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Fabious Bile Patrol Detachment with Fabious Legion Traits
Fabius Bile w/ Servant
Lord Discordant (1+ Save relic, +1 Movement, +1S)
20 possessed w/ Icon of Khorne (+1 movement, +1S) (stratagem advance and charge,+1 advance movement, +1 charge movement) (Icon of Khorne: reroll charge range) (command point to advance and charge in same turn with +1 to each)
5 Chaos Marines (chainswords, +1 Movement, +1 Strength)

Iron Warriors Patrol Detachment
Lord Discordant (warlord, 5+ feel no pain)
Lord Discordant (+1W, 6+ feel no pain relic)
10 Cultists
3 Obliterators w/ mark of slanesh (stratagem shoot again, reroll mutation gun stats, reroll wound rolls)

Thousand Son's Cult of Magic Patrol Detachment
Demon Prince (Astral Blast, Smite, +1 psychic test rolls warlord trait, +1 mortal wounds dealt relic)
Ahriman (Warptime, Gaze of Fate, Smite)
10 Tzangor's

Chaos is taking a hit in 9th, but we still have opportunities to make a good soup list at the cost of losing command points. Overall we still have potential to make tournament viable lists, we just might have a little less command points to throw around. However, we do have strategies involving a turn 2 alpha command point dump, to try and win the game by turn 2 or 3. (spend all command points by turn 2, if they shoot your possessed use the strategem to increase their toughness by 1, if they shoot at one of your iron warriors Lord of Discordant increase the AP of enemy guns by 1, spend 4-5 command points on Obliterators to obliterate tanks, spend a command point to increase the speed of your Possessed, etc...) The Thousand Sons Demon Prince w/Cult of Magic is similar to the old Forge World Chaplain Dreadnaught that got removed from the game in 9th and is arguably better.

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Bile has to be the Warlord to unlock his subfaction options

 Crimson Devil wrote:
That's what 7th edition is about. Yelling "Forge the Narrative Pussy!" while kicking your opponent in the dick.
 BlaxicanX wrote:
A young business man named Tom Kirby, who was a pupil of mine until he turned greedy, helped the capitalists hunt down and destroy the wargamers. He betrayed and murdered Games Workshop.

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What spells are you taking on the tzeentch? Smite is given for both. If I read correctly, you get astral blast as a bonus additional, so the Demon Prince has 2 more to select, and Ahriman, knows 3 of his choice,plus smite.
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