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Fresh-Faced New User

So I am new to the message board scene in general, and I thought I should take a moment to introduce myself.

I started collecting 40k back in the early 2000s with some friends who thought it would be fun. That is when I collected a majority of my Tau army. Though I got interested in the world, assembled a vast majority of my models, and would talk about it with friends I actually didn't play the game until much later.

In 2012 I stumbled into a hobby shop on a whim and instantly wanted to get back into the hobby. As a Tau player with a limited army, I started regularly going to the local GW store and participated in a few tournaments. I suffered through the end of the 5th edition and basked in the transition to 6th. At that point, I started adding to my Tau army and started really having fun actually playing the game. I bought the fall of black reach and some other things along the way too. That came to an end when my main gaming buddy passed in 2014. After that, I had a hard time getting into the gaming spirit and my armies started collecting dust. I even considered leaving them behind when I made a move to a new city (thankfully my wife convinced me otherwise!)

In 2018, a new friend of mine asked if I wanted to try the 8th edition out. I bought the new Tau codex and rolled a few dice and well here I am. I now have Tau force, a growing ork army and a few space marines. I do not have a lot of time to play, but the hobby side has really been a foundation especially during this horrible year.

Anyway, I look forward to reading some of these threads and meeting you wonderful people.

Have a good one!

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Keeper of the Adeptus Arbites Flame

Cairo, Egypt

Welcome! Be sure to post some army images when you get a chance.

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Lesser Daemon of Chaos

Hello bubbasun! Welcome to Dakka. It's a really wonderful community and glad you're a part of it. You oughta post up yer Iron Golems in the P&M Showcase!

Now I gotta figure out if I should text you that I saw this post or if I should send you a PM on Dakka or just wait for you to see it on your own.

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Welcome to Dakka

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