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Hi guys.
I'm a little confused about the munificent wanderers.
Is it a Battalion or is it a subfaction? I'm trying to put together a Nurgle daemon army using the Tallyband of Nurgle, and want to include the Wanderer rule as well. But I just lost my army book in a small fire so I've been reduced to using Battlescribe. There, the Wanderers require that I have 2 tallybands, as if it is a super battalion… I thought I remembered something about the wanderers being a subfaction, and not an actual battalion.

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EDIT: I miss read, it is a Subfaction, i didn't see you lost your book for some reason. The trait is if you are in melee with a daemon you ignore a point of rend i believe.

But there is a Battalion with the same name i think, a mega battalion (like 2-3 other battalions together) and a GUO.

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It was a battalion until the release of Wrath of the Everchosen, at which point it became a subfaction. The battalion technically has not been removed as an option yet but is inevitable going by the precedent of every other battletome.

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