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Regular Dakkanaut

I have been working on adding GSC to my existing Tyranid army for some time. I needed a title and never came up with a Cult name for them, so I decided to call them the Cult of the Golden Serpent. I tend to run multiple Cults, or bounce between Cults (and Hive Fleets) constantly. In order to translate that to fluff/paint, I think I'm going to have them have a rival offshoot Cult, the Cult of the Jade Serpent. I'll have the two be in effective the same scheme, as they are on the same planet and spawned from Patriarchs from the same brood, but distinguish them by having one with gold/brass cult symbols, and the other with green/jade markings. This will be an excuse to eventually learn how to paint jade.

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This is my Jackal Alphus, who I finished last night. She is not the first model I painted for the cult, but she is the first one I did a progress log for that I liked, and she is awesome, so she gets to be first up.

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Stoic Grail Knight

drinking tea in the snow

She looks very impressive! Jade sounds like a fun color to work with

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

This is a work in progress conversion for one of the autocannon gunners for 1st Platoon of my Golden Serpent Neophytes.

Body and autocannon. The bi-pod came from a seismic cannon kit.I trimmed the shoulder joint slightly to make it fit at the straighter angle I needed. I also trimmed the hand away from the carry handle.
I'm not supper happy with how the carry handle looks, and I may come back to it and even out the bottom with a sanding strip later on.

Left arm and the ammo pack. I wasn't able to find a matching left arm that I could make fit the way I wanted to, but having one arm being normal in normal clothing and the other be chitinous feels very 'stealer cult to me,
so I was happy with it. The ammo pack is the standard one, with a extra belt that I took from a spare autocannon.

Final assembly. The belt reaching up is a link or two shorter than I would have liked, but I'm overall happy with the conversion. He will get final touch ups and based tomorrow.
I have a completed non-converted autocannon Neophyte that I can put up as a comparison once he is finished.

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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Nice start, I look forward to seeing how this progresses.

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Veteran Inquisitorial Tyranid Xenokiller


very cool, looking forward to seeing more

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Completed converted autocannon Neophyte for 1st platoon.

I have two more planned conversions: one with the ammo belt stretching from the cannon to the backpack, and one with no ammo belt and the feed tray open for reloading. The first one should be simple, but the second one is going to involve slicing up at least two of the autocannons and will be tricky.

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