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Aspirant Tech-Adept

Looking at Games Workshop prices in the states, I think it might just be cheaper to buy in the UK and use a forwarding service to ship to the US.

But never having done such a thing, I'm unsure how cheaply or realistic something like that is.

Does anyone have experience doing that? Preliminary searches show a shipping cost of between $25 - $35 from UK to US.

Looking at new releases. in the US the cheapest I can purchase the Archaeopter and Start Collecting Mechanicus kits is $166 (£135) as opposed to $120 (£96) in the UK.

That's a $46 (£37) difference. Potentially greater savings the larger my order.
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Legendary Dogfighter


From stuff I've personally posted to states that come to around 1.5kg to 2kg its costed me (including packaging) between £20-25 tracked through Royal mail.

If that's any use.
Other services will charge whatever they want and could end up making that saving negligible.

Probably easier to find a US independent seller and cut out GW from the equation
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Towering Hierophant Bio-Titan

Bristol, England

I've got a mate in Australia who buys stuff in the UK from GW direct, discounted retailers and ebay.
The stuff gets sent to my house piecemeal where I'll un box repackage and trim any excessive sprue.
When there's enough for an optimised weight/size box I'll post it to him.
He saves a good chunk of cash doing it that way.

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Lustful Cultist of Slaanesh

IDK if it works the other way round, but when buying stuff from the US on the UK we have to pay import tax and customs fee on certain goods. Eg I bought some world of warcraft merch from their us store in a sale that came to £20, but had to pay £25 in fees. So look up if this applies as you might get bitten by fees for importing.
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Princeps of the Emperor's Titan!

It really depends.

When I’m sending out Loot, it ranges from £15 for the lighter parcels, and stays there for a bit.

It definitely helps that GW doesn’t do metal, as of course it keeps the weight down. But, price is also dependant on parcel dimensions.

Heavier stuff can sometimes be cheaper by Courier.

Very broad, general rule of thumb? If I order from Element (my preferred online discounter, others are available), then the discount of 15% should, broadly, match the postage cost when sending it on.

Now it’s at this point I’d normally pimp the Loot group, but we stick strictly to Exclusives and limited run stuff, so this sort of stuff whilst understandable isn’t a service we offer there.

Fed up of Scalpers? But still want your Exclusives?Why not join us?

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Shipping from the UK to the USA via royal mail is set to get more expensive soon (USA is becoming Zone 3, specifically set up for it in RM pricing)

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