voice actor didn't know what the "Demons of Khorne are going to eat you out like an ice cream sandwich during your red rage" line meant until after he said it. He was both amused and mortified.

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