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Made in it
Fresh-Faced New User

Greetings everybody!
While waiting for the Engine War I prepared a "wannabe" melee list with all the leaks we have and with the minis I own and I pre-ordered. I would like to rank it semi-competitive and "innovative".

RYZA Battalion
Cybernetica Cohort -1CP
Double warlord trait -1CP

-Manipulus with the Divinations of the Magos trait 65
-Enginseer 30

-3 Kataphron Breacher with Heavy Arc Rifle and Arc Claw 90
-3 Kataphron Breacher with Heavy Arc Rifle and Arc Claw 90
-10 Skitarii Vanguard with 3 Arc Rifles 86

-Cybernetica Datasmith with Prime Hermeticon warlord trait (reroll failed hit rolls in fight) 41
-10 Sicarian Ruststalker with Transonic Blades (not sure about them) 110

-10 Pteraxii Sterylizor 174
-6 Serberys Raider with Enhanced Data Teather 91

-6 Kastelan Robots with fists and flamer 600
-Skorpius disintegrator with Belleros Energy Canon 111
-Skorpius disintegrator with Belleros Energy Canon 111

-Archaeopter Stratoraptor 114

RYZA Battalion

-Enginseer 30
-Enginseer 30

-10 Skitarii Ranger with 3 snipers and Omnispex 113
-5 Skitarii Ranger with 2 snipers and Omnispex 66
-5 Skitarii Vanguard with 2 Arc Rifles 44

TOTAL: 2.000 points, 11/13 CP

Here is how it works.
Forge World choice. Ryza let me reroll wound rolls of 1 in close combat. Plus, with the new forge world canticle, it increases the AP of my melee weapons by 1. In addition, the datasmith warlord trait lets me reroll every failed hit rolls in close combat.

With the Divinations of the Magos warlord trait I can reroll charge moves or pick the best of 2 dices for advancing. In addition, with the Manipulus, I add 1" to move, advance and Charge rolls within 6". Don't forget about the cybernetica cohort stratagem that adds 3" to my kastelan robots charges if within 3" of the datasmith.

Base tactic. So, basically, I leave the snipers, 1 or 2 enginseers and the 2 Skorpius in the backline to cover the rest of the army. In the meanwhile the main maniple (the rest of the HQs, the Kataphrons, the vanguards, the cibernetica datasmith and the kastelan robots) advance as one. Then I use the Stratoraptor, the Raiders and the Pteraxii to snipe down easy-to-kill units and to secure objectives. Im still not sure about the ruststalkers. I could both use them in the main maniple or I could use the new stratagem to teleport them where needed... maybe within 6" of the manipulus to benefit from the bonuses to the charge (reroll and +1")
Note that I didn't pick a relic on purpose. I'm waiting for the PA to chose one.

C&C are more than welcome!
P.S: this list is still in "alpha", keep it in mind!
Made in it
Fresh-Faced New User

Anyone? :( Any critic or comment is welcome!
Made in de
Aspirant Tech-Adept

Well it is a bit hard to critique since there is nothing inherently wrong with it.

The biggest problem you might face is the enemy simply evading your kastelan deathball.
8" movement is good, but you might not catch anything worthwhile with them..
Also with 6 Kastelan and 2 D-Tanks your enemy AT will very soon focus on taking out your melee core, at which point all you have left is T3 4+ infantry which will not win you any games.
Anything that can take out a knight will trash your Kastelans and leave you neutered.
Too many eggs in one basket, I'd say

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