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Short and simple: What happened to the Imperium - Space Marines option for faction selection? Currently they're totally gone and it's only giving me the choice to select between the Adeptus Astartes supplement books like White Scars or Raven Guard or Black Templar.
I just wanna use the base space marines! I don't want to restrict myself to these faction-based supplements yet it's not giving me that option. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just my version that's fethed?

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Same for everyone.

Each of those versions includes everything from the base book though, as far as I have experienced. You can just ignore then extra options.

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Hangin' with Gork & Mork

The Ruins of the Boston Commonwealth

That's what I was thinking, but I just wanted to be doubly and triplely sure.

Also I just realized I posted this in COMPLETELY the wrong area. Sorry mods. Maybe move it?

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I just select Ultramarines and I can still do whatever.

Still have no Imperial Guard though...

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