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The 100% Unofficial Battle Valor news thread!

Battle Valor makes 15mm scale models for fantasy settings, and despite their small size they hold very good detailing!
US website: http://www.battlevalorgames.com/index.aspx
Battle Valor model line store: http://www.battlevalorgames.com/battlevalorfantasy15mm.aspx

UK Distributor Dragon Frog Games https://www.dragonfroggames.co.uk
Note - DFG doesn't list all the products as yet, however contact the guy on facebook if you're interested in any not currently listed and he should be able to get them in and add them to the site.

Note the Samurai line of models that were on sale through the BV website are no longer for sale here. This selection of 15mm models was a separate venture owned by another company and produced through BV until such time as the owner wished to take their line back to sell on their own. Those who order them through the BV Kickstarters will still get their models. As yet there's no website for them, but one should appear in the fullness of time.

*** Running right now until July 4thth is 25% off everything on the BV website. BV is currently able to maintain production and shipping through the Corona situation. ***

June 2020:
Big news this month with several big models on sale.
First up until the 4th of July the Medium and Heavy Chariots from the KSIII will be up for general sale. They are being sold for every single race in the game with unique riders and pulling beasts for each one. Note just like other cavalry its possible to add a mention in the order notes to change the mounts if you want (eg if the default was horses you could change it to tigers if you wanted). These models will get rules next year in the 2021 expansion for the game and will go on general sale around that time

Secondly the Legian Demon Chariot and Balista models are now up for sale. These are two bigger models in the range, one giving you a powerful bestial powered chariot and the other a long range artillery unit.

ALL chariots are found under the specific Chariots tab http://www.battlevalorgames.com/chariots.aspx rather than in each race, there's a dropdown on the chariot pages for selection which race you want (and as noted if you want different mounts than the race normally has note this in the order notes when placing the order or email BV with the order number once its generated)

In addition BV has gained the licence and moulds for a selection of 28mm pulp sci-fi and fantasy models up for special early order on the site

May 2020:
Big news is that the rule book is now up for sale as a PDF through the BV website http://www.battlevalorgames.com/battlevalorfantasyru
The paperback version also remains up for sale through the rules tab on the BV website.
Massive release of a huge bunch of KS 2 and the first of the new armies from KS 3 - the Amazonian infantry and command. There's also a bunch of specials released including the Meeting at the Gnarled Oak. So there's a lot to see and update. In addition to the list Ed has confirmed in the FB comments that he's also been working on further stuff, the Legian Ballista war engine is close to completion. The Corona sale has also been extended - 25% off remains in effect now until May 17th! A fantastic time to get into the game!

The complete list is as follows:
Amazonian Starter Army
Amazonian Command
Amazonian Swordswomen with Shields
Amazonian Spearwomen with Shields
Amazonian Warriors with Bows
Amazonian Warriors with Chakrams
Amazonian Warriors with Staves
Amazonian Infantry Shields
Gods Swordsmen
Decian Character Pack
Legian Pegasus Riders
Legian Female Lionian Slingers
Legian Cavalry Females with Throwing Spears
Bestian Core Army
Bestian General
Bestian Sacrificial Circle
Delvian Spider Shields
Delvian Core Army
Wovian Cavalry with Spears on Horses
Wovian Cavalry with Swords on Horses
Stygian Heavy Cavalry Shields
Vermian Cavalry with Hand Weapons on Lightly Armored Ratweillers
Barbarian Cavalry with Bows on Sabre Tooths
Barbarian Cavalry with Spears on Sabre Tooths
Barbarian Cavalry with Spears on Mountain Lions
Barbarian Cavalry with Swords on Mountain Lions

Special Editons
Giant Rats
Legian Equilibriator
Raising the Dead
Taming the Beast
Meeting at the Gnarled Oak
Valkyrie Captain
Dwarf Captain
Dwarian Female Wizard
Hellian Cult Wizard
Frigian General Mounted on War Mammoth

March 2020:
Sacrificial Circle

February 2020

Legian Cavalry with Bows on Heavily Armored Bull
Legian Cavalry with Swords on Heavily Armored Bull

January 2020

Delvian General
Stygian Cairn Keeper
Legian Cavalry with Bows on Lightly Armored Bulls
Legian Cavalry with Bows on Lightly Armored Bulls
Bestian Bulltaur Shield
Bestian Centaurian Shield

Previous thread from 2019

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Update - first post has been updated with a massive list of over 30 model sets being added to the game including the first KS3 new army models - Amazonian infantry and command unit. The rules are also up in PDF form and the 25% off sale has been extended to May 17th.

So cheaper models - more models - rules accessible in print and e-book (with hte digital version being cheaper). A fantastic time to grab some models and get into 15mm fantasy wargaming!

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Been looking forward to a pdf of the rules. Now I can finally give them a look!

11527pts Total (7400pts painted)

4980pts Total (4980pts painted)

3730 Total (210pts painted) 
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Fixture of Dakka


Big news this month with the Legian getting a chariot and balista and the two heavy and medium "any faction" chariots going on general sale for a short period of time for every single race in the game currently.

Note also that there's a selection of 28mm pulp fiction models also now up for sale (links in the first post). Lots of big steps forward this month! Like to be a pattern for a while since from KS 2 most of what is left are now larger models to be completed and a lot of casualty bases for each race.

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Central Valley, California

That Legian Demon chariot is bloody incredible.

My Decian (undead) army just arrived and the models are brilliant.

~ Shrap

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