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Since many of us are now Quarantined, let's talk about our experiences using online tools to RPG? I have only done this a few times since I vastly prefer in person gaming.

I played a Monster of the Week game using voice only and it worked out fine. The rules lite approach worked well as we did not need as many detailed maps and the like.

I also did a D&D 5E game, where the digital aspects were much more cumbersome. We also used video to share screens, dice rolling bots, and a grid based map app. This was much more complicated to run and the early stages were bogged down by technical issues. However, once we got going it was fine.

- Only one person can really effectively talk at a time which led to a more disciplined session
- Got to play a game!

- A lot less banter and joking around
- Mechanically D&D was much harder to run, and I was constantly switching my focus, this was less immersive.

I look forward to switching back to regular face-to-face play.

Have you transitioned, and what was your experience?

Do you like Free Wargames?
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Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

Due to my career I am constantly on the move and had to transition to online tools(Skype) to RPG with my group several years ago. I agree with you that in person gaming is preferred based on the social interactions that really drive the session.

- Cut out personal distractions and able to focus on the problems and the story
- I can play with my group no matter where I am

- Feel left out of the group when they're all there(in person) and I'm on a screen. Certain things are done off screen that I can't see or hear and it definitely can wear on a session.
- There is a risk that since I'm not there I can come up with the occasional excuse to not call in. So the story continues and I'm a little behind.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

due to distance we have long skyped our D&D games, as the DM having a camera and 3d terrain/miniatures helps a lot. Obsidian portal is great tool as well.
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Hangin' with Gork & Mork

Our bi-weekly D&D group is going to play by Discord this weekend. If we don't like it then going to buy the needed modules for the DM for Roll20 and try that.

Edit: Just went to Roll 20 and it is quite down. Wonder if they are being overloaded and with people rushing to online services or something like that.

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My weekly RPG group switched to DnD on Fantasy Grounds, with Discord for voice.
Last week, Discord went down though overload, but stayed stable this week.
Fantasy Grounds was free for the players, as the DM had grabbed the Ultimate version when it was on offer a while ago.

Drinks choice is opened up, as no-one had to drive to the host's house.
Gaming material was all digital, and shared.
Travel time didn't happen, so more gaming time.

We all have to make our own drinks.
Banter was down a bit, but still lively enough.

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There was no change to the drinking levels in the games I played! My wife is a firm believer that all RPGs are better with two glasses of wine down. Some of the others agree, but substitute different drinks of choice.

Edit: i have always been a bit more old-school 'If I wanted a map I had to make it myself" and "Theater of the mind" type player, so I found all the maps and digital add-ons more of a distraction than a help. I know I am the outlier with this opinion.

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Do you like Free Wargames?
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Montreal, QC Canada

I think my group is going to try it this weekend. Just going to figure out how we do it and if were going to continue our campaign or do something new while we are on lockdown.

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