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Made in ua
Mindless Servitor

If you remember, i finished few weeks ago Firestorm frigate https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/784746.page

and now, i want to make a new frigate - Gladius.
3d model can be seen here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/qAklyL

templates are unwarped using pepakura designer

then export to autocad and all other work is made in autocad: final templates, instructions...
[Thumb - gladius.jpg]
gladius 3d model

[Thumb - 01.png]

[Thumb - 02.png]

[Thumb - 03.png]
all templates

Made in ua
Mindless Servitor

Slowly testing and collecting all together

soon will update post
[Thumb - 86193436_3801489216527963_2147484395324309504_o.jpg]

[Thumb - 86283108_3801488749861343_287484331742461952_o.jpg]

[Thumb - 85237807_3801489339861284_1467095892703051776_o.jpg]

Made in us
Krazed Killa Kan

New York City

This is cool. The level of detail is amazing. Looking forward to seeing more progress.

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Waaazag da Kan't Stoppable (ORKS) ~6,000 points
Orks-in-Progress, Finished Orks.
Terrain I'm making.
The Darion Sector War Campaign.
Into the Jaws of Hell 40k campaign.
I do commissions. If you are interested send me a PM and we can talk concepts and pricing. 
Made in ua
Mindless Servitor

Slowly, but making some progress:
[Thumb - IMG_20200216_200727.jpg]
front part ready

[Thumb - IMG_20200216_200741.jpg]
front part ready

[Thumb - IMG_20200216_200755.jpg]
front part ready

[Thumb - IMG_20200216_200808.jpg]
some progress on second part

[Thumb - IMG_20200216_200817.jpg]
some progress on second part

[Thumb - IMG_20200216_200844.jpg]
and now we have a hammer to punish some heretics

Made in ua
Mindless Servitor

The work-progress is soooooo slow
so, im making the most boring part - instructions
[Thumb - 012.png]

Made in us
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

I'll chip on what Warboss said- the level of detail is incredible! What a fantastic build this is shaping up to be.

"He fears his fate too much, or his desserts are small, who will not put it to a single touch; to win- or lose- it all."

Montrose Toast

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