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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Ever since the release of Titanicus I have been getting really into not only Titanicus but also Epic, the new Titans truly make for inspiring centre pieces when placed alongside not only the original epic miniatures but also Vanguard Miniatures wonderful sculpts. Despite my love of gaming in this scale I have been rather slow in actually painting anything, however recent events have left me with rather more time to paint so I have decided to document my progress in this blog.

My aim is to paint both a traitor and imperial force across the gaming systems which I'll weave together to form the forces of a conflict called the Angelus Crusade. In the long term you can expect to see:

Night Lords - Space Marines (Epic)
Legio Cruor - Titan Legion (Titanicus/Epic)
House Manticora - Knight Househould (Titanicus/Epic)

Regiments of the Angelus Crusade - Imperial Guard (Epic)
Legio Astorum - Titan Legion (Titanicus)
Blood Angels - Space Marines (Epic)
Fleet Angelus - Imperial Navy (Epic/Aeronautica)

We have to start somewhere so to begin with we will have the Titans of the Legio Cruor.

Legio Cruor - God Reapers

The Legio Cruor was assigned to the 85th Expeditionary Fleet. The 85th was under the command of the Night Lords Legion, and at times Konrad Curze himself. Whereas other fleets would deploy their titans to counter only the greatest warmachines and fortresses of the xenos and separatist human empires they encountered, the 85th embraced the Legio Cruor into the Night Lords way of war and used them as a weapon of terror and punishment. Often the Legio would deploy in force against far inferior forces, forcing the defenders to muster all available assets to try and stop the gigantic behemoths of steel and ceramite. Inevitably they would fail and flee back to their fortresses and cities only to find that in their absence the Astartes of the VIIIth Legion had turned the now defenceless settlements into charnel pits.

It was only with the outbreak of the Horus Heresy that the Legio Cruor became accustomed to facing foes of their own stature as they fought those Legio's who had remained loyal to Terra. They maintained their use of terror tactics, fitting many of their machines with close combat weaponry and sending them charging headlong towards their foes. Even a Titan princeps feels some trepidation at the sight of another god machine barrelling towards them at full stride, power fist or chainblade drawn back to strike.

Following Horus's defeat the Legio Crour retreated along with their Night Lord allies to the world of Tsagualsa from where they raided Forge Worlds of the Adeptus Mechanicus until the sons of Guiliman united to purge the Carrion World. The majority of the Legio's Titans were spaceside at the time of the attack, returning from another raid. Disdaining to stay and face the fury of the Ultramarines the Legio fled once more alongside what had morphed from the 73rd Company into the warband known as the Claws of Vadik. Evidently the Legio have managed to find support from the Dark Mechanicum within the Eye of Terror for they still plague the Imperium to this day, either striking on their own or alongside the Claws of Vadik.

Titans of 1st and 2nd Maniple led by the Warlord Parabellum

The Warlord Parabellum Engine Primus of First Maniple

The Reavers Sagittarius Metus and Vitiosus Barbara of 1st Maniple

The Reaver Falcatus, Engine Primus of Second Maniple, and the Reaver Feris Bellator

The Warhounds Cerberus and Canis Mortis

There were some who resisted - Middle Earth SBG Painting Blog - Currently painting Galadhrim

Epic/Titanicus/Aeronautica - The Angelus Crusade - Currently painting Epic Night Lords and Blood Angels 
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Looking good, like the candy apple red! I think you might want to try a little more wash for a bit more contrast on the steel, but they look great as is.
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

@Vejut: Thanks! The metal does look a little washed out in the pictures doesn't it, the shading is a bit more pronounced in real life fortunately.

Now onto the updates!

The Warlord Rex Mortem

The machine spirit of Rex Mortem is particularly belligerent, even for the war engines of Legio Cruor. As standard it is equipped for ranged fire support, laying down fire alongside Parabellum and the rest of First Maniple as the smaller Reavers of 2nd Maniple charge forward to engage. However the Mortem's princeps, Kykov, will take any opportunity to replace the Warlord's Volcano cannon with a clawed fist and lead the charge himself.

The Rex Mortem is my final titan for now, which gives me two maniples of four engines each. In future I will be getting another of the excellent starter boxes which will expand both maniples to five engines each, the remaining Warhound and Reaver will join my Imperial Epic forces as members of the Legio Astorum. I'll also be adding a Nemesis Warbringer to provide some long range artillery support to the Legio.

1st Maniple of the Legio Cruor, Fortis Configuration

2nd Maniple of the Legio Cruor, Ferrox Configuration

With the titans done for now I'll be moving onto the other half of my Titanicus collection, the Knights of House Manticora. Here is a WIP shot to give you a taster of what is to come.

Cerastus and Questoris Knights of House Manticora

I've also assembled some reinforcements for my Epic scaled Night Lords, principally these superb tanks from Vanguard Miniatures.

VIIIth Legion Fellblade Squadron

There were some who resisted - Middle Earth SBG Painting Blog - Currently painting Galadhrim

Epic/Titanicus/Aeronautica - The Angelus Crusade - Currently painting Epic Night Lords and Blood Angels 
Made in nl
Never Forget Isstvan!

The Netherlands

This is going to be awesome!!! Nicely painted Titans dude!

The Wars of Tusculum Nova - A Vanguard Miniatures fanblog 
Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Love that lacquered red on your Titans, personally I have gone for Mordaxis and Astorum for my two Legios.

Painting Warhammer 40,000 Conquest a P and M blog : https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/763491.page 
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Malika2 wrote:This is going to be awesome!!! Nicely painted Titans dude!

Thank you, I hope the rest of the blog lives up to your expectations!

ListenToMeWarriors wrote:Love that lacquered red on your Titans, personally I have gone for Mordaxis and Astorum for my two Legios.

Cheers, I got the idea when I was using it paint shoulder pads on some 40k custodes. Mordaxis have pretty nice scheme, I particularly like the purple, and Astorum are the best looking of the loyalists which is why there will hopefully be a couple of their engines showing up later on in this blog.

On the painting front I hit a slight snag in getting my knights painted, namely that I am out of bone paint and for obvious reasons I can't pop round to my local FLGS and get some more. Not to be deterred I have started painting my first Epic models!

Blood Angels vs Night Lords

The bitter rivalry between the VIIIth and IVth Legions dates back to the days of the Heresy itself. The Angelus Crusade has brought the Night Lords and Blood Angels into conflict once more as Dante directs his Chapter's 2nd and 3rd Companies to join the Imperial Crusade force to purge the dark empire established by Prince Vadik of the Night Lords.

Blood Angel and Night Lord patrols clash in the midst of Dekkian Primus.

A Legio Cruor Warhound ends the encounter quickly.

There were some who resisted - Middle Earth SBG Painting Blog - Currently painting Galadhrim

Epic/Titanicus/Aeronautica - The Angelus Crusade - Currently painting Epic Night Lords and Blood Angels 
Made in ca
Stoic Grail Knight

drinking tea in the snow

Those tanks look so good! The red is especially nice.

realism is a lie
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Wow, I was aware there was a scale difference between epic and AT, but that is a huge difference.
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