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Did you purchase or arrange for purchase of the #Newboxset?
Yes, I secured one or more full boxes.
Yes, I secured some part of a full box (Necrons, #Newmarines, rulebook).

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Made in nl
Veteran Inquisitorial Tyranid Xenokiller

your mind

This is a simple poll to follow up on the orignal, which asked 'will you buy this new box?' linked here:

In the end, I did not buy it. I had arranged for one at the local GW store to be delivered July 25th, but ended up letting that box go.
I love the models, the story is actually pretty good with the Necrons so far, from what I hear about it anyways.

For me, the box was an awesome deal and the models are great, but...
I was looking at the models that I have been collecting with a vision for the finished collection in my mind for 25 years, and thinking of how the #Newmarines, so much better than numarines imho, might fit into this story and actually help complete this collection.

I realized that - however cool they are - these models cannot help me to finish what I started.

They will force me to start something #New, and at my age, with other obligations, and with so much already GW related in progress (that I would like to finish, before I die hopefully peacefully and painlessly with a paintbrush in hand I suppose), #New just wasn't for me.

If GW had released #Newmarines instead of numarines, and 9th rules instead of 8th, then... they might have had me.

#Newrules seems like a bunch of steps in right directions - love the crusade mode of play on the smaller tables, that is really a good scale for hobby for most people.

It seems that GW strategy is market saturation and ubiquitous presence, from comix to lunchboxes to... I am waiting for the trademarked Imperial caskets (as well as the recasts!) with a big shield and a skeleton strapped to the top, skulls everywhere. But, I think that I will pass on those, too.

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Made in cz
Been Around the Block

Just the marine half. I've been tempted to have a small space marine army next to my main "npc" armies, because the models look good.

I will put it on the shelf for few months to simmer, maybe wait for a Christmas bundle to expand the list, and then either pass it to someone else or commit to the army.
Made in gb
Wight Lord with the Sword of Kings


Nope - don't really need it.

Probably just get the CA 2020...maybe


"Unimaginably ancient xenos artefact somewhere on the planet, hive fleet poised above our heads, hidden 'stealer broods making an early start....and now a bloody Chaos cult crawling out of the woodwork just in case we were bored. Welcome to my world, Ciaphas."
Inquisitor Amberley Vail, Ordo Xenos

"I will admit that some Primachs like Russ or Horus could have a chance against an unarmed 12 year old novice but, a full Battle Sister??!! One to one? In close combat? Perhaps three Primarchs fighting together... but just one Primarch?" da001


A Bloody Road - my Warhammer Fantasy Fiction 
Made in au
Longtime Dakkanaut

I have been looking to pick up marines for a painting project, But this Box really didnt have anything interesting.
Made in it
Water-Caste Negotiator

Yes. I play both Necrons and SM (Primaris) so it was a box too good to pass for me.

Made in de
Nurgle Chosen Marine on a Palanquin

I play neither Marines nor Necrons so I didn't buy. I'm thinking about trying to get a cheap rulebook from ebay though. Removed - please do not advocate piracy.

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Made in gb
Virulent Space Marine dedicated to Nurgle

The wait to get one is massively stopping me from impulse buying. Don't really need.
Made in pl
Longtime Dakkanaut

The rule books are going for anywhere between 30 to 35$ online right now, on made to order. Techincly GW is going to be selling the rule book cheaper, but I ain't going on a 2 day trip to Warsaw to maybe buy a rule book there.

If you have to kill, then kill in the best manner. If you slaughter, then slaughter in the best manner. Let one of you sharpen his knife so his animal feels no pain. 
Made in ie
Preacher of the Emperor

Wasn't ever going to but two of the guys in my group got it so I'm getting the necron half off of them.

Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User

Yes I bought it, it's a great deal. Not sold on Necrons at all, but can sell them and get a significant amount back that I spent on the box.
Made in nl
Veteran Inquisitorial Tyranid Xenokiller

your mind

Apple fox wrote:
I have been looking to pick up marines for a painting project, But this Box really didnt have anything interesting.

Wow. Because those marine models (and the newbook, actually) are what had me interested.
The shield carrying dudes especially.
The bikers... meh. Was thinking I would get those to a kid who seems to have a reputation for losing easily, at the shop.

Still, for painting, theose new marines - even the assault marines - seem ideal.

I really wish that they would just call them assualt marines, though.
or even #newassaultmarines.

Not nu #Newmarines... too bad.

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dream archipelago wrote:
Yes I bought it, it's a great deal. Not sold on Necrons at all, but can sell them and get a significant amount back that I spent on the box.

That is a great strategy if you don't want to start another army too.

Still, those new crons are schweet imho.

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Dai wrote:
The wait to get one is massively stopping me from impulse buying. Don't really need.

Pretty much exactly what happened to me.
If the man would have taken the money when I initially offered, I would be the proud own (in waiting) of a #Newboxset.

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Made in de
Ladies Love the Vibro-Cannon Operator


No, I just want the rule book.
I'm interested in the new Necrons.
I'll buy the models if they can be played competitively.
If not, I'll skip them.
Marines? No thanks. Boring like hell.

Former moderator 40kOnline

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Made in gb
Scheming Archon

Between the sacred silence and sleep.


The box contents looked great, and the price was really good, but I'm not interested in Necrons or Space Meringues.

Kabal of the Mon-keigh's Paw
Coven of the Screaming Statues

"Death is only a concern if you're both weak enough to be killed and dumb enough not to arrange your own resurrection." PM713
Made in us
Ultramarine Master with Gauntlets of Macragge

Upstate, New York

Assuming the FLGS doesn’t mess anything up, I’m picking up 2 boxes, one for myself, one for The Boy. We both play marines (Ultras v. Salamanders) and just the marine half of the box is packed full of enough stuff to justify it.

Wondering if a double dose of the Necrons is enough to make a viable army out of, or it more key units would need to be added. If not, could build a KT out of it or attempt to find someone who wants to buy it.

Ultramarines, 3rd Co. and friends, 13K+ Slowly growing 3Kish
Nevelon's Workbench: Ultramarines, Saim-Hann and other assorted oddities

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Made in us
Unhealthy Competition With Other Legions


Got one as I'm pretty keen to give Necrons a try in 9th. Just need to find somebody to take the Primaris half off my hands.

Sons of Horus 29th Company
Emperor's Children
Legio Magna + House Morbidia 
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

I bought 2, split 1 and selling the 1/2+Book on the second one later (or trade).

Its just way to good not to get. Sure the 2k of Marines are going to be 3 characters I will never use, but kit bashing is a thing. I don't play marines, but having a marine army for basically $200 and the 2 other kits i need is insanely cheap, even if i just paint it and play them 5x in 9th they will always be useful for 10th, 11th, and so on.

:harlequin: 4k
Beastmen 9500
CoS: 3500

Reading/Writing LD, be kind!

Made in au
Owns Whole Set of Skullz Techpriests

Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

I bought it.

Well, I mean, technically I bought 6 boxes, but only one of them is mine. I was doing a group order for my friends.

And I've bought some extras as well (4 more Cryptothralls, 3 more Skorpekh Destroyers and the Plasmacyte, another Canoptek Reanimator and I should be getting an extra 3 Outrider). Combined with some Primaris stuff I got at the same time, this will be my first foray into Primaris Marines, and I'm using Crusade as a good outlet for that. And I already have a Necron army, so this will help.

I do hope that Outriders and Assault Intercessors get proper kits with actual weapon options for the Sergeants.

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Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

No the only use the box has for me is using the Primaris as a base for conversions but at the end of the day it seems wrong to spend time criticising Primaris as unfun, OP etc then start them without actually changing my views on them.

I like Necrons model wise but the way I'd play them is boring.

tremere47-fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate, leads to triple riptide spam  
Made in fi
Regular Dakkanaut

Like many others, I am usually blinded by alleged savings and end up spending more than I normally would. By backlog is roughly 300 years worth of miniatures so adding 61 to it does not make any difference whatsoever.

I am going to build and paint a few Necrons until the next big shiny box comes.

That place is the harsh dark future far left with only war left. 
Made in gb
Auspicious Aspiring Champion of Chaos


No. Love the contents, but I'll never get to painting them, and I already have far too many unfinished armies as it is. It is a great box though, so I am excited for those who are getting it. I liked the judicar model enough to buy one of eBay though, so I suppose I have bought a tiny part of one.

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Have a look at my P&M blog - currently working on: Tempestus Scions/Primaris Howling Griffons

Previous projects
30k Iron Warriors (11k+)
Full first company Crimson Fists
Zone Mortalis (unfinished)
Classic high elf bloodbowl team 
Made in us
Ancient Ultramarine Venerable Dreadnought

I wasn't going to get one, but the prospect of doing a swap and having a nice collection of Necron models for a good price pushed me over. So in the end I'll have the rulebook and 60 odd Crons for 200$, which is nice. I'm still not sure if I'll start the army proper, I'm waiting to see how they shape up before I really delve in. I want to know about tge new Destroyers, Flayed Ones, and hopefully Pariahs.

And They Shall Not Fit Through Doors!!!

Tyranid Army Progress -- With Classic Warriors!:
Made in us
Excellent Exalted Champion of Chaos

No. I'm not dropping a dime to gw until they fix their balance issues. I have a necron army still. They were flaming hot garbage in 8th. They've been flaming hot garbage during other editions. I'm tired of factions being flamging hot garbage.

When they show me they can make all factions viable, I will be more open to spending money there again.

Parabellum Conquest Vanguard and champion of all things Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings

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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

I got 2 boxes, one for myself and one for my girlfriend(one is made to order). I play Salamanders and she has been wanting to start Necrons for months. We would have already pulled the trigger on some Necron stuff if it wasn't for the leaks about upcoming Necron and 9th edition stuff that caused us to wait a bit.

Really glad I did though as honestly this box is such an amazing way to get someone into the hobby.

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

NE Ohio, USA

I was always going to get the new rule book.....

As I play both Marines & Necrons I took a look at the models included, decided that I liked enough of them (Necron warriors = not bad, just meh, everything else ) & the price was right.
So I told my local shop to order me one.

Will I get it all painted anytime soon? Nope. But that's never been a concern before, so it isn't holding me back this time either.

Now if the group ends up running some sort of Crusade game? Then I might get those Necrons done up sooner rather than later.
Made in gb
Bounding Assault Marine

I managed to order one. I only play marines so I'm keeping those and will be selling the necrons to a friend at our club.

Space Marines (Rift Wardens) - 2366 pts. 
Made in us
The World Killer.

The best State-Texas

Yes, I got two Necron Halves and one full box.

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Thousand Sons 4000+
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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Nope. Sure, I'd like the models, but $200 is a lot of money, and the rules still suck.
Made in gb
Khorne Chosen Marine Riding a Juggernaut

Southampton, UK

Yep. My eldest son is collecting Necrons, and now my youngest is interested in Space Marines. Looks like all I'll actually be getting for me is the rules!
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

No, but it was tempting.

Looking forward to a smaller starter set for a Necron Kill Team, and more marines doesn't hurt either.

Casual gamer, casual fun! 
Made in es
Grim Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain

Vigo. Spain.

I bought one for me and I'm gonna swap some sealed chaos boxes I bought 3 years ago and never used for the necron half of other box.

 Crimson Devil wrote:

Dakka does have White Knights and is also rather infamous for it's Black Knights. A new edition brings out the passionate and not all of them are good at expressing themselves in written form. There have been plenty of hysterical responses from both sides so far. So we descend into pointless bickering with neither side listening to each other. So posting here becomes more masturbation than conversation.

ERJAK wrote:
Forcing a 40k player to keep playing 7th is basically a hate crime.

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