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Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norwalk, Connecticut

So...I’m brainstorming here. I like Varanguard. Models are great, I want to make use of them. They suck in Battalion format, but maybe I can make them work. Host of the Empty Throne makes them a hero, now how about using that within a DoT book; they come back on 5+, having Kairos swing a D6 to a 5+ when needed, and gotta check DD rules to see if those 5’s can get used for this. If so, it’s possible to have a near I kills me army of Varanguard heroes.

Second: Baleful Tyrants of Blood (as pointed out), run Skarbrand, 2 BTs and a Gorethunder Cohort with minimal Bloodreavers. Stone them from a distance and charge with the big messy guys. Win?

Be’Lakor gets an army! Use Be’Lakor as your general, make it Legions of Chaos Ascendent and have tiny heralds continuously spawn in units of lessers and have Be’Lakor heal them. Unending legions indeed!

However, I pray they never find a way to get cheap Rotbringer chaff models. If they do, game over. 1-wound Rotbringers get 2+ mortal wounds any time a Rotbringer dies. If Marauders got that...just flood the field with 160 Marauders for 1200 points and watch them vaporize anything they touch. Thank God that there is no such option. That would be more broken than the current Tzeentch book OR Triple-Keeper list (pre-FAQ). 160 walking mortal wounds would be impossible to beat.
Edit-wording is iffy on this. If you can bestow “blessed sons Rotbringer” on a unit of Nurgle, game over. If you only bestow “blessed sons” then only Nurgle Rotbringers benefit, but any Nurgle unit can have the keyword. The way it’s written, it seems to give BSR. I think the INTENT was for BS to be given and only Rotbringers get the game-changing benefit.

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Humming Great Unclean One of Nurgle

I wouldn't pass final judgement until we get the initial FAQ, GW has shown a sporadic willingness to make meaningful changes.

Consider; Games Workshop rules not so much games but as toolboxes for players to craft an experience from, and open/narrative/matched play just examples of how things can be put together. 
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