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Fresh-Faced New User

Hey, I've been writing up my first 2k list for Cities of Sigmar and I'm trying to base it on a more mobile Greywater force. The idea for the paint scheme is Vietnam War flavoured, so I've tried to go as mechanised as possible. Any and all advice welcome

- Steam Tank Commander (General) (230)

- Battlemage (110)
Choking fumes
Realm of Chamon

- Cogsmith (60)
Steam-piston armour

- Cogsmith (60)

- 5 x Outriders (100)

- 5 x Outriders (100)

- Gyrobomber (80)

- Gyrobomber (80)

- Steam Tank (Battleline) (180)

- Steam Tank (Battleline) (180)

- Steam Tank (Battleline) (180)

- Helstorm Rocket Battery (130)

- Helstorm Rocket Battery (130)

- Helstorm Rocket Battery (130)

- Helstorm Rocket Battery (130)

- Greywater Fastness Artillery Company


My own thoughts so far are I am torn between pistoliers and outriders, but outriders just seem to fit my theme better. Handgunners would also work but are just less mobile. I have no idea if Gyrobombers are worth it but the idea of painting them up as Hueys is too hard to resist.
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Humming Great Unclean One of Nurgle

Not much to say; you have a theme idea and have built a list to fill it. I don't think you'll be winning tournaments but it certainly isn't bad. I suspect there will be a bit of a learning curve for both you and opponents, so something to keep in mind.

I do think Ash Cloud would be a better choice of spell; the army's damage output is already high and it does not lack for rend, so an anti-hero MW spell does not particularly fill a need.

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